Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'mas 2008

Well, we visited The Curve a day after X'mas...and it is so nice!!
Anyway, its my first X'mas....
(Last year I am only 7 days old during X'mas, this year hmmm....nothing special too!! 
But I got my papa n mama with me :-))
Oppss..forgot to mention, I have did my FIRST STEP when we visited Uncle Scanner today! :-)

Wow...Birthday Celebration In Melaka!

Yeahhh, another birthday celebration for me!!
This round is at Melaka......This nice nice cutie cutie cake was bought by Ah Yi...THANK YOU!!
The cartoon are very cute but I prefer the balloon.... hehe ...

Ooppss..this celebration is not on my actual birthday cos papa still got to work on that day (I love you papa, work so hard for us! :-p)
Then Yi Po coming back from Germany on Monday, so mummy then decided to have the dinner on Monday!)

Here you dinner at Williams Restaurant, Kg. Lapan, mummy favorite restaurant (its always not many people and the food is just nice!)

Ah Yi & Yi Chang
Po Tai & Kong Tai (Popo's parents)

Yi Po, great uncle and two little uncle who just touch down in the morning, two little uncle still 'blur-blur' due to time difference...

Little Ah Mei Ah Yi, popo and my 'give-me-5' kong kong

I am having lots of fun at the restaurant cos there are basically only our table after 8pm....

So..uncle uncle, what is so interesting on the tree....can you please help me to reach the X'mas tree.... one helping, I can do it myself!! X'mas tree here I come!!

Ren Ren : Kyle...better be careful....hehe...
Kyle : don't worry uncle...I can climb up myself..hehe

Ren Ren : Kyle..aiyo..don't touch that picture frame.....
Kyle : Aiyakk...catch by Yi Chang

Yi Chang, Yi Chang, let me down, I want to play more...especially your handphone..hehe
okok.....papa said its time to go back for cake cutting lor!!

yawning.......why??? see, mama also 'low battery'...

All this because of this lady..who is this??
Remember my Little Ah Yi who design my T-shirt
She got shooting at Cameron Highland (she work at production house) then rush back to KL around 9pm (that's why she miss the yummy yummy dinner).
Little Ah Yi insist to wait for her to come back for the cake cutting session...pengsan...then we wait wait wait..till 11pm!! 'alive' again cos everyone sing my favorite birthday song!! family photo...
why everytime after the song got to cut this cake ya...
So nice to celebrate birthday!!
Some photo to share.....

What a long day.......


Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday!

It is my first birthday, the day that I make my mama suffer with so many jabs...hehe....
Well, I had slight fever yesterday and getting better today ( big day must be good boy!! :-))
Mama a bit tired after looking after me....there is so many thing that she plan to upload and updating the blog.....then she said .... low battery got to wait lor... :-)
Btw, just to show off a bit my SPECIAL birthday gift from my Yi Chang -> the custom made T-shirt.... can see from genting picture ya (will upload more photo on T-shirt later cos got another celebration in Melaka!! :-)
It is designed by my little Ah Yi n help by Ah Yi to nag Yi Chang to 'rush' for the genting trip!!
Cool T-shirt ya!!  THANK YOU YI CHANG, Little Ah Yi & Ah Yi!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My First Vacation Trip!

My First Vacation Trip!
13 - 14 December 2008

Mummy, Cold Cold..Cool Cool
That is how I feel for my first vacation trip to Genting Highland!!

THANK YOU AH YI for making this trip happened!! Muuaakkk!!
(Initially was cancelled on friday morning cos the person that helped Ah yi for the room booking didnt put ah yi's name on the rooming list->so bad huh....Ah yi so geram :-(((( then later at night around 10pm, Ah yi called up and said got room already, her friends so kind to give ah yi three rooms!! hooray!!)

Mummy only start to pack the next morning. I took a nap before go to Genting cos need to wait for little Ah Yi. She work from Friday night till 1pm the next day, so kesian.....

So, how do I look in this dress, I wear double layer, with long pants n my cutie bear hat.....

