Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Updates!

Wah!! Its the last day of September and my secretary not even update once!!!

For the past few months, papa n mama are busy with the moving house stuff and me also helping in packing - my toys!!

We have finally settle down in our new house!

Early August, Yi-Po, Ren Ren & Ian were back from Germany and we have a great time in swimming pool and the beach!

I have finally know how to 'swim' in the pool by myself using the float and the arm band....hoorayyy!! Its a great experience!! Will try to post some photo later!

Recently I have been calling my mama again instead of mummy....:-p

I have been using training chopstick for my noodle since I was around 18 I finally officially using the real chopstick for my noodle!! Yeahhhh!! :-)

My mama a bit tired after the moving house cos at the same time have to look after the naughty me!! But she promise to post more later while she a bit settle down then.!

Friday, August 6, 2010

痒痒 (Itchy)

Mummy want to put this down in my blog.....

Recently, after weaning my mummy nen-nen, I have this pattern before sleep.

Every night, before sleeping time
I will brush my teeth
change pyjamas
read story book
drink milk - from bottle
then about time to sleep

I start my 'funny' pattern....

Mummy, 痒痒 here, hand
Mummy, 痒痒 here, leg
Mummy, 痒痒 here, foot
(itchy skin normally on the mosquito bite spot)

Mummy will not say much, take out the mozzie lotion, or the mozzie bite medicine or the calamine lotion - APPLY anything that can stop my itchy skin!!

After 10 min
I will repeat the same thing
---->Mummy will then do the same thing

After 5 min
---->Mummy will do the same thing

After 3 min
Again - itchy itchy itchy
---->Mummy will do the same thing

I sometimes will drag this little session for 45 min-one hour!!
Mummy still doing it for me!

Till I fall asleep

AM I fussy?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jacelyn's Birthday Party - KFC Subang Parade

Last sunday, papa n mummy brought me to a birthday party.
Mummy said is Jacelyn mei mei (Aunty Nicole's daughter) 2 years old birthday party....but I keep saying is my BIRTHDAY PARTY! :-)

This time the party is 'again' in my favourite KFC in Subang Parade. I was very excited to bring along my 'camera' cos I want to take the photo of chicky!! (at the end the chicky mascot didnt appeared!!)

I was a bit cranky when we entered into the KFC outlet - cos a group of aunty 'shouting' to ask mummy join them for a group photo!! I was 'shock' and refuse to join the photo session! :-p
(Actually I was super hungry n thirsty cos its my lunch time!!)

After meal, I started to enjoy the balloon playtime!! :-)

I 'close up' my eyes when Aunty Nicole wanted to take a picture!!

Second round of group photo whereby I 'participate' by sitting on a table!

Guess who is the birthday girl?

Thursday, July 29, 2010



Guess what, I am the beginner of ........ badminton game!!!

I have seen many people playing 'badminton' whenever I visited the park.

It is so interesting cos the 'shuttlecock' is flying whenever its hit the 'racket'!!

p/s: badminton, shuttlecock, racket - these words being introduced to me when I kept looking at the game!!

I have not ask mummy or papa to buy for me the badminton set as I enjoy looking at other people playing with it.

One day (early July), mummy n papa went shopping. I suddenly saw this little racket set (for children) as the shuttlecock is 'plastic n colourful'!! I got excited and want mummy to buy for me!!! Papa at first not keen to buy for me as worried that I could not handle the racket yet (and also worried that I will beat my little cousin with it!)

Mummy asked me to put it back, if tomorrow we come back for it (cos its the shopping member day has more discount) and the racket is still there, she will buy for me then!!

Well, I love it so much and really looking forward to buy it (as I thought mummy said will buy for me - hehe!!). The next day, after breakfast, mummy brought me to the same shopping centre....and true enough the racket set is still there!!! YEAHHHH, I got myself very first badminton racket (although its the little racket!)

Papa n mummy put a lot of effort to teach me on 'serving' and 'hitting' the shuttle!!

