Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down with Flu ~ -~

Well, two days after recover from fever
Mama got flu
Then I got flu too

Not only that, I start to feel the little fever come again
coughing n phlegm tag along too!!
then again
Papa n mama brought me to see Dr. Tee!!!
This time, I refuse to got into doctor's room!! :-p
I refuse to take medicine too!!
(Mama force me to drink!! So bad!)

Last Monday,
I eat little n drink very little
1 - 2 oz milk
1 -2 scoop of porridge or noodle
The rest all mama nen nen! :-p

After 1 week
I started to have 2 -3 oz milk
1/2 bowl of porridge or noodle

I end up loose some weight!
Slim down a bit!


Cynthia said...

Auntie Cynthia will pray for your speedy recovery and you to gain back your weight soon ya.. :)

LittleLamb said...

I hope he will recover soon.
do u practice sleeping separately when sick?? for me and philip, we do that if either one of us is sleep .... the germs is easily pass on to kids..

Merryn said...

aiya.. baby baby kenot slim slim lor... must be healthy and grow fat fat again kay? baru cute! :D

the little prince said...

Thanks Cynthia!

Rachel, I still BF, so no choice still sleep with him lor...pity him ya!

Merryn, got to think many ways to get him to eat n drink, pening la!