Wednesday, November 26, 2008



对太公来说,就这样一转眼, 八十年了。。。

太公 - 公公 - 爸爸 - 我 (小言凯)






Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gosok Gigi....

Good Morning everyone, is gosok gigi time.
Mummy said it is important to brush teeth every morning.

I already have 8 teeth, the 9th just came out yesterday....

I saw mummy brush teeth every morning, I think this is the right way...
Hmmmm.....anyone can tell me, am I doing fine?

Monday, November 24, 2008

11 Months Old -19 Nov 2008

11 Months Old - 19 Nov 2008

Recently mummy busy with me cos I am too active crawling here n there till she very tired at night, do not have time to update my blog…… :-p picture ya...sorry not many 'smiley' picture this month cos not well.

So a quick update on my development :

  •  I am very good in crawling and like to climb staircase, I find a way to come down if I only climb two steps only...hehe (mummy heart always kena shock if she saw me slowly moving down from the staircase without her support!)
  • I am still learning how to stand without support, but no problem for me holding the furniture ‘moving around’.  I am good at slowly sit down if I am tired of standing up!!
  •  My 8th (lower lateral incisor) – came out two weeks ago (28 Oct).  Papa said I look like big big boy with all the 8 teeth....
  • As earlier blog update, I was sick and yet I still grow taller…hehe…. about 82cm lor…now 11.1kg,,,,


Try so many food this month as mummy said am big big boy should try more….

Cheese – my super lover

Fruit – kiwi, red apple, papaya

Tomatoes - my new finger food!

Kampung chicken (only for porridge, but still got to wait for another month to try on the meat, mummy a bit paranoid, so NO meat, only the taste!)

Egg - Kampung egg.  Hard boil egg and also mix with the meesua...I like both!!

Chinese cabbage

No more new fish as last month already tried salmon & cod fish……


My Favorite nursery rhymes : 

Hush - A - Bye, Baby

Hickory Dickory

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Few Months ago, I started to 'call' mama, papa, and my favorite nen-nen!!  

This few weeks start to 'call' : Kong (Ah Kong & Kong Kong), Mah (Ah Mah), PoPo, jie jie, Ko (Ah Ko-my aunt), Chang (Yi-Chang).............My Ah Yi jealous cos I only call chang but not Yi :-p!!

Some few words :

Mai - in hokkien: No

Keys - in mandarin and hokkien

mum mum - food

DONE - in english. Papa tought me, nice to pronounce, I will say after papa help me to wear pyjamas.   

kai kai - go out

bao - in mandarin/hokkien : bread

Apple - in english, but this one I still not very good, alwasy say 'ple ple' :-)

I always voice this vrooommmm as brooooommm cos I can't  get 'v' yet..

I try to practise to voice out like 'letgoletgoletgo' - mummy say I try to get 'r'....

*Oh yes, why in english/mandarin/hokkien....cos

mama/popo/kongkong/ah yi/yi chang/ speak Mandarin (my mummy family member speak mandarin)

papa speak English 

Ah kong/ah mah/ah ko speak hokkien (my papa family member speak hokkien)

sometimes my little wen wen jie jie speak funny english + hokkien to me, my little uncle bryan & uncle Ivan speak American english (mummy said they learn from disney cartoon) to me ...hahaha


Well, that's all for now, will post more smiley photo for the next posting!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Little cousin sister First Birthday!

Last weekend (the second day after I 'recover' from fever n flu...), mummy & papa brought me to mummy cousin's daughter birthday.

Uncle Alan about 1 1/2 months younger than mummy, and now his daughter about 1 1/2 months elder than me....

It was a simple & nice party.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIA EN JIA JIA!!!
Wahhh...nice Birthday cake.....Uncle Alan & auntie and birthday girl. (the little girl behind is my auntie's niece)

Uncle Alan & Jia En, Mummy & Me......
Oppsss...there is another baby girl there...hehe I am not the youngest there...
the little girl in pink is my auntie youngest niece, 8 months old...uncle so bad, called her 'winnie the pooh'....

Jia En : Kyle..Stop, please stay there, don't move!

Take photo first la......

Kyle : girl always troublesome.... :-p

Friday, November 14, 2008

Updating Blog....

Guess...who is this that about to update his blog... me -  the Little prince, busy replying the comments to uncle n auntie who write comments on my blog.

Just check, am I holding correctly on this mouse? Not bad yeah......

Normally I can sit in front of this laptop for 1- 2 minutes only, cos mummy always catch me :-p

Opppsss....kena catch again!!
Just want to say I am getting better!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blog Awards

From Mummy Natalia
From Mummy Jennifer
From Mummy Jennifer & Mummy Nor-Aishah
From Mummy Yvonne

Thank you all mummies for your award.  Please forgive mummy that she only save the award picture,  but forgot the rules for each award.  She a bit tired after look after me cos I am 'charged' energizer battery; when I was sick, she then got panda eyes!! :-p

Not in good mood....

This is how I look after the visit to the doctor.  

Please do not touch me...I am not in good mood after taking the medicine.
Mummy said the coughing medicine not so good, after taking will be a bit blur blur..after fever gone, mummy also stop giving me the coughing medicine..... boring, feel like want to sleep

Monday, November 10, 2008

Aiyo sick again!

Remember last month 7 Oct, I was sick and visited Dr.Ooi due to papa sick and the 'little monster' cause my fever....

Few days ago, 7 Nov, I visited Dr.Ooi again....
This time was mummy...mummy had bad flu, but she recover very fast cos she took many vitamin c, scared I will be affected.....but
aiya.....suddenly I got fever, no choice lor, got to make :-OOOOOO cry cry cry again...... but I am strong baby, recover very fast just like mummy!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Books

Papa bought me this three book when I am about 3 - 4 months old....
Mummy started with the book of 'Animal' & the 'Word'
I like the animal book so much cos mummy always make funny sound
I love it so much till.....
Oppsss..What's happen to my book...hehe..full with my 'bite-bite' evidence.....
And the cover also cannot 'escape' from my bite.....
All this happened in the 4th-6th month when my itchy itchy tooth-teeth first came out!!
Now I am very good boy, no more bitting!! :-)

Now my favorite 'reading' session is to find 'ball' and 'car' for mummy from the 'Word' book!!
Not only the picture, I can recognise the book that contain the 'ball' and 'car' picture!!
Mummy was very impress and decided to look for flash card to teach me more......

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cute 'Facebook'

One Little Finger

Two Little Fingers

Ohhhh Chiakkkk

Hmmmm....DON'T Laugh!! Remember, I am the Little Prince!!

paiseh paiseh...uncle & auntie who read my blog, do not is only the mee sua on my face la!!