After one month of training, I manage to serve and 'take' ~~interesting~!!!!!

p/s: actually, I start to serve and mummy will take it ~ but then I hardly hit it back when mummy hit the shuttle back to me!! :-)
But if mummy serve then I now very good in hitting back to mummy, hehe!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mama to MUMMY

When I was younger, I always call Mama, mama, mama, mama........

About one month ago, after coming back from popo house......I started to call

Now, I love to call MUMMY!!
I told mummy :
Bryan call his mama : mummy
Ivan call his mama : mummy
Ah Yi call PoPo : mummy

I want to call you mummy!!

Mama ask : Who is your mummy?
Me : Mama lor!! :-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy 30 Months!


I am 2 1/2 years old ~ 30 months old!!

Well, mama have not really update any development for long time!!

Some quick update before my secretary said : I am old lady, cannot remember so much thing!! :-)

  • Height : around 95cm, Weight : around 16kg (not sure) - will confirm during the next jap!! :-(
  • I can wear socks n shoes without papa n mama helps!! I have no problem for LEFT - RIGHT@ Now I am learning to identify RIGHT - LEFT hands and legs!!
  • Last two months, I started to take rice instead of soft rice (steam rice), and eat everything just like mama n papa!! (But mama still cut the vege into small pcs, just in case!)
  • I finally wean off mama nen-nen! But I still miss 'them'!! :-p
  • Pong Pong time : I prefer to stand pong pong instead of sitting inside my little 'bathtub'
  • Two months ago, kong kong taught me how to wear t-shirt!! I will look for the two sleeve 'hole' and put thru my hands then look for the main 'big hole' to let my head 'lap' (pass thru) thru!! * my kong kong said : lap 下 去! :-) My favourite t-shirt will be collar t-shirt and with pocket!! Recently, I always request to wear the same colour as papa!! Mama always pengsan whenever I have such request cos I only have few colours t-shirt similar to papa!! :-p
  • This one is my favourite - wearing pants!! Nowadays, I love to wear pants with ZIP+ BELT!! I can wear pants (must wear little underwear!!) by myself and zip up!! But the belt still need mama helps!! :-p I have the choice to choose long or short pants!!
  • New skill : 'rock climbing'!! Found something new in the SA Park!! I finally manage to do the climbing with papa guide!! Hooray!!!
  • I think mama did not post this out here before : I manage to 'handle' the computer mouse!! : I can click the mouse - move to the 'target object' and CLICK!!! The first game that I play online is from Teletubbies !!!
  • Mama still not officially introduce the alphabet to me but I can recognize : Peter, Jane and T.E.S.C.O!
  • I finally know the colour of RED, thomas BLUE, GREEN green grass (that's the way mama thought me!), Yellow, Black / Dark, Brown, Purple & Pink!!
  • I have fall in love with BULLDOZER!! Whenever I go out kai kai, I always look for 'him'!! If there is no one in the bulldozer, I will say : "bulldozer not moving, uncle hungry, go mum-mum!!" Papa n Ah Mah recently bought some bulldozer toys for me!! I super love it!!
That's all for now....will update more when mama upload some photo from her handphone (remember, I 'did' something bad to the camera, my poor little secretary cant take photo fr her favourite not many photo to show!! :-p)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Very Important Milestone!!



I finally stop tot tot (my mama nen-nen)!!!

Yes Yes!! You are not wrong!!

I was stick to my mama nen-nen for almost 2 1/2 years!! hehe!!

To be more correct, I will be 2.5 years old this coming 19 Jun, and I stop nen-nen from 30 May 2010!! ^-^

How I did it!! Very VEry VERy VERY PAINFUL PROCESS!!! >-< ^-^

- Three weeks ago, I have got this little ulcer on my lips, but I have not problem cos its not inside my mouth!
(Some side story : My little Uncle Bryan 'terkena' HFMD from school two weeks before I got back to Melaka, then I play with him for two weeks, nothing happened!)

