Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Dinner 2008

Wedding Dinner (backdate post)
Mama almost forgot about this posting......
There are two wedding dinner that I was attended last month back to back...mama n papa almost pengsan cos got to rush two different location : KL & Melaka :-)
In fact this was not my first wedding dinner, I had one in 1 Nov 2008, Uncle Steven & Auntie Ssu Ee wedding busy mama forgot to post on my blog again.... :-p (mama always said after look after me, she getting older...hehe!!)

On 26 Dec 2008, Andrew & Laura wedding dinner at V-Garden, Klang.  Andrew is papa's cousin (papa ah yi's elder son).  It was very nice dinner cos only 10 tables, close relatives. 
The ambience is great cos less table, nice setting, relatives can have karaoke...the most important thing, I can 'walk' around cos big big space!! :-)

This was on 27 Dec 2008  Chwean & Joo Wedding Dinner in Pei De Primary School Hall, Melaka.  .  Chwean is mama's cousin.  (Mama big jiu jiu's second daughter).  This was totally different cos is about 60 noisy....but I enjoy too cos got karaoke... :-0

Now I remember, my FIRST wedding dinner that I attended - my AH YI & YI CHANG WEDDING DINNER on 27 JAN 2008!!!  I am only 40 days on that day!! :-)

Ah YI, you still owe mama photo for my blog posting ya!!!

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