Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me...2008 Vs 2009

Me & Mama
2008 Vs 2009
Day 1 of Chinese New Year

2008 ~ Yellow Theme
2009 ~ Red Theme

Mama, are we wearing blue or green for the coming Chinese New Year?

CNY Eve at Tai Kong House

Hi, finally 'balik' after a week!!
Sorry, my mum a bit busy n tired after so many events : party, dinner, chinese new year preparations, CNY, going back Melaka then back to Klang......until
my 12 months & 13 months milestone - she totally forgot to update!!

Not only that she have miss out updating ONE very important milestone - I can walk with support (holding mummy hands) TILL NOW CAN WALK WITHOUT SUPPORT (more than a week already)!!!...AIYOYO...ok..will give her some time to update, I am not sure whether she can make it for my 14 months which is very soon...'sigh'...

Anyway, will talk about my 'first' CNY eve dinner. Last year I was just an 7 weeks baby sleeping in my stroller while my parents having their dinner.

This year, I can sit on my high chair (tai kong house do not have high chair, papa bring my IKEA high chair along..hehe!!) and have dinner together!! :-)

Mummy adjust my napping time one hour later so that I can 'tahan' longer at night!! (Thanks mama!!) I have lots of fun at tai kong house!!

I get to play Ah Kong handphone!

I can walk around and push the chair around (my favorite!)

I try some mandarin oranges!

I drink a bit of 100 Plus...

Oh Yes!! My first 2009 Ang Pow from my Tai Kong!!
Remember sweet great grandfather!!

A glimse of the night..too many great uncle & auntie...I am confuse..hehe!

~continue with CNY first day later~

Friday, January 23, 2009

新年快乐~ 恭喜发财 2009


新年快乐~ 恭喜发财

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all uncle & auntie a very

Happy and Prosperous Chinese 牛 (New) Year!

Little Prince wish all......

Good Health

Good Luck

Good Fortune

AND ME more ANG POW!! :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jessica Jie Jie Birthday Party at KFC

wahhh...another birthday party!!
This time at KFC, Jalan Meru.
Again, is mummy MP Klang Gang gathering with so many 'BB'....

Auntie Nicole + Jessica (BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!) + her sister Jacelyn
Auntie Winnie + Chloe
Auntie Pauline + Khai Chen
Auntie Ann + Shuenice
Auntie Chin Huei + Ethan
Auntie Irene + Jeremy
Auntie Yuki + Edward

Auntie Yvonne came alone and Auntie Amy came with her mother (so young wow!!)

I enjoy very much in the party cos got lots of balloon and toys, I even dance with the 'hot hot' music but nobody dance with me la... :-)

Anyhow, I still scared of the mascot - The Chicky....even though this time no 'black black' mascot, the mascot chicky looks nice...some more give me free gift!! I still cry a bit, cos the chicky very 'BIG', I scared 'he' will catch me!! :-p

I have received many gift too..

goodies from Auntie Nicole

My birthday present from Auntie Nicole

From Auntie Yvonne - Book + photo frame

Birthday present from Auntie Pauline - Cloth Book
Auntie Ann - Huggies Wipe

From KFC - Toys and games

But this recruitment pack is not gift - is from my FIRST membership -> the Chicky Club stationery set.
Papa register for me and pay RM9 (PAY ONCE, NO RENEWAL FEE!)for it. There are lots of benefit that I can use later..most importantly every time we purchase chicky meal (children set) entitle for 5% discount!!
(But for papa n mama, they actually like the benefit where purchase children book at MPH (code 04) entitle for 5% discount!! - MORE books for me..yeahhhhh!!!)

Oppss.....forgot to thanks Auntie Nicole for such a wonderful party!! THANK YOU!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Dinner 2008

Wedding Dinner (backdate post)
Mama almost forgot about this posting......
There are two wedding dinner that I was attended last month back to back...mama n papa almost pengsan cos got to rush two different location : KL & Melaka :-)
In fact this was not my first wedding dinner, I had one in 1 Nov 2008, Uncle Steven & Auntie Ssu Ee wedding busy mama forgot to post on my blog again.... :-p (mama always said after look after me, she getting older...hehe!!)