- Two days after back to Klang, I am still healthy. Mummy feel that I might have some fever cos feel my body a bit warm....
(Another side story, my shu-shu (uncle) who is 29 years old also just recovered from HFMD about one week! Why adult also can have HFMD???!!)

- Mama started to feel something different cos my little palm n feet showing some red spots, and got one big ulcer on my tongue, she suspect I 'terkena' HFMD too!!

- Mama then brought me to see Dr. Su - true enough is HFMD but doctor said, I have no fever, and it is very mild only - NO medication! :-) Yeahhhhh

So there comes my painful journey!!

I started to feel pain for my ulcer, I can't take food, only liquid - which is my formula milk!
Then at night!!
I cannot tot tot!!!!!! OOOOOOO---@@@-@@@@-@@@@@
CRYYYYYYing time
Keep crying cos cannot suck on my human pacifier!!!!
How to sleep!!!!!
I cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy till I sleep!
Sleep for 1 - 2 hours
turn to mama, looking for my 'pacifier' as usual, and PAIN again!!
CRyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy till I sleep
All the tears came out!!!!!!
Sleep for another 2- 3 hours
turn to mama, looking for my pacifier and again PAIN!!
CRRYYYYInnnnnnggggggggg till I sleep!!

then morning already!

Same crying pattern when I having my nap in the afternoon
At night!!
For 4 days!!
My mama PENGSAN!!
My papa NO EYE see me cry!! hehe
Dont want to sleep with us!!

The fifth day, I kind of know I cant suck, so still make noise but no more crying!
But still wake up few times in the middle of the night!

6th & 7th.......Getting much much better!!

But this what I will do to my pacifier.....
I will asking mama for my 'pacifier', I will touch & feel it with my mouth, sayang my pacifier although I cant suck!
I even kiss them before I sleep!

p/s :
Mama did pump out the nen-nen and feed me with spoon on the first day. First time, I 'quite reluctantly' drink it!! Second time - I tell mama - ITS smelly!! Mama PENgsan!! hahahah!!

Now mama will put me in the cradle for afternoon nap, at least I will not look for my nen-nen for the time being and easier to fall asleep.

At night, I still sayang my 'pacifier' before sleep but mama always said I big-big already, do not need to totott...hehe but I still want it (at least I got to kiss them before I sleep!)
(mama wish to find a pet to replace my 'pacifier' but I just dont like to hold anything to sleep at night!! :-p___)

Mama said - THANKS TO THE ULCER which help her to wean me off!! :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Question On Barney

Few days ago, I ask mama a question :

Me : Mama, Kyle got Bi*d B*rd, Barney got Bi*d B*rd??
Mama : -----------

Mama : I dont know, may be I email him and ask him. (My mama so cute, she thought I understand what is email, but I think she meant she want to ask him)

Me : Cannot, Barney is on TV, cannot ask!!!!

Mama : Then I call Barney and ask him!

Me : Cannot, cannot use papa phone, cos papa phone have barney song, cannot ask!

Mama : -------

Me : Barney got Bi*d B*rd or not? (I still didnt get the answer I want, so I ask again!!)

Mama : ------- Next time ask papa, ok!!
(hehe, mama give up!!)


Two days later....(Mama already consult papa on this issue and ask Papa to answer me!!)

Mama : Papa, Kyle want to ask a question.

Papa : What is it?

Me : Papa, Barney got Bi*d B*rd or not?

Papa : Barney is a Toy, so he just a toy!!

Me : So he got Bi*d B*rd or not?

Papa : Toy got Bi*d B*rd or not? Of course NO

Me : ---------

P/s : Is my question answered? Or should I accept this answer? I think I will continue to ask my mama then!! Hehe! :-p

Friday, May 21, 2010

Speed Dial

I know mama handphone secret!!!

Press 2 then green button
- can find papa!!

Press 1 - can look for Auntie Yu Peng (mama's office secretary)

Press 3 - can talk to Ah Kong

Press 4 - hehe, can talk to my Ah Yi & Lerr Lerr

Press 5 - Auntie Doris (mama's lady boss!)

