Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Month

In April, there are so many birthday celebration!!

First - My Mama 1 Apr
Last year we went to Penang for holiday, but this year no celebration cos papa not around due to work! So mama only took some photo with me with her handphone!! My mama keep asking me to sing birthday song to her on that day!! My mama super cute, right!! :-)

3 Apr - My very new Sheng Sheng 婶婶 - Ah Ru jie jie
My uncle 叔叔 just got his marriage registration on 30 March, so jie jie officially become my sheng sheng then!! There was a simple celebration and I manage to help blow the cake!! :-)

4 Apr - My Yi Chang
Remember the cool guy who made my birthday t-shirt!! I always like to call my Yi-Chang whenever back to PoPo house!!

8 Apr - Mama's lady boss
Mama having lunch with 'so many' people - that was what I keep asking : 'why so many people' !! :-) After lunch, my favourite cake cutting session!! :-)

10 Apr - My sweet little Ah Yi birthday!! Some photo to show!

Yi Chang, Ah Yi & Lerr Lerr

See, I so kan cheong, want to blow the candle!! :-)
Mama said its like my birthday!! Paiseh Paiseh!!

And the highest ranking birthday VIP of the month : My Po Tai (great grandy) - Mama's Popo - My Popo's mother!! :-) Celebrating her 72 years old!!!

Ha! Can see where am I?
So kan cheong till standing on the table!!!
Cant wait till mama adjusting the candle!! :-)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Milestone - No mama in day time Part II

Yup!! I survive!! :-)

Mama is the one who is more worried then I am!! Hahahaha!!

I woke up around 9am,
Popo help take me down from cradle
I ask : where is mama?
Popo : Go working with Auntie Doris
Me : --------

Popo quickly prepare me as usual
changing n nen-nen (milk)

Mama called back and ask about me
Popo reported everything ok
Popo : do u want to speak to mama?

Later Popo bring me and Ivan (my little uncle) out to fetch Taipo to had brunch
Popo fed me kuai-teow soup
and go to bank
so happy

In the afternoon
Mama called back again
Popo : do you want to talk to mama, she is on the phone?

Later, popo put me in the cradle
My nap time
I made Popo and Taipo walk up (my cradle is in the room upstair) few times to goyang goyang me! hehe
Take around 2 hours nap

Wake up and ask about mama again
Taipo said Mama go out working not yet come back
Me : ------

Popo prepared dinner and feed three of us (Uncle Bryan, Ivan and Me)
Then I play with Bryan and waited for mama

My mama came back so late
Reached home around 645pm!!!
I quickly hug her when she reached home!!

Actually I miss her so much!! :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Milestone - No mama in day time Part I

NO Mama in day time!!
First time in my life
cos mama never leave me for more then 3 hours in day time
Mama is 7-24 hours with me!!

It is so so so important to write it here!! :-p

Last Wednesday
Mama got to attend one convention - ONE FULL DAY (9am-6pm)
She was headache - who can take care of me?
Ah Yi was so nice taking leave to take care of Lerr Lerr
So that Popo can take care of me
If not Popo will go crazy then!! :-) hahaha

The evening before the day
Mama told me many times :
"Tomorrow mama got to go out working with Auntie Doris,
Kyle got to stay home with Popo,
If popo bring you out to kai-kai, must hold popo's hand
You cannot walk by yourself!!"
I said out loud : "YES"

Mama : Do you understand?
Me : "Yes!"

The night before the day
Mama repeat the same thing!
Mama : OK?
Me : "Yes yes yes!"
Mama : Do you understand?
Me : "Yes!"

Before sleeping time
Mama repeat the same thing! Again!
Mama : OK?
Me : "Yes!"
Mama : Do you understand?
Me : -------------(I dont want to answer her already, cos she mentioned too many times!!!)

Mama so long winded, I think I know what she trying to say!!

So do u think I can survive?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Update About Me

Recently there are not many photo upload here cos mama camera still sleeping nicely in the box,,,,hahaha

At last have some photo (taken from shu shu camera) taken during Chinese New Year,,,,:-p

Some update about me, mama have not update anything after my 2 years old birthday!!

I love to eat by myself with spoon or fork!!
After my birthday celebration, I fall in love in blowing cake!! (This was my Ah Ma 61th years old birthday celebration on the 4th day of chinese new year)
Hehe, this is my favourite since Chinese New Year!! Packet Drink using straw and 100 Plus!!

And lastly, I love to say : I want Chinese New Year cloths whenever mama take out this 'samfu'!! :-)