Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Princess Say Hello


My little mei mei - Little Princess would like to say Hello!!

I like to hug my mei mei, touch my mei mei chubby face and of course KISS her everyday!!
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Girl Girl!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited on the day 28 April 2011, in the morning around 930am, my mei mei arrived to this lovely planet with her weight 4.1kg!!! Hahaha,,,,,,,mama said still cant beat my4.25kg!!! Yeahhhh!!

See my girl girl mei mei in her sweet dream!! Will post more photo later!! Too many to choose! :-)
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet LiTTle Thing To Remember!

Mama said must put this little little sweet thing in diary here before she forgot......

Sweet I
Whenever my 'baby'- (little sister) kicking mama tummy,mama will normally make the noise - 'awrch'....I will normally quickly run to mama and hold mama tummy...

Me : Baby, dont kick mama yooo.....mama pain pain...(at the same time sayang mama tummy)
Mama : Kyle,talk to your sister,ask her not to kick so hard ya...
Me : ok...Baby, kor kor here, kor kor sayang. Dont kick mama ya!!

Sweet II
Every morning, after wake up,first thing I will do....
sayang mama tummy and said ....

Me: Good morning Baby- follow by a big big kiss to mama tummy!!! :-)
Mama : Good morning Kyle, Good morning Baby, baby also said good morning to kor kor!
Mama : Why only good morning to baby,not mama?
Me : Opps....Good morning mama!! :-p

Sweet III
Before sleep....I will normally do the same thing - saying good night n big kiss to mama tummy!!

Others sweet sweet and many more....
- Mama and I has been 'station' in popo house for about months already...cos mama tummy too big to take care of me. Whenever we being driven by Ah Yi or KongKong to a new place or eating outlet, I will always said : next time we bring papa n baby along to this place,it is nice place!

- Whenever I saw someone ride a bicycle with a 'baby seat' carrier at the back, I will said : Next time we buy one bicycle with 'pink' colour baby seat.....I want to cycle n bring baby move around. Must get baby to buckle seat belt ya!! :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

What present for Mama?

Mama said her birthday coming soon next week. and she ask me :

Mama : Mama birthday is coming, what do you want to buy for mama?
Me : Huh...your birthday....not my birthday
Me : Why need present? What to buy?

Mama : We do buy your favorite toy during your birthday, right?
Me : I like my toy!

Mama : Then, what do u want to buy for mama birthday?
Me : Racing Car!
Mama : Why racing car?
Me : Cos I like racing car!!!

Another day, Mama ask again....
Mama : Mama birthday coming soon, what do u want to buy as birthday present?
Me : I dont know le....
Mama : Think of something mama always want during shopping....
Me : I know I know ---->>>>>Veggie!!!
(because mama always buy organic veggie during shopping!!!)
Mama : !@##$$%%^%^^&&*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Wooowwww, I was so so excited for the Chinese New Year!!
I helped mama in cleaning the house
decorating the ang pow in the living hall


Wearing new cloths
keep saying : Happy New Year
shake hand to the new 'friends'
'playing' fire cracker
must say thank you whenever taking ang pow
Non stop 'eating' n 'drinking' 100 plus
the non-stop fire-works on CNY eve and the 8th day of CNY


Most importantly--->>>>
My sleeping time had changed to
12am or 1am

the earliest - 11pm

(mama having problem of changing back my sleeping hour!!!)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinese New Year Greeting!

This year mama thought me to say :



to everyone!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Song!!

Recently, papa install a little machine in the car that can play mp3 song.
I have pick up some song lyrics.......

