Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010


I have not blog anything about Chinese New Year and today is the last of this Lunar Chinese New Year!!! Oooooo

Mama got to wait for 'shu-shu' my uncle to transfer the photo for her before she can upload here..haiya!!!

This year is my third year celebrating Chinese New Year, very excited cos many 'interesting' thing, some update on the interesting part!

1. Got to say many phrase : 恭喜发财,新年快乐,万事如意,身体键康!!!

2. Receive AngPow : First day, I still curious about it, want to keep it myself, later I normally pass to papa or mama cos it is only red packet, nothing 'interesting'!!

3. Lots of fireworks & firecracker especially New year eve n the 8th day of chinese new year!!

4. Lion Dance : I have seen this on TV, video, from far (cos I dont really quite like it!)....then the 3rd day of chinese new year after the steamboat lunch in popo house (in melaka), Ah Teck jiu jiu calling this lion dance group to popo house!!! (My two little uncle : Ren Ren & Ian want to see the lion dance) Aiyooooo.....pengsan!! I hold mama so tight and insist to stay in the house, the dining area and refuse to go out at the living hall where the lion dance 'performed'!!! Try to upload some photo later!! I told mama that the lion HUNGRY, HE EAT THE MANDARIN ORANGES!!! LOL

5. I got to play the little 'sand firecracker' for the first time!! So interesting cos I only need to throw it and there are 'POP' SOUND coming out!!! So funny!!

* Mama was fall sick on the third day of CNY - in the evening, the weather was HOT HOT HOT!! Then me got fever on the 6th day of CNY, papa also not well and seen doctor on the 9th day too!!!
This is not interesting cos got to take medicine!!!

Will update more with some photo later!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Chinese New Year Preparation!!

This year will be my third year celebrating Chinese New Year----

Year 1 - I was only 7 weeks old
Year 2 - I was 13 months old
Year 3 - I am almost 26 months then!!


Mama have not started to do any thing cos I too 'glue' on her, too naughty till she cant make cookies, cant clean the room, etc etc etc!!

So when someone ask mama about CNY preparation, mama answer : NO need, cos my boy Not Allowed!!! hahahah!!

Waaaiiittt!! Mama did prepare something : teach me to say
'Happy new year'
' Gong xi fa cai'

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hai, Camera!

Panasonic DMC-FZ7

Hi, Camera!! Sayonara Camera!!!

Mama finally want to post this out after weeks of considering!!
Before this, mama still thinking of writing something about my camera 'shooting', but now she have totally 'NO Mood' on doing it ---- cos her camera finally CERTIFIED!!!

I have 'accidentally' - I really mean it by accidentally DDRROOPP the camera for few times, at last, its lense STOP functioning!!! and the whole camera !@#$%^&*

Papa n Mama ------SORRY!!

Papa n mama start let me 'hold' the camera by myself when I was around 20 months, and I start to fall in love taking photo!!

I was just like mama, whenever saw something interesting or there is some event, I will say : mama, take camera (meaning want to take photo!!)

Below are some of my camera shooting results :

can see the camera cover!!
some common 'hand' photo

some common 'foot' photo
very common ceiling photo!!

Mama have not been taking my photo for more than a month, that's why no photo update recently,,,,,and she is still waiting for somebody (hint hint *-*) to buy new camera for her!!