Friday, January 29, 2010

Mama LoL

In the morning, after wacky I normally play 'house' (play blanket, hiding inside) with mama!

Sometimes, mama need emergency to go wee wee,,,,then

Mama : Mama go shee shee, u play house by yourself ya!
Me : Cannot!
Mama : Very fast, dont worry, mama is here!
Me : Cannot! Cannot!!

(mama still go ahead, then me started to cry!! Mama very fast came out then!)

Mama : see, mama is back! Mama didnt wear diaper like u, must go to shee shee!! If not the tilam wet wet, how?
Me : CHANGE TILAM (loud n clear n firm!!)
Mama : LoL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doggie 'talk'

This few days, mama n me will go walk walk after dinner n then sit under a big big tree. Mama thought me about where the dry leaves and the tree branches came from - I said drop from the tree!!

Today, we saw a dog running at the field (popo neighbour's doggie), I normally will wave at the dog n say : Hi, doggie!

A while later, the doggie turn back n run to his owner, mama say : doggie go back to uncle already----

Me : Doggie talk to uncle,,,
Mama : Doggie can talk?
Me : Yes
Mama : How he talk?
Me : He speak English!
(this part, I tell mama in mandarin : doggie )
Mama : really
Me firmly say : YES!!
Mama : LoL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cute answer!

When I was naughty, mama always say: who is the naughty fella?
Me : 言凱, cheeky fella!!

When I was bite by the mosquito, I'll say : Mosquito no clever, bite 言凱!!

When mama ask me : who is mummy?
Me : 言凱 mama!

Ah Kong always ask me : Ah Kong is a Good "?"
Ah Kong : !@#$%%^&
Ah Kong say again : 言凱 is a Good "?"

When its was raining, I will say : RAINING, HOW TO GO KAI KAI?

Friday, January 22, 2010

New style for photo

Recently I like to pose this way - showing my two little fingers when papa or mama taking my photo!! Sometimes mama will complain that she cant see my face cos the little fingers are 'blocking' the overall view!! :-p

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's SON?

My mama very funny, she always likes to ask me this question:

Mama : Baby, you are papa son or mama's son?
Me : Mama's son
Mama : no no no

Mama : Baby, you are papa son or mama's son?
Me : Papa's son
Mama : no no no

Mama : Baby, you are papa son or mama's son?
Me : Papa n Mama's son!!!
Mama : Clever!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Potty

Mama have not been updating about my potty train development for quite sometime,,,
(actually, why need to update my potty story,!! !@#$%^&*()

Remember my nappy story P1 & P2, I did mentioned about my high high chair for my poo poo session, the above photo shown how I perform in the morning!! :-p

Why there is a secret 'hand' in the photo? hehe, is my papa ----
During my poo poo session, mama or papa will hold a little scratch book and draw something and let me see - just to occupied my 'waiting' time (actually to hold on me from coming down)!

When I was younger, mama started to train me sit on potty in the morning, but nowaday mostly based on 'need' basis!! :-)
Normal 'situation', I will say : mama, Ngg Ngg!
Emergency 'situation', I will say : Ngg Ngg about to come out, quick!!
During Ngg Ngg time, if I have try but still cant, I will say : mama, Ngg Ngg is stuck!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First posting of 2010

Welcome year 2010!!

Mama miss out (actually she forgot n always said that she getting older, forgot to update! :-p) many posting on my development and photo update, hopefully with the coming new year, she manage to keep my blog 'up-to-date'!! :-)

Little update on me!

  • Mama managed to 'instruct' me to stand 'still' in front of a height chart to get the measurement near the playground area - TaaDaa, 91cm!! No measurement on my weights but last month during my visits to my paed, about 14kg!
  • Last month, early of the month, Mr Fever visited me and stay for 4 days - main reason my lower teeth - second molar both left n right finally fight their way to come out!! Then towards the end of the month, after my birthday, Mr Fever re-visited, but this time only stay for 2 days, yeap, the upper teeth both side of the second molar also KIA-SU want to come out too!! ---) I GOT 20 full TEETH YA!!
  • Mama brought me to Dr Tee clinic for my Hepatitis A jap (1st dose, 2nd dose will be 6 months later), I am quite reluctant at first, keep saying 'DONT WANT DONT WANT'!! At last, I 'witness' myself the little weapon (jap) that hold by doctor Tee straight all the way to my little thigh!! I DID NOT CRY AT ALL!! Mama n Papa so proud of me, am I GOOD BOY? :-)
That's it for now, will update more later!!