Press 6 - can talk to my cute KongKong

Press 7 - can talk to superwoman PoPo

Press 8 - can listen to my little Ah Yi super nice ringing tone (cos got MayDay singing!!)

Press 9 - can talk to Ah Teck JiuJiu

So I can call anyone I like without Mama helps!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

三字经 ~ My New 'CD'

Mama recently bought a new book + CD = 三字经
First, I only listen to it, cant remember
After one month, I can memorized the following :
And I love to read & sing it!!
人之初,性本善。性相 近,习相远。








The following only remember some of the phrases, still need lots of effort to memorize!! :-p
香 九龄,能温席。孝于亲,所当执。
融四 岁,能让梨。弟于长,宜先知


















曰平上,曰去入。此四声,宜 调协。





There are many more phrases, not sure when I can finish remember all!! :-)
Mama said there are more than one thousand to remember,,,,,:-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Month

In April, there are so many birthday celebration!!

First - My Mama 1 Apr
Last year we went to Penang for holiday, but this year no celebration cos papa not around due to work! So mama only took some photo with me with her handphone!! My mama keep asking me to sing birthday song to her on that day!! My mama super cute, right!! :-)

3 Apr - My very new Sheng Sheng 婶婶 - Ah Ru jie jie
My uncle 叔叔 just got his marriage registration on 30 March, so jie jie officially become my sheng sheng then!! There was a simple celebration and I manage to help blow the cake!! :-)

4 Apr - My Yi Chang
Remember the cool guy who made my birthday t-shirt!! I always like to call my Yi-Chang whenever back to PoPo house!!

8 Apr - Mama's lady boss
Mama having lunch with 'so many' people - that was what I keep asking : 'why so many people' !! :-) After lunch, my favourite cake cutting session!! :-)

10 Apr - My sweet little Ah Yi birthday!! Some photo to show!

Yi Chang, Ah Yi & Lerr Lerr

See, I so kan cheong, want to blow the candle!! :-)
Mama said its like my birthday!! Paiseh Paiseh!!

And the highest ranking birthday VIP of the month : My Po Tai (great grandy) - Mama's Popo - My Popo's mother!! :-) Celebrating her 72 years old!!!

Ha! Can see where am I?
So kan cheong till standing on the table!!!
Cant wait till mama adjusting the candle!! :-)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Milestone - No mama in day time Part II

Yup!! I survive!! :-)

Mama is the one who is more worried then I am!! Hahahaha!!

I woke up around 9am,
Popo help take me down from cradle
I ask : where is mama?
Popo : Go working with Auntie Doris
Me : --------

Popo quickly prepare me as usual
changing n nen-nen (milk)

Mama called back and ask about me
Popo reported everything ok
Popo : do u want to speak to mama?

Later Popo bring me and Ivan (my little uncle) out to fetch Taipo to had brunch
Popo fed me kuai-teow soup
and go to bank
so happy

In the afternoon
Mama called back again
Popo : do you want to talk to mama, she is on the phone?

Later, popo put me in the cradle
My nap time
I made Popo and Taipo walk up (my cradle is in the room upstair) few times to goyang goyang me! hehe
Take around 2 hours nap

Wake up and ask about mama again
Taipo said Mama go out working not yet come back
Me : ------

Popo prepared dinner and feed three of us (Uncle Bryan, Ivan and Me)
Then I play with Bryan and waited for mama

My mama came back so late
Reached home around 645pm!!!
I quickly hug her when she reached home!!

Actually I miss her so much!! :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Milestone - No mama in day time Part I

NO Mama in day time!!
First time in my life
cos mama never leave me for more then 3 hours in day time
Mama is 7-24 hours with me!!

