Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jessica Jie Jie Birthday Party at KFC

wahhh...another birthday party!!
This time at KFC, Jalan Meru.
Again, is mummy MP Klang Gang gathering with so many 'BB'....

Auntie Nicole + Jessica (BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!) + her sister Jacelyn
Auntie Winnie + Chloe
Auntie Pauline + Khai Chen
Auntie Ann + Shuenice
Auntie Chin Huei + Ethan
Auntie Irene + Jeremy
Auntie Yuki + Edward

Auntie Yvonne came alone and Auntie Amy came with her mother (so young wow!!)

I enjoy very much in the party cos got lots of balloon and toys, I even dance with the 'hot hot' music but nobody dance with me la... :-)

Anyhow, I still scared of the mascot - The Chicky....even though this time no 'black black' mascot, the mascot chicky looks nice...some more give me free gift!! I still cry a bit, cos the chicky very 'BIG', I scared 'he' will catch me!! :-p

I have received many gift too..

goodies from Auntie Nicole

My birthday present from Auntie Nicole

From Auntie Yvonne - Book + photo frame

Birthday present from Auntie Pauline - Cloth Book
Auntie Ann - Huggies Wipe

From KFC - Toys and games

But this recruitment pack is not gift - is from my FIRST membership -> the Chicky Club stationery set.
Papa register for me and pay RM9 (PAY ONCE, NO RENEWAL FEE!)for it. There are lots of benefit that I can use later..most importantly every time we purchase chicky meal (children set) entitle for 5% discount!!
(But for papa n mama, they actually like the benefit where purchase children book at MPH (code 04) entitle for 5% discount!! - MORE books for me..yeahhhhh!!!)

Oppss.....forgot to thanks Auntie Nicole for such a wonderful party!! THANK YOU!!


nicole said...

Yugene, Im so happy that ur family enjoy in the party. myself also enjoy~~~ see all babies play around and have fun together... I hope in future they grow up, we still have this kind of party, share our baby development together....

Wonderful Life said...

Kyle is so lucky to receive so many pressies from so many aunties...