Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Updates!

Wah!! Its the last day of September and my secretary not even update once!!!

For the past few months, papa n mama are busy with the moving house stuff and me also helping in packing - my toys!!

We have finally settle down in our new house!

Early August, Yi-Po, Ren Ren & Ian were back from Germany and we have a great time in swimming pool and the beach!

I have finally know how to 'swim' in the pool by myself using the float and the arm band....hoorayyy!! Its a great experience!! Will try to post some photo later!

Recently I have been calling my mama again instead of mummy....:-p

I have been using training chopstick for my noodle since I was around 18 I finally officially using the real chopstick for my noodle!! Yeahhhh!! :-)

My mama a bit tired after the moving house cos at the same time have to look after the naughty me!! But she promise to post more later while she a bit settle down then.!