It is so so so important to write it here!! :-p

Last Wednesday
Mama got to attend one convention - ONE FULL DAY (9am-6pm)
She was headache - who can take care of me?
Ah Yi was so nice taking leave to take care of Lerr Lerr
So that Popo can take care of me
If not Popo will go crazy then!! :-) hahaha

The evening before the day
Mama told me many times :
"Tomorrow mama got to go out working with Auntie Doris,
Kyle got to stay home with Popo,
If popo bring you out to kai-kai, must hold popo's hand
You cannot walk by yourself!!"
I said out loud : "YES"

Mama : Do you understand?
Me : "Yes!"

The night before the day
Mama repeat the same thing!
Mama : OK?
Me : "Yes yes yes!"
Mama : Do you understand?
Me : "Yes!"

Before sleeping time
Mama repeat the same thing! Again!
Mama : OK?
Me : "Yes!"
Mama : Do you understand?
Me : -------------(I dont want to answer her already, cos she mentioned too many times!!!)

Mama so long winded, I think I know what she trying to say!!

So do u think I can survive?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Update About Me

Recently there are not many photo upload here cos mama camera still sleeping nicely in the box,,,,hahaha

At last have some photo (taken from shu shu camera) taken during Chinese New Year,,,,:-p

Some update about me, mama have not update anything after my 2 years old birthday!!

I love to eat by myself with spoon or fork!!
After my birthday celebration, I fall in love in blowing cake!! (This was my Ah Ma 61th years old birthday celebration on the 4th day of chinese new year)
Hehe, this is my favourite since Chinese New Year!! Packet Drink using straw and 100 Plus!!

And lastly, I love to say : I want Chinese New Year cloths whenever mama take out this 'samfu'!! :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First Tears!


My first tears drop!!
(I mean when I listened to story@-@)

What happenned????
As usual, after changing pyjamas, mama will read story for me before I fall asleep
Tonight the story is 'Pinocchio'
When mama read till the part that Pinocchio went to look for his papa :
'Where are u, papa?'
'Where are u, papa?'


my tears started to come out
I dont know why!!!!

Mama thought I have bite my tongue cos I am playing pacifier (dont know why my mama let me play my 0-3 months pacifier which I only tested it for ONE day only!!)
Mama so worried, quickly call papa (papa outstation for work) to speak to me!
I feel better then!
Mama try to comfort me by telling me that pinocchio found his father at last!
I then flip to the page that pinocchio looking for his father, I ALMost started to cry again!!
Mama Pengsan!!
Quickly tell other story!

Mama said : GOT to remember this cos never thought her son is so emotional!! :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One after Another!!

I did it again!!

Remember my Opps, I did it last year when I was around 20 months old,,,,,pai seh, that time I will throw thing whenever I feel like having fun!!

Two days before Chinese New Year, I DID IT AGAIN!! But this time the eyeglasses not broken but I 'nicely' help papa adjust the spectacles holder - temple arms (checking the explanation below),,,,,,,THEN

Found this explanation from wikipedia: Glasses
(also called eyeglasses or spectacles) are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes, normally for vision correction, eye protection, or for protection from UV rays.

Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms placed over the ears.

I heard : TAK sound, one of the arms nicely broken!!
My papa temperature go up above 100 degree (mama said much much higher!!)
That night I being 'quarantine' in the bedroom with mama, papa super angry!!

Imagine, that night people rush last minute shopping and my papa got to join the crowd to look for the suitable 'arm' for his glasses!!

p/s : at last, papa didnt get the 'arm' he wanted, Ah mah try to get a few pair of her own new spare glasses, at last only found one suitable 'arm'!! Now papa wearing two different arm!! :-p

One week after Chinese New Year (two days ago), it was a weekend!
That day, after pasar malam 'walk', we reached home quite early cos got to wait for tai-kong (great-grandfather) to come!
Papa was looking after me while mama having shower! We accompany tai-kong watching tv! I was quite 'boring' cos the tv show not interesting!
Papa was taking barley water for us to drink while I was playing papa handphone,,,,

Nokia 5530
I think the handphone need a 'swim', so I let it 'dive' into the barley water!!
Its still work!
But NOT FUNCTIONING the next morning!
Papa super super angry!
After using the hair dryer,,,
The phone can work but no GSM signal ie need to go to workshop and REPAIR!!