1. Wonder Girls - Nobody
Mama cannot stand whenever I sing this song cos the English version sound very funny to her!!

2. Jason Donovan version - Rhythm of The Falling Rain
Mama & Papa almost fell down from the seat when I sang out the first time - the lyrics :
" Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain"

3. Karyn White - Superwoman
I sing a bit the lyrics :
" Early in the morning I put breakfast on your table"
"........sugar n cream"
"I'am not superwoman"
"....the kind of can let down" --
-Mama said to papa : can we find some man song for Kyle?!! haha
"Boy,I am only human"

4. 徐佳莹 - 身骑白马
Lyric :
我爱谁 跨不过 从来也不觉得错
自以为 抓著痛 总会修成爱的果
偏执相信著 受诅咒的水晶球

而你却 靠近了 逼我们视线交错
原地不动 或向前走 突然在意这分钟

我身骑白马 走三关
我改换素衣 过中原
(I can sing in all the red colour lyric : the last part of the song - 4 rows is in Hokkian!!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New update.......after soooooo Long

New update........after sooooo Longggg!! :-)

Today - 19 Jan 2011, I am officially 3 years 1 month old!!

Mama finally 'make up' her mind to do 'some' or 'little' update!~~ :-p

Wow....we did not update since moving to new house!!:-)

1. My mama got 'my baby' after moving to new house or before that (haha, she cannot remember!! ). She has not feeling well for the first trimester...dizzy dizzy n dizzy!! Doctor told me that cannot ask mama to carry me cos got baby in mama tummy. I so far 'quite' good boy and only ask mama to carry when she sit down. Mama did complained that I ask too much of 'hugs' since her preggy!! :-p

Latest update from doctor, 'my baby' is mei mei but I told mama its 'my baby' not mei mei!! And from time to time, I will ask mama when baby will be out from her tummy cos I want to carry her!! :-) Mama said 'my baby' will be 'coming out' end Apr/early May!!

2. I become a good helper since mama preggy.

I help in :
- sweeping floor
- Mopping floor
- wash the bathroom
- planting some flowers in the garden
- wash dishes after meal

3. After moving to new house, I have some promotion - promote to sleep in my new single bed!!

Papa n mama decided to let me sleep on my own bed but still attached to their master bed!! I quite reluctant to sleep on it and still want to sleep on mummy chest for the first two months. After weeks, mama tummy become 'round' n 'big', I then 'turn' into my new bed n look for my pillow!! :-) Papa even bought a new comforter set to 'coax' me put on blanket!! :-)

4. Happy 3 years old birthday!!

I had a simple birthday party at Ah Ma house the night before my birthday. Lots of balloon n food (prepared by Ah Ma)!! :-) Hopefully can get some photo to upload here later!! I even ask mama to call KFC maskot - 'chicky' come for my birthday party even though the party is at home!! :-)

Papa bought my favourite durian cheesecake from secret recipe for my birthday cake~~ yummy yummy!!

Kong Kong n Popo, Ah Mei Ahyi, Ah yi n Lerr make a special trip to KL from Melaka on my actual birthday!! We had very nice dinner at a very nice restaurant - House of Tang in Bangsar!!

5. Surprise Christmas present!

Papa decided to buy a new camera!! (Actually the purpose of buying the camera is to ready for taking baby photo, but I was not well on that day, so mama said papa buy the camera for as christmas present! :-p)

The salesperson 'really' thought papa bought for me, he explain to me all the details (I was sitting quietly listening to him!): the battery compartment,the memory card slot...etc!

Now I am the expert using the new camera. Mama sometimes have to ask me for the function button!@! hahah!!

6. Happy New Year 2011 - trial at Montessori

Mama decided to bring me for a trial at a Montessori - Little Blossom which they had paid the deposit for my enrolment in July!

Mama also bought a set of uniform so that I will not look so different from others :-p
Papa n Mama were with me for an hour, then mama leave the classroom 'quietly'....I started to cry n cry n cry. One auntie did tell me to call for mama if I dont cry!! But then I cry after I stop for a while cos mama still 'missing in action'!!! Teacher Evina try to comfort me when the class try to do some singing n having biscuit during breaktime!! BUT I still cry ---- for almost an hour!!

So no more school after that!! :-))))

I tell mama that I like the school but I want her to sit outside the classroom!! :-)

Little update till now.
Mama not feeling well again - coughing for a week!!

Hope to have more update then!