Friday, July 31, 2009

My Water Bottle!

My Yi Poh gave this little Pooh water bottle during my 1st birthday...I have been using it since 13 months old.
I love this bottle so much cos it is the POOH bottle!! :-)
then till 17 months old, I started to feel that one bottle is not enough....mama always got to refill it.....then...
papa bought this little blue bottle (first few years) (NO POOH picture!! :-p)
Well, I refuse to use this when they first introduce to me...
but later I found out that I can drink more water compare with the little straw of POOH bottle!!

(sorry, the photo a bit blur cos mama took it in midnight, she a bit blur already, I think!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A few words *-* Part 2

Well....I have many thing to say...

No,I dont know, Put here put here
wet wet
hi birds (greet the bird whenever I see them :-))
kick ball (play ball with papa at the playground!)
doggie, cat, cow, lion
car, lorry, truck, bas
water, bottle, toys, puzzle, pillow
moon, sun, star
mouse (actually referring to the mickey mouse)
pooh, shoes, cup, clock, fan
Shopping, buy cake (this two words is my favourite) :-)
Parking (I will ask whoever drive me to shopping to park their car whenever enter into the parking area!)
change (I always ask mama to change nice nice clothes for me and herself if we were to go shopping!)

Beside that...
I always call...
Auntie, Uncle,
Pakcik, Makcik
Abang, Kakak

* My mama did not put any special remark on these words cos I can pronouce it loud n clear!! My papa n mama very proud of me!!

p/s : will make another update of the words in mandarin cos that are lots more!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few words *-* Part 1

I have not been updating about my 'communication' skill for long long time. Reason being my personal assistant, my mama lost track about my development cos I TALK SO MUCH!! :-)

So I think what I can do is just write down anything that is 'NEW" and also updating as much as possible.

This morning, after wake up.....(I normally play a while with mama on the bed)....
I pretend to almost going to fall from bed...
ME : mama, RESCUE
Mama : Huh, what? (she cant believe what I say!!0

Two weeks ago, again, in the morning....
Mama took all the dirty clothes and put inside a basket n ready to go downstair...
ME : mama, LAUNDRY
Mama : Yes, mama going to do laundry
ME : HEAVY (cos mama carry a big basket, full load of clothes!)

Last week, :-) again, in the morning...
After wakey, I play with mama...(I am holding something which hang on the window)
ME : mama, CURTAIN
Mama : WHAT? (she cant believed it!)
ME : CURTAIN,窗帘!! the morning n before sleep at night...

Mama : Good morning, 早安
ME : 早安
Mama : 爱你
ME : Welcome

At night
ME : mama, nite nite, 爱你
Mama : thank you!
ME : Welcome

**I always forgot to say thank you or cant wait for mama to say thank you, then I said welcome!!**

p/s: stay tune for more update tomorrow!

Monday, July 27, 2009

1.5 Years Old Jap

Oh NO!!

What's happen....
Last month, I suppose to go for my jap but I got fever, flu..then delay....

This round back to Melaka..mama almost forgot about that, I was so happy.but then..mama still mama..she 'suddenly' remember and told papa to bring me for jap...

This morning, after wake up...mama quickly help me to change 'nice nice'
I thought go kai kai....:-)

When we reached hospital, papa carried me n mama went to make registration...
Papa n me 'met' doctor at the corridor (he just back from other floor)
I kind of recognise him as he is the guy who use 'secret weapon'...
True enough!!
After waiting for about 15 minutes (I was playing house n see-saw outside the doctor's room)....
then my name was called ....
OH MY...
when the door open, the same guy appear in front of me!!
I started my engine...KEEP CRYING....
at the same time, doctor had taken measurement of my little head, my weight, n use that 'weapon' to listen to my 'body'!!

Now jap time..
...I heard doctor said something.."I GIVE YOU A STAR AFTER JAP!!'
I like star!
So the doctor very fast, DONE
then he gave me a STAR (Appeton star)
I stop crying then!! :-p

Mama said I cry till the clinic almost 'RUNTUH'!!

Yasmin Ahmad

You must be wondering why mama make this post ......
cos mama always cry whenever she watch YASMIN AHMAD commercials....

Mama always wait for that during Chinese New Year, National Day....

No more YA commercial in the future....

Some of Auntie Yasmin biodata....

The following information is copy from wikipedia

Yasmin Ahmad
(July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009) was a critically-acclaimed multi-award winning film director, writer and scriptwriter from Malaysia and was also the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. Her television commercials and films are well-known in Malaysia for their humour, heart and love that crosses cross-cultural barriers, in particular her ads for Petronas, the national oil and gas company. Her works have won multiple awards both within Malaysia and internationally.