That's my one after another which make my papa not very happy!! SOrry!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010


I have not blog anything about Chinese New Year and today is the last of this Lunar Chinese New Year!!! Oooooo

Mama got to wait for 'shu-shu' my uncle to transfer the photo for her before she can upload here..haiya!!!

This year is my third year celebrating Chinese New Year, very excited cos many 'interesting' thing, some update on the interesting part!

1. Got to say many phrase : 恭喜发财,新年快乐,万事如意,身体键康!!!

2. Receive AngPow : First day, I still curious about it, want to keep it myself, later I normally pass to papa or mama cos it is only red packet, nothing 'interesting'!!

3. Lots of fireworks & firecracker especially New year eve n the 8th day of chinese new year!!

4. Lion Dance : I have seen this on TV, video, from far (cos I dont really quite like it!)....then the 3rd day of chinese new year after the steamboat lunch in popo house (in melaka), Ah Teck jiu jiu calling this lion dance group to popo house!!! (My two little uncle : Ren Ren & Ian want to see the lion dance) Aiyooooo.....pengsan!! I hold mama so tight and insist to stay in the house, the dining area and refuse to go out at the living hall where the lion dance 'performed'!!! Try to upload some photo later!! I told mama that the lion HUNGRY, HE EAT THE MANDARIN ORANGES!!! LOL

5. I got to play the little 'sand firecracker' for the first time!! So interesting cos I only need to throw it and there are 'POP' SOUND coming out!!! So funny!!

* Mama was fall sick on the third day of CNY - in the evening, the weather was HOT HOT HOT!! Then me got fever on the 6th day of CNY, papa also not well and seen doctor on the 9th day too!!!
This is not interesting cos got to take medicine!!!

Will update more with some photo later!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Chinese New Year Preparation!!

This year will be my third year celebrating Chinese New Year----

Year 1 - I was only 7 weeks old
Year 2 - I was 13 months old
Year 3 - I am almost 26 months then!!


Mama have not started to do any thing cos I too 'glue' on her, too naughty till she cant make cookies, cant clean the room, etc etc etc!!

So when someone ask mama about CNY preparation, mama answer : NO need, cos my boy Not Allowed!!! hahahah!!

Waaaiiittt!! Mama did prepare something : teach me to say
'Happy new year'
' Gong xi fa cai'

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hai, Camera!

Panasonic DMC-FZ7

Hi, Camera!! Sayonara Camera!!!

Mama finally want to post this out after weeks of considering!!
Before this, mama still thinking of writing something about my camera 'shooting', but now she have totally 'NO Mood' on doing it ---- cos her camera finally CERTIFIED!!!

I have 'accidentally' - I really mean it by accidentally DDRROOPP the camera for few times, at last, its lense STOP functioning!!! and the whole camera !@#$%^&*

Papa n Mama ------SORRY!!

Papa n mama start let me 'hold' the camera by myself when I was around 20 months, and I start to fall in love taking photo!!

I was just like mama, whenever saw something interesting or there is some event, I will say : mama, take camera (meaning want to take photo!!)

Below are some of my camera shooting results :

can see the camera cover!!
some common 'hand' photo

some common 'foot' photo
very common ceiling photo!!

Mama have not been taking my photo for more than a month, that's why no photo update recently,,,,,and she is still waiting for somebody (hint hint *-*) to buy new camera for her!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mama LoL

In the morning, after wacky I normally play 'house' (play blanket, hiding inside) with mama!

Sometimes, mama need emergency to go wee wee,,,,then

Mama : Mama go shee shee, u play house by yourself ya!
Me : Cannot!
Mama : Very fast, dont worry, mama is here!
Me : Cannot! Cannot!!

(mama still go ahead, then me started to cry!! Mama very fast came out then!)

