Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Baby Photo

Upon request by little Ah Yi.....more baby photo...

Ah Yi n Mama said looks like me.... I look like Kyle Kor Kor

Mama asked me to go nearer to baby for photo...
I am so clever and go nearer to baby without 'disturbing' her
Popo was impressed that I do understand mama 'instruction'@-@

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Baby

Taa Daa.......
My Baby....I mean my Ah yi Baby - Ler Ler 乐乐!!

First time meeting her, I feel a bit odd, especially when mama holding her.
Second day, I can slowly touch her.
Third day, I can 'play' with her, calling her ler ler!! and she will turn her head and look at me when I call her!! :-)

p/s : mama will upload more photo later cos laptop a bit slow (cos too old already!!) :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Botanic Garden, Penang

Well, forgot to update about the last trip to Penang.

As usual, mama keep 'eat eat n eat' her favorite curry mee, char kuay teow...etc

and I keep 'playing' water at the swimming pool....

We made a visit to Botanic Garden..

Found this little cool...

Its a hot hot day...see my papa, no energy to walk already!! "-p

Play 'turning' around at this little small rest house near waterfall....

Its a nice place to visit...but couldnt see any monkey..anyone know whether they still come out there and walk around?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Oppsss....(Eerrrr...this posting is actually backdated post!!)

OPPSSSS........WHat's HaAppeennn!!!

OH is papa glasses.....

Eerrr...its actually me, the naughty one....
'playing' papa glasses..while playing n 'grab' papa glasses
then 'throw' down from the bed
both papa n mama pengsan!!

In fact, I had many 'bad' record of throwing stuff, below are the 'evidence'/'victim'!!
Ah Mah old glasses - I broke one side of the holder
mama cant recall how many glasses holder that I actually least 3 pairs!! !!!@#$$%%^

Ah Kong alarm clock
Not only I throw down from the bed, I actually help to 'fix' the alarm clock by taking out the battery and its cover...:-p
Mama handphone cover, according to my record, mama change the cover like 2 -3 in a month!!

This telephone, not really spoil, still can use - sometimes...
mama just want to demonstrate how I normally deal with the phone!!!@#$%%^^&&&*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi, I'm 20 months!!

Hi, I'm 20 months!!

Oh Oh fast, time flies....

Mama not yet update on my milestone for 18 & 19 taa daa-> 20 months old!!

Well, mama a bit tired after back from Penang. Hope she manage to update some of my milestone of 20 months!!
I have so much to update eg :
I can say 3 -4 words in one time, forming simple sentence :
  • go shopping, buy cake
  • nen-nen time, build chicky house (the activities that I like most, building the KFC model house)
  • Pong pong, go kai kai
  • go 'la la' place, fishball (la la i.e. stirring the tea)
  • go market, buy fishball, tomatoes
  • tutu train, can move, go underneath (tutu train go underneath the bridge)
  • I dont want
When the adult did something that I do not understand or I do not seen before, I will ask : what are u doing (in mandarin).....

I'm quite good in pushing the tricycle with my both leg instead of using the pedal.....

Mama slowly let me try to feed myself and start to use chopstick when I'm having noodle (normally meehoon n mee)

I started to have little run, but not too fast....that's why sometime fall down if I try to run a bit faster... :-p

hmm...mama will update more if she can recall..... :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back

I'm Back.....finally!

After more than 2 weeks....missing from here! :-)

1st week, modem have some problem..cannot online, mama very 'mang chang'!! :-(
little uncle decided to change the modem to the WIFI....but then when he just changed...

2nd week, papa last minute decided to bring me n mama to no PC again!!
Its a nice holiday in Penang...will write another posting about this!

My sweet Ah Yi just delivered a sweet sweet little baby girl this morning!!

I am so happy cos I am 'ko ko' now!! Yeahhh!!

Mama try to get a photo from Yi Chang to upload here!! Will see whether can got it by tonight!! :-)