Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy Weekend *-*

Lately my weekend is a bit busy...

Last weekend

Morning, after wake up, going to Jusco for McDonald breakfast.
BTW, this is first time for mama n papa to have their McD breakfast here!! :-)
Then play at the playground with papa while mama going to shop something!

We have lunch appointment with Auntie Teng Nee at her new house, so I took a quick nap in the car. Auntie Teng Nee's Mum cook yummy yummy Mee Jawa (I only can eat the eggs! )
Her house got very nice garde can see from her blog Memories

We have a great time at Auntie Teng Nee house (got lunch n tong shui :-))

Later back home...I got my nice afternoon nap...ZZZzzzzzz
After nap, another place to go PASAR MALAM!! lots of thing to eat!!
Last weekend I have tried Roti John, Kuih Apom, Tao Fu Fa...

Hmm...yummy yummy
I got to try Kuih Apom (different type - soft version), Satay, soya drinks!!
Mama got herself Nasi Bryani with Ayam Goreng!!

We walk about one hour...very tired!!

I have a good night sleep!! :-) ZZzzzzz

After breakfast, proceed to little Chrysene birthday party!!
We then walk about at the mall before go home!
I have my afternoon nap cos mama n papa want to bring me to Park!!

We play a while at the park cos a bit late....then proceed to a new food court for dinner!
By the time we reach home its already 9pm....

What a busy weekend..... :-)


Merryn said...

Nice to be busy isnt it? At least life wont be so mundane and boring! Breakfast in McD? Whoa, nice one, I am always still in the state of sleepiness that hour. :)

little prince's mummy said...

Such a bz weekend

Ley Mei said...

i loves my weekend to be bc too.. therefore, i always plan for something so we dun have to sit @ home whole day.. my gals got my " kai kai DNA".. so every weekend, once they wake up, they look for keys to go kai kai.. keke.

MeRy said...

Such a busy weekend and full of activites...

Wouh..seem MP mommies have a frequent gathering...So envy,really wish can join you all too.