Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down with Flu ~ -~

Well, two days after recover from fever
Mama got flu
Then I got flu too

Not only that, I start to feel the little fever come again
coughing n phlegm tag along too!!
then again
Papa n mama brought me to see Dr. Tee!!!
This time, I refuse to got into doctor's room!! :-p
I refuse to take medicine too!!
(Mama force me to drink!! So bad!)

Last Monday,
I eat little n drink very little
1 - 2 oz milk
1 -2 scoop of porridge or noodle
The rest all mama nen nen! :-p

After 1 week
I started to have 2 -3 oz milk
1/2 bowl of porridge or noodle

I end up loose some weight!
Slim down a bit!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Down with Fever

The day after Father's Day
Monday, afternoon, started to feel not well, got little fever.
Mama gave medicine
taken 2 times, seems ok
till midnight, little fever become big big fever
mama whole night didnt sleep, keep taking wet handkerchief put on my forehead

Next day, Tuesday
Kong Kong brought me to see Dr. Tee
I started to cry when mama carried me to the hospital lobby
I cried for Kong Kong
Mama said Kong Kong looking for car park, will come later
I still keep asking for Kong Kong

When we reached 2nd floor, doctor clinic, no patient
We straight got into the doctor room, I started to cry again, louder!
Asking for Kong Kong again and louder
Mama carried me to check my weight : 14kg
Doctor take the 'weapon' open my mouth, check my body
Mama almost pengsan! :-)

Doctor gave up
Gave me a little star vitamin C (I dont know what is that but I like STAR!)
I hold it tight n said thank you to doctor (mama ask me said thank u)
I still looking for Kong Kong
Mama then carried me out from clinic to find Kong Kong
Yeah...saw Kong Kong standing near the lift and wait for me!!

Kong Kong carried me!!
Mama paid the bill
Yeah...go home lor!!

Got three medicine : Fever, coughing, antibiotic
PoPo said I good boy
I open mouth big big and had medicine
I said " 吃药“ :-)

Mama still cant sleep well whole night looking after me
I getting better on Wednesday
but still eat n drink little milk milk
I prefer mama nen nen!! :-p

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy FatheR's Day 2009

To my dearest :
Ah Kong n Kong Kong
Tai Kong n Jia Kong Tai

Oppss...sorry papa, I didnt celebrate papa's day with you but mama said is all right cos you are whole day accompany Ah Kong and to be the driver of the day.

I would like to say THANK YOU papa for .... er er for so many thing .....

  1. Working hard
  2. taking care of me n mama
  3. buying so many toys for me :-)
  4. help mama washing clothes when she is busy with me
  5. playing with me
  • Oppsss..mama said must mentioned this : YOU HAVE TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME ON THE 1ST WEEK (cos mama cannot move so much due to c-sec)
  • ->change diaper, clean my poo poo, make milk milk (mama still cant breastfeed me for the 1st week cos no nen-nen come out yet!)
  • Mama said she was very impressed!! and Again

p/s: Spend whole day with Kong Kong at home on Father's Day.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pong Pong 18th months!!

18th months at 19 June 2009

Wow...am 18 months!!
Just had dinner with great uncle and family as it is his 50th years old birthday tomorrow n today is my 18th months!! :-)

Mama have been asking me few time whether to put my pong pong photo....
Hmm...I said it is ok if she make the photo 'blur blur' a bit, so pai seh ya...:-)

This photo taken when I was 6 months old, see where is my little head level, almost the same as the toilet seat ya....then one year later.....


I grow up so much!! :-)
(Sorry for the 'not smiling face' ya...mama always want to take photo when I was enjoy playing with my pong pong toys!! :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

My First Too Too Train

Too Too ....
Too Too ....

New toys from papa.
Bought it during the last day of Jusco Sales!!

SO Excited about this Too Too Train....

Well. the tree can only survive for about 5 days, then I accidentally step on it ....eerrrr....Oppssss sorry......

