Friday, March 25, 2011

What present for Mama?

Mama said her birthday coming soon next week. and she ask me :

Mama : Mama birthday is coming, what do you want to buy for mama?
Me : Huh...your birthday....not my birthday
Me : Why need present? What to buy?

Mama : We do buy your favorite toy during your birthday, right?
Me : I like my toy!

Mama : Then, what do u want to buy for mama birthday?
Me : Racing Car!
Mama : Why racing car?
Me : Cos I like racing car!!!

Another day, Mama ask again....
Mama : Mama birthday coming soon, what do u want to buy as birthday present?
Me : I dont know le....
Mama : Think of something mama always want during shopping....
Me : I know I know ---->>>>>Veggie!!!
(because mama always buy organic veggie during shopping!!!)
Mama : !@##$$%%^%^^&&*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Wooowwww, I was so so excited for the Chinese New Year!!
I helped mama in cleaning the house
decorating the ang pow in the living hall


Wearing new cloths
keep saying : Happy New Year
shake hand to the new 'friends'
'playing' fire cracker
must say thank you whenever taking ang pow
Non stop 'eating' n 'drinking' 100 plus
the non-stop fire-works on CNY eve and the 8th day of CNY


Most importantly--->>>>
My sleeping time had changed to
12am or 1am

the earliest - 11pm

(mama having problem of changing back my sleeping hour!!!)