  • Petronas TV Commercial (for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali & National Day)
  • Yuzy (2000) Petronas Road Safety Campaign
  • Vas Dentures (2000) Celcom
  • Tan Hong Ming In Love (2007) Petronas Merdeka Day commercial
  • Family (2008) for the Singaporean Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
  • Funeral (2009) for the Singaporean Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
Rest In Peace ......

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend at SA Park

Remember one of my posting on busy weekend...
This is the park that papa n mama normally bring me to play!
I can only play 10% of it cos many of it only suitable for big kids! :-(

Recently I manage to go thru the tunnel and the tunnel slide
(previously I do not like to do that, dont know why?)

Make Handphone Call ~-~

I am sure some of you may not know how to use handphone...
Let me demonstrate....

Hello, I would like to know anyone interested to go for ice-kacang at Klebang?
Huh...still cannot make decision ka?

Hello, why take so long....Hmm....I am thirsty la....
(OPpss..paiseh..hold wrong side of the handphone!!)

hahahaha...pai seh la!!

At last everyone still manage to have ICE-KACANG ya!! :-p

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melaka photo by Ah Yi

Remember the posting on Mother's Day
I become the 'no-pay' model....
here some photo by Yew Miin Ah Yi

Haa..No-Pay Model
Hmm...ok la...just for today only huh (Mother's Day)

Welcome to Melaka!!
Papa..can I not wearing this hat? tired already..when can we go home...
See..the day so blue..SO HOT!!
So thirsty.... shiok..CENDOL!!
OK...ok...NOW WHAT?!!....
Photo with Kong Kong n Popo! hot --> 4:25pm!!

Papa, can we go home now?
Aiyo...finally can go home...still got to wait to get into the car!! :-p

Photographer : Yew Miin Ah Yi!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pi Ball + To

To (Tomato)

Pi Ball (Fish Ball)
Recently, I will always ask for this two thing for my breakfast (if I had in kopitiam), lunch n dinner...Pi Ball (Fish ball ) or To (Tomato)!!

If I see my small little bowl (normally mama will give me one with small spoon to scoop for food while she feed me with the actual one), I will ask for it, if not mama will have problem of feeding me.

If mama cant show her weapon of cooking the fish ball or tomato, I will say 买 mai (buy in mandarin) :-p

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Change to Step 3

I have officially change my milk powder from step 2 to step 3 from 18 months onward....

but then I have reduce from taking 6 - 7 oz to 4 - 5 oz .....

Mama had tried her best to 'cheat' by mixing with the step 2, the result still the same....

I still prefer mama nen-nen :-p

p/s : Mama still wonder whether to change to Enfagrow...any idea good or not?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Great 19 Months!

Wow...I am 19 months old!!

I have too many thing to update but my personal assistant (my mama) a bit busy ... eg : I can say out so many words (heavy, laundry, dont want, change, fix etc), I am diaper free in day time, I can wear slipper by myself, many thing...

Got to nag mama stay tune for my update ya!! :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy Weekend *-*

Lately my weekend is a bit busy...

Last weekend

Morning, after wake up, going to Jusco for McDonald breakfast.
BTW, this is first time for mama n papa to have their McD breakfast here!! :-)
Then play at the playground with papa while mama going to shop something!

We have lunch appointment with Auntie Teng Nee at her new house, so I took a quick nap in the car. Auntie Teng Nee's Mum cook yummy yummy Mee Jawa (I only can eat the eggs! )
Her house got very nice garde can see from her blog Memories

We have a great time at Auntie Teng Nee house (got lunch n tong shui :-))

Later back home...I got my nice afternoon nap...ZZZzzzzzz
After nap, another place to go PASAR MALAM!! lots of thing to eat!!
Last weekend I have tried Roti John, Kuih Apom, Tao Fu Fa...

Hmm...yummy yummy
I got to try Kuih Apom (different type - soft version), Satay, soya drinks!!
Mama got herself Nasi Bryani with Ayam Goreng!!

We walk about one hour...very tired!!

I have a good night sleep!! :-) ZZzzzzz

After breakfast, proceed to little Chrysene birthday party!!
We then walk about at the mall before go home!
I have my afternoon nap cos mama n papa want to bring me to Park!!

We play a while at the park cos a bit late....then proceed to a new food court for dinner!
By the time we reach home its already 9pm....

What a busy weekend..... :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Chrysene 1st Birthday Party 12 Jul 2009

Last weekend was a bit busy weekend (will talk about that later in the next posting)

Last Sunday, mama n papa brought me to Auntie Ann's 2nd daughter - little Chrysene One Year Old birthday party at KFC AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang.
(The following photo are downloaded from Auntie Yuki FB)

Sing Happy Birthday Song for the birthday girl!!
(from right : Auntie Nicole n Jessica, Auntie Ann with Chrysene, Auntie Ann's hubby n Shuenice, Auntie Winnie & Chloe, Auntie Yvonne & Ling Sien, Auntie Pauline & Khai Chen)

Pai seh...everyone looking at mama adjust my clothes!

Another Group Photo for mama MP forum club member!
Standing from left : me n mama, Auntie Winnie & Chloe, Auntie Pauline n Khai Chen
Squad from left : Auntie Ann & Chrysene & Shuenice, Auntie Yvonne & Ling Sien, Auntie Yuki & Edward

p/s : why everytime party is at KFC, McDonald not popular ka?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farewell to Michael Jackson 1958 ~ 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 ~ 2009

Michael Jackson, the king of Pop....
Pass away on 25 June 2009

I dont really know this guy
but I think I heard many of his song cos mama play his MP3
my favorourite : Heal The World

Mama told me that she has been to his concert in 1996 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur with Barry Jiu Jiu!!.......Cool!! :-)

I think everybody will miss him
cos he is a great singer
pity him ya...he has no childhood life at all...all the time in the studio and practise sing song!! :-(

Mama miss the live memorial on this somewhere else....very touching....

“I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine! I just wanted to say I love him so much.” — Paris, Michael Jackson’s daughter.

Yes, the world will definitely miss him.

Rest in peace MJ (1958-2009)!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

I have not blog on my little car seat for some times, since there are this contest, mama decided to write some update about it.

Ng Yen Kyle car seat journey from 19 Dec 2009

This seat was small, can only take up to 13kg. It is car seat cum baby rocker, sometimes I will just sleep inside it when they rock the car seat without the base.

This was taken when I'm about 4 months old...look fit fit in the car seat ya. Both my grandy make noise to my parents that the car seat is too small for me!! :-)

Papa n mama like this car seat with handle cos whenever they are out for makan, they can just put me 'ON' the table while they can eat in 'peace'! :-p

'''''''see, they put me on the table again!! :-) they 'lock' me in the car when I'm about 6 months old....

see, I can use my leg to touch the handle...:-p

Oppss..this was taken when I was 13 months old...the little car seat seems to be a bit small for me...but I love this car seat SO MUCH cos it is so comfortable to sleep especially during the long journey!! papa n mama decided to let me use it for another few months....:-p

Before Chinese New Year, a good friend of mama gave us his 'new' car seat...he hardly use it cos his little girl always want to climb out from the car seat. The little girl hardly sit on it. Before Uncle Ang migrate to Papua Island..he pass it to mama (cos last time mama like this car seat so much, but no more stock already!!)

This photo was taken two months ago, with the 'new' car seat! Officially from 15 months onward...I got to say bye bye to my lovely peg-prego car seat...papa sometimes still let me sit on it if my car seat is out with Ah Kong...:-)
I miss my old car seat so much@@

For my little friends mummies, if you also have photos of my little friends in car seat, you are also welcome to join in the contest ya.. and the prizes are sponsored by PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

Durian Durian~-~ to try our king of Fruit ----> Durian!!

My Ah Mah is durian super lover, she love durian very much!

There are many durian stall, you can see everywhere cos is durian season.

D24, 101...why so many numbering ya....

Well, I love the sweet durian, the bitter one..not really like it!!

Sorry no photo of me eating durian cos my personal photographer (my mama) also busy eating durian!! :-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slim down?

This was taken few days ago after I recovered from Mr. Flu & Mr. Fever

And this was two months ago when I am about 16 months old.... do I look?
Slim down?
( mama said about 2 kg.....)

My face no more baby fat fat lor!! :-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This photo is so PRO, surely not from my mama!! Just copy from somewhere!!

First ---> I am 90% recovered beside little phlegm...:-) hooray

But still, not yet back to my normal diet yet cos I only finish half bowl of porridge!! :-p

So my mama bought Atlantic Salmon from Jusco for me to try.
(tips from the guy who jaga the fish stall, do not keep the fish in plastic bag....better to keep in container instead)

Very Very not need to marinate or anything.....
--just make sure the fish is not so wet before frying---

1. Heat the non-stick frying pan (low heat)
2. Put little butter (butter have little salt, so will make the fish yummy yummy!!)
3. Then put in the fish
4. Turn the fish every 30 second to make sure its 100% cook...if you prefer 50%, no problem! (Mama will normally do 100% for me!)

That's it!!

I have it with porridge and I almost finish one whole bowl of it!! Yahooo!! Yummy Yummy!!