The rest still surviving..... :-)

Papa has taught me to do the switch 'ON' n 'OFF'...
It is so fun to see the train moving so fast
...errr...sometimes I cant wait for it to stop (actually it will not stop till I 'off' it), I will use my hand to 'Stop' the train (cos I want to study the wheel cos its keep moving!!) :-p

My papa LOL

Yesterday afternoon Ah Teck Jiu Jiu 舅舅 was helping kong kong to fix the water filter (leakage problem) outside of the house.

I was so helpful to open the gate for jiu jiu to go out n fix the filter.

Jiu Jiu was squad down n fixing the filter n the pipe.

Papa was looking after me in case I 'suddenly' run to the main road (cos am just beside the road with Jiu Jiu)

I was standing there 'monitoring' Jiu Jiu...

After few minutes, I started to feel tired after standing too long...then I suddenly saw my small little chair...

Then I decided to go into the house....guess WHAT.....

I slowly drag my little chair out from the house...n then place the chair where I stood just now..then sit down n continue 'monitoring'.....

Papa n Jiu Jiu then laughing out SO LOUD till mama also run out from the house n see what was happening... :-)

Papa said I want to 'shu shu fook fook' 舒舒服服。。sitting there n watch 'jiu jiu' showcase (fixing the filter) ...... :-)

p/s : mama try to sort the photo n upload later!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drinking Water!

This few weeks is very hot
This few days is so hazey...
........Please Drink Water.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jeremy's Birthday Party at KFC

30 May 2009 (backdated post)

Mama & Papa and me attended little Jeremy (Auntie Irene's son) birthday party at KFC, Extreme Park, Shah Alam.

Hmm...This is the second time I met this big big chickey...I still don't like him!! :-p

Again, this is the gathering for mama MP Klang Geng!!
From left : mama n me, Auntie Nicole & Jessica, Auntie Winnie & Chloe, Auntie Yvonne, Auntie Ann & Shuenice & Auntie Chin Huei (Oppss..cant get Ethan in the picture!! :-p)

I have lots of fun during the party...play balloon, play games, free gift (My first watch!)etc....

This picture taken during the party, me n my friends sitting on the chair...

This one taken during Jessica's birthday party (about 4 months ago)..we are sitting on the floor...Hmmm...next time the party, we might sitting on the table ya!! :-)) hehe

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Little Friends

got two girls beside me..Hmm..

pai seh to make friends with them la....

Aiyakk...got another boy coming already..
mama, what should I do then..got competition liao!!

Oh NO!! So fast he make friends with the two girls already!!!

I think I better move out from here la....

Girl : handsome boy where are u going!!
(Sorry, I better go now!)

Photo fr left : Ethan (Auntie Chin Huei's son), Shuenice (Auntie Ann's daughter), Jessica (Auntie Nicole's daughter), Me (Little Prince Kyle)
p/s : the photo taken during little Jeremy birthday party. mama will help to do another posting on that later....

I 'melt' my mama heart ^^ hehe

Yesterday we went out kai kai. Mama leg kena scratch n got some little bleeding. She apply my butt butt rashes cream (cos it help to heel too!!)...

Tonight, as usual mama help to put on my pyjamas n apply the cream.
Before she close the cover of the cream, I ask her to 搽搽 (apply the cream).
Mama thought I want to play and pass the cream to me.
But I keep point to her leg and ask her to 搽搽 ....
........then only my cute cute mama realised that I want her to apply the cream on her leg....

My mama said she so 感动 (touching!!)哦!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Me ~ Botak Head Again

3 weeks ago, I was still happy playing with little uncle 'bike' ....see my thick thick hair.....

then a week later....see the photo below......

Me the crying baby after back from the cutting hair session....:-OOO
(Cry very loud during the cutting session!! :-))

Dumpling Festival 2009

Dumpling Festival 2009 (Backdated Post)

My Ah Mah did one funny thing last thursday, she told mama to take photo of her great job!!

7 eggs (raw eggs) standing!!

Interesting ya. Ah Mah said only can do it on the 5th day of May (Lunar Calender)..