Monday, October 27, 2008

Kimi, Alonso, Lewis move aside, BB Kyle is coming!!

As a reward to my co-operation for the haircut Ah Yi let me play on her car steering wheel!! Yahooooo!!

Well, I think this is the posture that papa normally do, holding the gear.....
Am I look good in this posture, ada gaya tak? :-)

Huh...cannot drive in this way? Then how to become F1 driver?
Papa said got to ask Kimi, Alonso & Lewis move aside & me BB Kyle is coming to be the Champion!! Aiyo, anyone can help me? one helping.....Ah Yi do not want to teach me too.....

Let me figure out myself....
What is this huh.....can pull out ka?.....

Aiyo...papa!! Please help, I give up!!

OOpppss..Mummy said pong pong to stop playing this steering wheel, but I have yet to find out how this thing work......

No No No...I want to hold on the steering wheel, please don't TOUCH ME~~~

Aiyak....Catch by Ah Yi!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Hair Style - Little 'Monk'

Remember, every two months, mummy will bring me to see this auntie who use a machine go up & down on my head...

I think I am handsome with this thick thick black hair, but papa complain to mummy that it make me looks like 1- 2 years kid...therefore.....

Haiya....papa, now you see....botak head lor!! :-OOoooo
No handsome boy lor!!

This time haircut session, the auntie said I have 'improved' cos cry little bit only.

Like little monk or not?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Great 10 Months!!

10 Months Old 19 Oct 2008


Taa..Daa..Happy 10 months old!

 # Fresh news!!  I can ‘climb’ up the sofa by myself!!  I only practice with mummy few days ago and I managed to do on my 10 months old birthday!!  Papa was very impressed! 

Crawling i.e. USING my knee to crawl.  I can crawl very fast until papa said very tired to chase me… I am very good in crawling & climb two steps of the staircase…but I still do not know how to come down, still study on it…..

Holding object (normally table or chair), I can stand up without mummy ‘support’!!  Yeah…I feel very excited about this new skill, cos can move bit by bit from one corner to the other….yeahhhhh….

My 7th (lower lateral incisor) – came out two weeks ago (27 Sept)..this round not so itchy but mummy said many times of poo poo, paiseh paiseh….

#  Sleeping pattern got a bit of changes, only 2 times per day…. Cos the playing time now longer, can last about 3 – 4 hours….but at night still the same, playing many times of rollover then only can sleep…normally sleep tight with mummy or on mummy tummy,chest,feel so secured! :-p

NO Changes in spoon feed for formula milk.  But now a bit easier cos mummy always give me toys to play and I can finish it within 10 minutes!!  Mummy said this is major improvement compared with last few month, normally drink until the milk become milk ice.. 

Fantastic month for FOOD!! 

Vege : bayam, potatoes leaves, , lotus root, Holland peas (the peas inside only not the whole thing), 

Bean : French beans, green peas, red beans, tofu (can't have too much of tofu cos poo poo may times! mummy temporary ban this!)

Fruit : Banana, green apple, starfruit (don’t really like it)
New recipe :
red date & 枸子 porridge (Thanks to Auntie Joanne Tiew recipe), sweet corn porridge, pasta (totally don’t like it!! Mummy need to find way to improve on the taste & texture of the food!).
Finally popo made ikan bilis powder for me (popo very clever, can make the ikan bilis ‘jumping’ on the non-stick frying pan without oil, then she ‘tong-tong-tong’ using some tool to make the ikan bilis become powder!) yummy yummy!!
My NEW favorite session….something that papa n mummy headache about cos Ah Kong & Ah Ma, Kong Kong & Popo, my beloved 4 grandparents LOVE to let me play....
Taa Daa….Playing steering wheels….It is so fun playing the steering…VRooom VRoomm…popo Nissan Serena pon pon sound so nice to hear whenever I ‘hit’ the right at the centre of the steering…hehe….
...want to see how I play the steering....remember to see my next posting then :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playful Baby

Mummy, can I push the window out.....using my little finger can do?....
aiyo...let me try again, I am sure I can do it...I will be careful, promise....

Eeerrrr...mummy, how to do huh...can u please help me....
hehe..mummy mummy, I think I got it, hooray......
.....end up, mummy caught me and no more window playing session... :-OOooooo

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute Cute Picture!!

Cute?  Guess where is this? 
Taa..Daa...In my little bathroom!!
My mummy so cute, scare I am boring during pong pong time, stick the cute mickey mouse n pooh picture n other little cartoons to have them during pong pong time!!
Mummy a bit kiasu..stick on the mirror too!!  My blur blur mummy sometimes is so cute, right?

New Style of Sleeping!

OOooooo....guess who is this...want to stunt like superman?
Hmmmmm...mummy...can I sleep already.....
OOOoo...Chiak....can guess who am I? is my new style of sleeping

Gotcha...IS ME.....The Little Prince!!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

First Visit to Clinic!!

First Visit to Clinic!! (Back dated post) I look like a patient?.......this is the second day after visit to Dr.Ooi!!