We reached Genting quite late, so after I have my porridge in popo room then we proceed to have dinner at Causebay Restaurant....
The lighting there a bit deem, everyone looks so 'orangie'..hehe...

Opppsss...forgot to tell who were there with me....

Yi Chang & Ah Yi--------Popo & Kong Kong

Little Ah Yi & Ah Yi--------Little Ah Yi & Adam koko
and of course my belove papa & mama!!
(Again, they a bit pai seh to be appeared in my blog!)

Although it is only about 24 hours trip, cos I have so much fun to have my FIRST FERRARI DRIVING TRAINING!! :-)

OK...ready to start now

mum, am I look ok with this driving style?....

see, looks cool on the screen ya.... to insert 4 coins...papa, what is that mean ya?

Vrooom, Vrooom, Vrooom, it is so much fun...
till papa n mummy gotto catch me back to the room...

Some photo to share

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interesting Traditional Birthday Celebration!!

My chinese birthday fall on sunday but we celebrate on monday (8 Dec) cos papa still 'holiday' in Kuching!! :-)

Yummy yummy...birthday must come with food food food!!
Must thank you to my Ah Mah cos she started prepare the yellow 'O Ku' from sunday night....
All the above yummy stuff is prepared by Ah Mah except the Pizza n Secret recipe cake! :-)
For your information, my Ah Mah said the yellow 'O Ku' not for eating, only for 'show'..why..
I'll explain later!@

From today onwards, I can wear my lovely shoes...
(why before that cannot wear???...why adult have this funny rules huh...???)

Mummy dress me up with this 'Daddy Helper' many thing. What is it for huh?
Mummy said for my 'show time'!

The adults very funny, they place my book, then an ang pow, a pen, a abacus, a plate full with food (chicken thigh, eggs n onion leaves), a weighing machine (they suppose to find a traditional one but end up use Ah Mah cake baking weighing machine,hahaha!!!)

Taa Daa....


Very Kan Cheong...mummy is holding me tight....
Ah Mah start holding my right leg n press on the yellow 'O Ku'
then left leg...and say in hokkian.....
"step on 'Big O Ku' , will stay in Big Banglow"
(sorry my mummy hokkian 50% only, that is the best she can translate!! :-)

Taa...Daa...Can use both leg step on it lor!!

Now second part of Show Time!!

Mummy let me go...then I quickly crawl forward cos I find something interesting!!!

(I have not play this before!!)

Just like Ah kong steering nice to play!!
(But then, everyone look at me and keep laughing, don't know why......)
(The adults so funny they keep laughing.........)

(Mummy said, they didnt expect me first touch the weighing machine....Ah Mah n Ah Kong said, I will be in business like greatgrandy wow.....)
(What is that got to do with the weighing machine then....????)

Seconf item : Abacus
(then the adults laugh even louder...So funny!!)
Third item : Food

4th Item : Ang Pow
5th Item : Pen
Last : Book

(Papa keep asking why I choose the book last...
Mummy said may be I already 'basi' playing the book, find other item more interesting lor!!)

Ok..the last part : Birthday Cake!!

According to mummy, I keep smiling during the whole session..
I feel happy cos everybody are singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song..
I don't really understand, but it is so nice to see everybody clap hands just like what mummy thought me!!

It is so interesting to see a candle light up.....

Thank you everyone who have attending my first traditional birthday party :
  • My little Ah Yi n Jiu Jiu who wake up so early morning n drove to Klang!
  • My uncle n his girlfriend Ah Ru Jie Jie
  • My little cousin : Wen wen Jie jie n Pei Nee mei mei
  • My Ah Ko n Gu Cheong

Ah Kong n Ah Mah!!
They are so so so happy during the whole session!!
Thank you Ah Mah for preparing my birthday party!!

Love Ah Kong n Ah Mah!!

What a interesting celebration!!!
Can't wait till my actual birthday ya....
Mummy, any more funny games?..hehe....

Some photo to share: