Friday, August 6, 2010

痒痒 (Itchy)

Mummy want to put this down in my blog.....

Recently, after weaning my mummy nen-nen, I have this pattern before sleep.

Every night, before sleeping time
I will brush my teeth
change pyjamas
read story book
drink milk - from bottle
then about time to sleep

I start my 'funny' pattern....

Mummy, 痒痒 here, hand
Mummy, 痒痒 here, leg
Mummy, 痒痒 here, foot
(itchy skin normally on the mosquito bite spot)

Mummy will not say much, take out the mozzie lotion, or the mozzie bite medicine or the calamine lotion - APPLY anything that can stop my itchy skin!!

After 10 min
I will repeat the same thing
---->Mummy will then do the same thing

After 5 min
---->Mummy will do the same thing

After 3 min
Again - itchy itchy itchy
---->Mummy will do the same thing

I sometimes will drag this little session for 45 min-one hour!!
Mummy still doing it for me!

Till I fall asleep

AM I fussy?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jacelyn's Birthday Party - KFC Subang Parade

Last sunday, papa n mummy brought me to a birthday party.
Mummy said is Jacelyn mei mei (Aunty Nicole's daughter) 2 years old birthday party....but I keep saying is my BIRTHDAY PARTY! :-)

This time the party is 'again' in my favourite KFC in Subang Parade. I was very excited to bring along my 'camera' cos I want to take the photo of chicky!! (at the end the chicky mascot didnt appeared!!)

I was a bit cranky when we entered into the KFC outlet - cos a group of aunty 'shouting' to ask mummy join them for a group photo!! I was 'shock' and refuse to join the photo session! :-p
(Actually I was super hungry n thirsty cos its my lunch time!!)

After meal, I started to enjoy the balloon playtime!! :-)

I 'close up' my eyes when Aunty Nicole wanted to take a picture!!

Second round of group photo whereby I 'participate' by sitting on a table!

Guess who is the birthday girl?