Mama : see, mama is back! Mama didnt wear diaper like u, must go to shee shee!! If not the tilam wet wet, how?
Me : CHANGE TILAM (loud n clear n firm!!)
Mama : LoL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doggie 'talk'

This few days, mama n me will go walk walk after dinner n then sit under a big big tree. Mama thought me about where the dry leaves and the tree branches came from - I said drop from the tree!!

Today, we saw a dog running at the field (popo neighbour's doggie), I normally will wave at the dog n say : Hi, doggie!

A while later, the doggie turn back n run to his owner, mama say : doggie go back to uncle already----

Me : Doggie talk to uncle,,,
Mama : Doggie can talk?
Me : Yes
Mama : How he talk?
Me : He speak English!
(this part, I tell mama in mandarin : doggie )
Mama : really
Me firmly say : YES!!
Mama : LoL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cute answer!

When I was naughty, mama always say: who is the naughty fella?
Me : 言凱, cheeky fella!!

When I was bite by the mosquito, I'll say : Mosquito no clever, bite 言凱!!

When mama ask me : who is mummy?
Me : 言凱 mama!

Ah Kong always ask me : Ah Kong is a Good "?"
Ah Kong : !@#$%%^&
Ah Kong say again : 言凱 is a Good "?"

When its was raining, I will say : RAINING, HOW TO GO KAI KAI?

Friday, January 22, 2010

New style for photo

Recently I like to pose this way - showing my two little fingers when papa or mama taking my photo!! Sometimes mama will complain that she cant see my face cos the little fingers are 'blocking' the overall view!! :-p

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's SON?

My mama very funny, she always likes to ask me this question:

Mama : Baby, you are papa son or mama's son?
Me : Mama's son
Mama : no no no

Mama : Baby, you are papa son or mama's son?
Me : Papa's son
Mama : no no no

Mama : Baby, you are papa son or mama's son?
Me : Papa n Mama's son!!!
Mama : Clever!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Potty

Mama have not been updating about my potty train development for quite sometime,,,
(actually, why need to update my potty story,!! !@#$%^&*()

Remember my nappy story P1 & P2, I did mentioned about my high high chair for my poo poo session, the above photo shown how I perform in the morning!! :-p

Why there is a secret 'hand' in the photo? hehe, is my papa ----
During my poo poo session, mama or papa will hold a little scratch book and draw something and let me see - just to occupied my 'waiting' time (actually to hold on me from coming down)!

When I was younger, mama started to train me sit on potty in the morning, but nowaday mostly based on 'need' basis!! :-)
Normal 'situation', I will say : mama, Ngg Ngg!
Emergency 'situation', I will say : Ngg Ngg about to come out, quick!!
During Ngg Ngg time, if I have try but still cant, I will say : mama, Ngg Ngg is stuck!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First posting of 2010

Welcome year 2010!!

Mama miss out (actually she forgot n always said that she getting older, forgot to update! :-p) many posting on my development and photo update, hopefully with the coming new year, she manage to keep my blog 'up-to-date'!! :-)

Little update on me!

  • Mama managed to 'instruct' me to stand 'still' in front of a height chart to get the measurement near the playground area - TaaDaa, 91cm!! No measurement on my weights but last month during my visits to my paed, about 14kg!
  • Last month, early of the month, Mr Fever visited me and stay for 4 days - main reason my lower teeth - second molar both left n right finally fight their way to come out!! Then towards the end of the month, after my birthday, Mr Fever re-visited, but this time only stay for 2 days, yeap, the upper teeth both side of the second molar also KIA-SU want to come out too!! ---) I GOT 20 full TEETH YA!!
  • Mama brought me to Dr Tee clinic for my Hepatitis A jap (1st dose, 2nd dose will be 6 months later), I am quite reluctant at first, keep saying 'DONT WANT DONT WANT'!! At last, I 'witness' myself the little weapon (jap) that hold by doctor Tee straight all the way to my little thigh!! I DID NOT CRY AT ALL!! Mama n Papa so proud of me, am I GOOD BOY? :-)
That's it for now, will update more later!!