Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet 16

First do not get me not 16 yet...:-p
What is Sweet 16...I have 16 teeth finally....
Papa finally help mama to make up for this chart after mama nagging for many months....cos mama not so IT savvy..hehe....
My first molar came out pretty fast in partner with the cuspid....that make me suffer a lot night also cannot sleep the end, mama is the one susah la cos she got to look after me at night if I sleep in 'cranky' pattern!! :-)
Now my paranoid mama lagi paranoid after all my first molar came out cos I can eat many type of food...why?
cos she is afraid if my teeth 'rosak'--> end up I am in trouble cos she sure does one thing in the morning and before sleeping

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Day 7

So fast ----> CNY Day 7

It's time to visit Auntie Teng Nee, mummy's 'tai ka jie'....

Fr Left: Wei Wei Jie Jie, the slim n beautiful Auntie Teng Nee, me n mummy,
the one sit next to mummy is Han Han ko ko

Wei Wei Jie Jie n Han Han Ko Ko are very good in playing music instrument : Piano, guitar n drum!!
I was given a chance to try out the this the right tone?

We dropped by Uncle Scanner house after that, but it was a short stop cos I was about to Zzzzzz.....

CNY Day 5 & 6

We took a break in Day 5...a bit tired after travel to Melaka n back to Klang .....

Day 6 - papa have a small gathering at home with his school friends
Uncle Wai Kit & Uncle Tiong Seng

This is Uncle Tiong Seng youngest daughter - 8 months, can stand n walk with support already@

fr Left : me, Wen Wen Jie Jie and Jia Ern

Mummy invited Uncle Alan (mummy's cousin) to come over for lunch on the same day cos mummy have not seen Jia Ern for long time - since her 1st birthday....

I have lots of fun playing with Jia Ern n try on 'riding' bicycle....ada gaya only..dont know how to ride yet! :-p

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY Day 4 - Ah Mah 60th Birthday!

This is my Ah Kong n Ah Mah.
Today CNY Day 4 - my Ah Mah birthday ->60th birthday!!!
(wow..I am only 1 year old, and she is 60th....)

Remember my birthday, she make the yellow 'O-ku'...
Not only that, she is VERY GOOD in cooking n making cake, cookies, kuih!! Her Kuih Talam n 'spare-rib king' (排骨王)is very famous among the relatives!! This year, both of them prepared about 700 pcs of (排骨王)for relatives, salute them!!

We have dinner at One Bangsar - Bangsar Seafood...very nice place. Food also yummy yummy..mummy did give me try some especially the shark fin soup..:-)

I am in good mood, I keep walking n round n round the table....till mummy got to massage my leg before I sleep!! :-p

We have photo session after dinner, then proceed home for cake!!  It must be secret recipe - Marble Cheese Cake, Ah Mah Favorite!!  Me too!!

CNY Day 3

My parents a bit tired since CNY till the 3rd day, their 'battery' a bit low...TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE MY PICTURE!! (the singlet picture is taken on the CNY eve)...

Day 3...sleep till 930am....very tired..can't make it to the 祈福 session at temple with kong kong n popo...pai seh pai seh...:-p

Waited for them to have brunch then proceed to visit is a very very hot day....we 'hop' three houses only, I didnt have my afternoon nap, only take a short 15 min nap in the car......

At night, Ah yi & yi chang got their plan, little ah yi fall only kong kong popo n me, my papa mama went out to have dinner...4 persons, cannot play 'lou-sang' :-)

After dinner, I Zzzzzzz......

CNY Day 2

CNY Day 2 - Mummy balik kampong day to Melaka!
Popo normally will prepare steamboat to treat her parents (my kong tai n po tai) n her sibling...yummy yummy....
but she only prepare porridge for me...:-O
Anyway, today is the 1st time I tried CNY cookies, packet drinks interesting!!

oOPPPSSS..forgot to UPDATE that I am a great entertainer for my parents family cos I am good at doing 'GONG XI GONG XI'!!
As usual, at night mummy will bring me to her school gathering..
All the uncle-auntie from mummy's primary-secondary school friends
There are basically two 'batch' of kids : 
Group A : 5 - 7 years old
Group B : 1 -2 years old (my group!)
Tiring day after travelling n 'playing' at mummy's friends house!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNY Day 1





I got new food on the day one of CNY!! ----> ROTI CANAI for breakfast cos many chinese kopitiam not open!!

Mummy also have not had roti canai about one year lor!! :-) 

Yummy yummy.....

After breakfast, proceed to a big big house which is full with people..(chinese temple)

Is a place full with people...n hot day.....