On 26 Dec 2008, Andrew & Laura wedding dinner at V-Garden, Klang.  Andrew is papa's cousin (papa ah yi's elder son).  It was very nice dinner cos only 10 tables, close relatives. 
The ambience is great cos less table, nice setting, relatives can have karaoke...the most important thing, I can 'walk' around cos big big space!! :-)

This was on 27 Dec 2008  Chwean & Joo Wedding Dinner in Pei De Primary School Hall, Melaka.  .  Chwean is mama's cousin.  (Mama big jiu jiu's second daughter).  This was totally different cos is about 60 noisy....but I enjoy too cos got karaoke... :-0

Now I remember, my FIRST wedding dinner that I attended - my AH YI & YI CHANG WEDDING DINNER on 27 JAN 2008!!!  I am only 40 days on that day!! :-)

Ah YI, you still owe mama photo for my blog posting ya!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ethan birthday party cum MP Klang Gang gathering

Last Saturday, papa & mama brought me to a new friend birthday party.
And it is also mama MP Klang Gang many friends till I confuse!! :-)
(BB Jeremy, BB Khai Chen, Shuenice Jie Jie, Ling Sien Jie Jie, Jessica Jie Jie, BB Chloe & Birthday boy Ethan)
There is one 'big big black black' cartoon (McD mascot) special invited by Auntie Chin Huei for little Ethan birthday party, when I took picture with him, his 'head' suddenly 'drop' and a 'dark dark' guy came out...I started to cry.....:-(((
The cake also specially made for the party - Mr. Bean ( I do not know who he is but quite funny look guy)
There are few gifts received from lovely MP mummy....
Auntie Irene

Auntie Yvonne

Auntie Winnie

This one from McD goodies bag!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Visit To The Beach!!

First Visit To The Beach - Pantai Puteri, Melaka (Backdated Post)  29 Dec 2008

Nice beach..Pantai Puteri
That is the name of this beautiful beach.  
Thank you to Yi Po who recommend us to come!!

Ahhh...what is this huh...the floor so smooth but yet got 'biji-biji' feel....
Popo popo..the water can walk to funny.....

Ah Yi cannot tahan see me play sand cos I do not know how to play...end up she decided to teach me to build castle...but no castle come out..why??//??

It is so much fun playing with the sand..I did try it by 'tasting' taste...


A bit hungry after playing with the anything to eat...

Wahh..picnic....Mummy said long long time never had picnic lor....
so a bit kelam kabut when preparing for the food, popo fried mee hoon and bought the rest of the food stuff ....

I have great time at the beach although we only spent about 2 hours there.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Childhood Pictures

For fun, want to guess which one is me?
and which one is my mummy?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Gift......

Show time!!
FIRST GIFT - from Auntie Joanne Tiew, mummy MP forum gang!!  
(Auntie,auntie, mummy not allowed me to colour, she said wait for another few more months...'sigh'...)

This card all the way from Sydney, Australia - my great-uncle (papa ah gu) 老舅!! 

Nice spideman man & swimming trunk set!!
All the way from Australia too - my great-auntie (papa ah yi) 老姨。
This three blue simpson, red thomas and green dinasour also from the great-auntie.

Err..why MP stuff is here...not the gift from them la....
just happen it arrived almost my birthday la...:-p

My Ah yi bought this cute Winnie The Pooh T-shirt set, nice colour!!

This set is from my great-uncle (mama shuk-shuk) 小叔公!
This one from my shuk-shuk 叔叔!!
THANK YOU shuk-shuk!

Oooo..ang pow..I received few ang pow from Ah Kong Ah Mah, Ah-Ko (姑姑)and 舅舅!!
THANK YOU!  Muaaakk!!

My favorite gift : ADIDAS shoes!!
Its from my little Ah Yi & her friend - Adam koko!

The gift all the way from Germany & Japan!!
My Yi Po (mama ah yi) 姨婆 so cute purposely find a toy made in Germany!!
The cute tooth brush may be bought by great-uncle during his last trip to Japan.  
Quite fun to use.  Mama let me brush just before night sleeping !!