Friday, August 6, 2010

痒痒 (Itchy)

Mummy want to put this down in my blog.....

Recently, after weaning my mummy nen-nen, I have this pattern before sleep.

Every night, before sleeping time
I will brush my teeth
change pyjamas
read story book
drink milk - from bottle
then about time to sleep

I start my 'funny' pattern....

Mummy, 痒痒 here, hand
Mummy, 痒痒 here, leg
Mummy, 痒痒 here, foot
(itchy skin normally on the mosquito bite spot)

Mummy will not say much, take out the mozzie lotion, or the mozzie bite medicine or the calamine lotion - APPLY anything that can stop my itchy skin!!

After 10 min
I will repeat the same thing
---->Mummy will then do the same thing

After 5 min
---->Mummy will do the same thing

After 3 min
Again - itchy itchy itchy
---->Mummy will do the same thing

I sometimes will drag this little session for 45 min-one hour!!
Mummy still doing it for me!

Till I fall asleep

AM I fussy?


LittleLamb said...

hehehehe so funny.
PHilip dont have this problem because before change pajamas, i will normally shower him. Feel syiok. So no itchy..unless really got mosquito out there.

MeRy said...

Oh...funny habit...

Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha...suddenly developed a new habit..nevermind lah as long as he goes to bed after that.

mNhL said...

*high 5* My boy used to be like that too!!! That time he was about 2 - 3 y.o. Always here itch there itch. But I'm not as hardworking like you le. I just lie beside him and scratch for him till he fall asleep. Basically, only like rubbing on his skin coz scare scratch till injured. hehe. Like that he also happy !

mNhL said...

but good news...he stop that habit already. I think this is just a phase.

vialentino said...

lovely mommy ur post a lot as i got a baby boy at 1 year old now....just how amazing to see them grow...

BoeyJoey said...

my girl also always itchy itchy even after shower. and always demand to change her pajamas... she's very particular on the type of fabric the pajamas are made from.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Great news,I did not know that Kyle has wean off from BM.
I wonder how you managed to do that?
Anyway, good effort from both of you.

Yugene, you are a very patient mommy.
You can repeat apply the cream and etc to Kyle for 45 mins. If me, 5 mins is already the max, and later I will ask Sarah to sleep.:-)