Wednesday, November 26, 2008



对太公来说,就这样一转眼, 八十年了。。。

太公 - 公公 - 爸爸 - 我 (小言凯)







Kristie said...

lovely pics...always love B & W pix!

Kristie said...

yugene, i've a tag for u come get it from my blog:

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

When looking at all these photos, it makes me "gan dong" too..
Now only I know Kyle's chinese name is 言凯...NICE!

Julie said...

Great pics. I like the first one. Kyle is so blessed that his greatgrandpa is still healthy and around to see Kyle growing.

the little prince said...

Kristie, thanks. Will do the tag then.

Joanne, when I saw BB playing with his greatgrandy, just cross my mind it may be a good photo, quickly ask my hubby to take pic cos am holding bb...when hubby show me the pic, i was so touch at that moment!!

Julie, thanks. You are right, that's why we try to let him play with his greatgrandy whenever he visit us. But Kyle always take long time to 'warm up' with him 'sign' hubby said not many ppl can have greatgrandson, we got to try many method to let Kyle familiar to play with him!

Wonderful Life said...

Though I'm unable to read chinese... the photos look lovely and I could see the big smiles on the great grand dad's face!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene, I have got a tag for you.

MeRy said...

lovely pics..but too bad I dun understand the mandarin words.

I hav an award for u..pls grab it from my blog.

Natalia said...

Kyle is the 4th generation ya. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

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