Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Day 5 & 6

We took a break in Day 5...a bit tired after travel to Melaka n back to Klang .....

Day 6 - papa have a small gathering at home with his school friends
Uncle Wai Kit & Uncle Tiong Seng

This is Uncle Tiong Seng youngest daughter - 8 months, can stand n walk with support already@

fr Left : me, Wen Wen Jie Jie and Jia Ern

Mummy invited Uncle Alan (mummy's cousin) to come over for lunch on the same day cos mummy have not seen Jia Ern for long time - since her 1st birthday....

I have lots of fun playing with Jia Ern n try on 'riding' bicycle....ada gaya only..dont know how to ride yet! :-p


Wonderful Life said...

He knows how to paddle already??

the little prince said...

He can't paddle yet, now moving the bike with his feet ;-)