Remember I was not well during popo birthday dinner...I've got running nose for few days....till 7 Oct, I'VE GOT FEVER!! (Mummy said papa got fever due to virus infection, the virus jump into my body then I've got this little monster kacau me!  So complicated...)

.....Around 7pm, 7 Oct......
Mummy first 'detected' my body temperature increase after came back from playground....immediately decided not to have pong pong for me, only little mop mop, let me nap for a while....

Papa was out, mummy then made 'emergency' call to papa!

Papa straight away took out the thermometer, found no battery!
Borrow from ah ko, too slow, reading 38.3!  Papa not happy with the reading!
Try our own thermo (after fixing the battery problem!), take the measurement again - 37.8
Papa decided - GO TO CLINIC

The clinic close at 830pm, and that time already 820pm.
Papa quickly drive like F1 driver to reach the clinic (actually the clinic very near only :-p)...
from far we can see the staff is switching off the light.....oh no...

Papa quickly find car park, 'jump' out from the car, 'catch' the doctor just in front of the clinic!!
Superb papa!! :-D
Doctor quickly ask us to come in after papa told her about my fever....
The 'pretty' doctor is Dr. Ooi.

I was happily go inside the clinic, as usual I will do my survey in the new place...everything was fine....
Then we go into the room, sit beside the doctor....
the pretty doctor ask about my details of the running nose history....

Suddenly the doctor took out one 'weapon' n 'shoot' my ear....OOhhhh...'TUCK'....I start crying... :-OOOO
Doctor said : 37.5, slightly above the normal body temperature i.e. FEVER lor.....
Mummy then hold me and put me lying down on a machine...the machine so hard...the staff said 10.8kg...  :-OOO
Doctor so 'kan cheong' immediately ask what is my weight when new born....haha she thought I overweight la...hehe

Mummy sat down again, the doctor took out another 'weapon', OH NO, this time even worst, long long Cable with a Skop....
She start pointing the 'weapon' on my chest and my back!! Is so COLD... :-OOOO
She said need to check my nose and throat, need mummy to put me on the bed.....  :-OOOOOOO
She took out another two 'weapon', one point at my nose, another one got little light pointing at the same direction, BUT NO PAIN
Then she took out the last 'weapon' open my mouth, mummy so bad, help her to open my mouth big big... :-OOOOO

Doctor said my throat got little infection, but is still ok....(I got little caughing due to that little thing lor!! )
Yahoooooo, can go home already....

Thank you the staff and Dr.Ooi.  During the whole session, they keep taking toys and let me play but it is not my toy so I am not really interested about that.  But they are very nice, keep smiling and make me smile too!!

This is what I have, yellow colour for running nose, orange colour for fever.

On the way home, mummy n papa said this is my first visit to clinic (beside the normal jap), so must remember the date! 
They are so nice give me free gift, 2 Huggies Pull-ups Pants!!

Celebrating Popo Birthday!!

Celebrating Popo Birthday!! (Back dated post) 2 Oct 2008

haha...finally papa n mummy agree to be appeared in my blog, thanks to popo!! (must give face to popo, right!! :-p)
From left : my cool cool papa, hip hop mummy, pretty & beauty ah yi n handsome yi chang, cool-man jiu jiu.
Sitting : my young n pretty popo, tall & sweet sweet little ah yi n dark dark big big kong kong :-p

why the cake not round round but so many pcs in different colour?.....cos Ah Yi & Yi Chang bought 12 different flavour of secret recipe cake, can try different cake at one time!!  Mummy said, young couple always have 'funny' ideas.....

popo, popo, slowly, I know how to clap hand...but dont know how to sing birthday song.....

are we suppose to do something now?......(waiting to blow the candle...)

papa, what is 'lou-sang', everybody so excited about it!! many different cake....see kong kong like the mango cheese cake, can't wait!!hehe...

wahhhh.....can really finish after heavy meal......

I was a bit tired n sleepy the whole night...that is why can't find the smiley little prince!!  I've got running nose that night n can't sleep well!! Poor mummy, jaga me for the whole night
....see the next posting....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Gotch u!!  Its my diaper and formula milk PROMOTIONS!!

Taa..Daaa!! Officially promote from Size L to Size XL!!  What a major changes!!  My little uncle Bryan only use up to size L and I am on this size in 9 months ++ pengsan!!   Papa grap many many pack during Tesco Sales until mummy got to put two pack in Melaka!  See the jumbo pack different by 6 pcs!!
I have been drinking this Langkah 1 since new born.  My paed doctor, Dr. Tee said can have it up to one year old but mummy decided to change it by this week when the last tin finished!!

Mummy gynae gave three tin during her check up after delivery, hospital gave another tin.  Mummy try to give more her milk milk compare to this.  End up only use one small tin in a month.  Thereafter, each visit to paed for jap, the clinic will give one.  Papa save so much on the formula milk.  Thanks to Dr. Tee clinic!

Papa n mummy decided not to change to other brand yet cos my poo poo is ok so far!  Hmmm...still mummy milk milk is better! hehe....

Taa Daaa....welcome Langkah 2, why the tin got A,B,C? Is that mean I got to learn this alphabet?  This small tin also gave by my paed clinic.  Thank you very much!!