Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet LiTTle Thing To Remember!

Mama said must put this little little sweet thing in diary here before she forgot......

Sweet I
Whenever my 'baby'- (little sister) kicking mama tummy,mama will normally make the noise - 'awrch'....I will normally quickly run to mama and hold mama tummy...

Me : Baby, dont kick mama yooo.....mama pain pain...(at the same time sayang mama tummy)
Mama : Kyle,talk to your sister,ask her not to kick so hard ya...
Me : ok...Baby, kor kor here, kor kor sayang. Dont kick mama ya!!

Sweet II
Every morning, after wake up,first thing I will do....
sayang mama tummy and said ....

Me: Good morning Baby- follow by a big big kiss to mama tummy!!! :-)
Mama : Good morning Kyle, Good morning Baby, baby also said good morning to kor kor!
Mama : Why only good morning to baby,not mama?
Me : Opps....Good morning mama!! :-p

Sweet III
Before sleep....I will normally do the same thing - saying good night n big kiss to mama tummy!!

Others sweet sweet and many more....
- Mama and I has been 'station' in popo house for about months already...cos mama tummy too big to take care of me. Whenever we being driven by Ah Yi or KongKong to a new place or eating outlet, I will always said : next time we bring papa n baby along to this place,it is nice place!

- Whenever I saw someone ride a bicycle with a 'baby seat' carrier at the back, I will said : Next time we buy one bicycle with 'pink' colour baby seat.....I want to cycle n bring baby move around. Must get baby to buckle seat belt ya!! :-)