Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recap 2009

Time flies
I was only 12 months old on 31 Dec 2008
I only started a few steps trying to walk on 25 Dec 2008

This year --- 2009

I started to learn how to walk, to run, to climb, to talk, to sing, to dance, to jump, to write, to ride tricycle, to kick the ball, ------SO COLOURFUL!!

Wish the coming NEW YEAR 2010 continue to be so so so COLOURFUL!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Last year I was only one year old, still a baby
This Year I just turn two years old
and I can say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I love Xmas tree so much
so whenever go shopping, I always look for it
How nice if mama n papa can make one at home!! :-p

To all uncle & aunty
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010

Saturday, December 19, 2009


19 Dec 2009 (Saturday)

Wow,,,,My birthday!! Papa n Mama decided to hold a small party for me at KFC, Setia Alam!! Yeah!! Its a totally brand new outlet, they just open for three weeks!!

Little background story before the party :
Initially this outlet are not ready to hold a party (my lovely papa n mama want to have it there, so they just walk in and ask when the outlet only opened for 4 days!!), then they refer us to another outlet nearby, 'unfortunately' they are not the outlet that hold the party!!
Then, the manager gave us their HQ number and said that we can actually request the HQ to arrange!~ still got chance!
Mama then called up, they said : its new outlet but if small group, then ok!! GREAT!! Finally we have the party ON!! :-)

Everyone in the family were excited cos they have not had party for long long time!!
Ah Mah even made little muffin cake as goodies (mama forgot to take photo!!)

Mama had invited few friends :
Auntie Nicole - Jessica Jie Jie & Jacelyn
Auntie Yvonne - Ling Sien Jie Jie
Auntie Yean Ning - Qi Hong & Qi Ray
Auntie Rachel - Philip Kor Kor
Auntie Julie - Jonathan Kor Kor
Auntie Joanne - Sarah Jie Jie
Ah Tian Uncle - Ah Ming Kor Kor

And all my family member : Ah Kong, Ah Mah, Shu shu, Ah Ko, Gu Cheong, Wen Wen Jie Jie, Nee-nee, Ah Ru Jie Jie!!
My little Ah Yi also take half day off and all the ways from Cheras to my birthday party!! (she actually took more photo cos I was holding papa camera, that's why not many photo this time!! Will share more photo after little Ah Yi transfer the photo to mama later ya!)

This is one of the photo taken when papa 'managed' to exchange his handphone camera!! hahaha,,, see I busy taking photo when everyone busy playing the balloon!!

KFC party kakak (kakak was coming from KFC HQ to organise the party) brief mama the programme of the party,,,,,
Party started in the morning around 11:30am with playing balloon!!
Kids have chicky meal then the adults have their yummy yummy fried chicken!!
Then we have some games, KFC party kakak giving out so many toys!!

Around 12:30pm, the little chicky maskot coming!! The moment that I HATE most!!
Papa was holding me tight n mama just stand beside me - so mama is between me n the chicky!! HAHAHA - I keep saying : DONT COME SO NEAR to the chicky!!
Singing birthday song n blowing candle time,,,mama n wen wen jie jie help me to blow cos I keep looking at the candle only!!

The party ended around 2pm, I am super happy till do not want to take afternoon nap, mama finally made me sleep around 4pm!! :-)

Pressie for me!!
Thank you to all uncle & auntie for your lovely pressie ya
p/s : update pressie photo later!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Surprise

Wow, wow, wow
Surprise, surprise, surprise!!

First surprise :
30 Nov, I was not feeling well,,,Mr Fever came n visit
1 Dec, seen doctor,,,Mr fever quite reluctant to leave
2 Dec, popo ask mama to check whether new teeth coming out (last month, got one time false alarm, no teeth coming out after fever!)
TRUE enough!!
Lower teeth - Second MOLAR (left side) ERUPTED!! (right side also shown a bit too, on the way!!)
I have suffered from this teething, couldnt sleep well at night, couldnt eat as no appetite,,,mama suffer too cos I very very cranky at night when sleeping!
After one week, Mr Fever decided to say bye bye and 'ask' Mr Flu to replace HIM!!,,,,,
aiyooo Mama want to pengsan liao!
I am now feeling better, but still like to use my little finger to 'gosok gigi'!! :-p

Second Surprise :
8 Dec - Normally when I play tricycle I will use my foot to move or ask mama to push me,,,,
Mama always ask me to try pedaling whenever she let go her hand n let me try,,,
suddenly, to surprise mama, I can PEDAL without her help!!!
But, it is just 2 - 3 times moving forward, mama said probably just accidently did it
9 Dec - Again, tricycle play time, I DID the PEDALING myself without mama helps FORWARD & BACKWARD!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOO!! I keep saying : just like jie jie (I can cycle just like wen wen jie jie!!)

I am So so so excited!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

First Visit To The Zoo - Zoo Melaka

Backdated Post - Zoo Melaka 21 Nov 2009

Guess, where is this?

Papa n Mama finally brought me to the zoo!!
Ah Mei Ah Yi happened to stay at popo house during school holiday, she has not visited to zoo before!! So excited!!

Initially, papa quite hesitate to bring me there cos its has been raining for the past few days!! But at last we still make it.

We have late breakfast n by the time we reached there is almost 12pm.
There are quite number of school bus but luckily there is no que at the ticket counter.
Entrance Fees : Adult - RM7, Children (5 - 12 years old) - RM4
Me - FREE!!

Once enter into the zoo compound, there are many people started to take photo, I immediately request mama to take out the camera for me, I WANT TO TAKE PHOTO!!
(So there are not many photo taken during this outing cos I refuse to let go the camera to papa or mama..hehe!! so the photo that shown here are those 'quick shot' when they quiet quiet took the camera from me!!)

By the way, Zoo Melaka adopted the an Open concept, therefore the animal all looks big big and its so near!! You can see squirrel climbing here n there!!

First we saw colourful parrot, miniature horse, zebra and the big big rhino..then its started to rain!!Then we got to wait at rest area....great there is a A&W outlet for lunch (there are so many people queing for the burger, got to wait for 30 mins!!!)

After 45 mins, the rain stop, we continue to walk.....

Big Big 'cow' - Malayan Tapir, Giraffe, deer (different type), ostrich/emu, camel, black panther...
Malayan Tiger ( the tiger very nice, big big tiger!!), lion ( only his back side, he dont want to look at the visitor!!),...
birds - eagle, parrots, owl, water birds, flamingo.....(my favourite cos I keep asking them to drink water!!)...
monkey (small little monkey are in the cage)....
Elephant (so pity, they chain his leg!!)..there are elephant show, the stage too far by the time we about to finish, papa n mama no energy to walk there!!)
crocodile - all sleeping..zzzzzzz

There are many more, but some I cannot see cos too dark (colour in black) so not interested!! :-p

Hope to come again! :-)