Friday, June 27, 2008

Testing on Sitting 'goyang goyang'

Popo try to teach me how to sit properly on the chair
Then popo hold me, let me 'feel' the chair and try to sit by myself....
Taaadaaaaa.......I can sit by myself (with goyang goyang...... :-p)
Hi, I'm very good at trying new thing...give me some'll see...hehehe....

My Little Uncle

In the picture, popo holding me and my two little uncle (mummy's cousin) playmate in popo house.....

This is Ivan,Uncle zeze....he's a cool guy, two years old....sometimes if he is not in good mood, he NORMALLY scream non stop.....for about 10 minutes...sometime, one hour...pengsan!@@

But uncle zeze sayang me, everytimes my toys fall down or I 'throw down' he will help me to collect n give it to me....he know where are my toys whenever mummy cannot find it.
Uncle Bryan, four years old, just started to go to kindergarden...he always bully his younger brother, Ivan...sometimes it is fun looking at two of them fighting n scream at each other (that's what mummy said, cos sometimes I smile when they are yelling at each other!)

Uncle Bryan also sayang me a lot, he always sing or give me my favorite toys when I make noise or start crying.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Botak Head!

Am so happy with my friend-Mr. Giraffe......but then.......later

So sad.....last friday mummy brought me for hair cut, now papa called me 'Botak Head'...... :-(

The auntie so garang, hold my head n use some machine to climb up n down on my head....I'm so mad, I cry n cry n cry cry cry ........ :-p

My First RUSKS

Remember my tooth-teeth (sometime in april), now the upper tooth-teeth (in fact come out already, can see white white tooth-teeth..) about to come out...very itchy...

Papa & mummy bought this rusk for me to exercise my gosok gigi, papa said like having cigar...

I'm a bit confuse why everytime after I bit the rusk, my face like @###...... :-)

Everytime after I shiok shiok bitting session, mummy & popo got to clean the walker,my face n the floor..... :-p

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Solid Food

Last two weeks Mummy just started to let me try the solid food..HEINZ (Parnip,carrot & sweet potatoes) baby food....

Papa said he pengsan!@@ after looking the way I eat... :-)

then smashed sweet potato,pumpkin and porridge...

My First Try On Walker (without wheel)

Back to popo's house in Melaka....again got new thing to try. This time is walker (without wheel)

Papa & mummy said walker not good for baby when start to learn walking, so popo take out the wheel.....

It is so interesting, can sit by myself, nobody hold me...but I sit a bit 'goyang-goyang', then popo insert a small bolster I can sit 'fit' :-)

A bit 'kan cheong' sitting inside cos both side of the walker got this little round roller where I can excited!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

6 Months

Lady & Gentlement, little prince is now 6 months!!

Let's see my 1st month (Day 2) photo & compare......more handsome.....@#*#@

Let' see the other one....

and this one ( Day 27)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mummy's Friends

Last weekend, there are two visitors come to my house. One long hair chea chea n one 'dark dark' uncle. Mummy said is Auntie Janice n Uncle Marco. Uncle Marco come all the way from Seremban to see me!!

When I first saw auntie Janice I thought is my Ah Yi, cos she got long hair. But after a while I found that is not Ah Yi, I cry so loud and auntie Janice 'run' far far from me before I start to settle down!! :-)

Dark Dark uncle Marco so excited to see me as he told mummy that I 'bak bak' like michelin baby....I thought michelin is tyre,why uncle said I am tyre....cannot understand the adult.....

Auntie Janice at last got chance to hold me before they go back...... :-)

My First Try On Bicycle

My popo house got a lot of toys, beside my little ferrari, there are two little bicycles. They are colourful. Mummy said the bicycle belongs to my two little uncle.
Popo let me try on it!! excited!!! The little ducky in front of the bike almost like my 'pong pong' ducky!