Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interesting Traditional Birthday Celebration!!

My chinese birthday fall on sunday but we celebrate on monday (8 Dec) cos papa still 'holiday' in Kuching!! :-)

Yummy yummy...birthday must come with food food food!!
Must thank you to my Ah Mah cos she started prepare the yellow 'O Ku' from sunday night....
All the above yummy stuff is prepared by Ah Mah except the Pizza n Secret recipe cake! :-)
For your information, my Ah Mah said the yellow 'O Ku' not for eating, only for 'show'..why..
I'll explain later!@

From today onwards, I can wear my lovely shoes...
(why before that cannot wear???...why adult have this funny rules huh...???)

Mummy dress me up with this 'Daddy Helper' many thing. What is it for huh?
Mummy said for my 'show time'!

The adults very funny, they place my book, then an ang pow, a pen, a abacus, a plate full with food (chicken thigh, eggs n onion leaves), a weighing machine (they suppose to find a traditional one but end up use Ah Mah cake baking weighing machine,hahaha!!!)

Taa Daa....


Very Kan Cheong...mummy is holding me tight....
Ah Mah start holding my right leg n press on the yellow 'O Ku'
then left leg...and say in hokkian.....
"step on 'Big O Ku' , will stay in Big Banglow"
(sorry my mummy hokkian 50% only, that is the best she can translate!! :-)

Taa...Daa...Can use both leg step on it lor!!

Now second part of Show Time!!

Mummy let me go...then I quickly crawl forward cos I find something interesting!!!

(I have not play this before!!)

Just like Ah kong steering nice to play!!
(But then, everyone look at me and keep laughing, don't know why......)
(The adults so funny they keep laughing.........)

(Mummy said, they didnt expect me first touch the weighing machine....Ah Mah n Ah Kong said, I will be in business like greatgrandy wow.....)
(What is that got to do with the weighing machine then....????)

Seconf item : Abacus
(then the adults laugh even louder...So funny!!)
Third item : Food

4th Item : Ang Pow
5th Item : Pen
Last : Book

(Papa keep asking why I choose the book last...
Mummy said may be I already 'basi' playing the book, find other item more interesting lor!!)

Ok..the last part : Birthday Cake!!

According to mummy, I keep smiling during the whole session..
I feel happy cos everybody are singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song..
I don't really understand, but it is so nice to see everybody clap hands just like what mummy thought me!!

It is so interesting to see a candle light up.....

Thank you everyone who have attending my first traditional birthday party :
  • My little Ah Yi n Jiu Jiu who wake up so early morning n drove to Klang!
  • My uncle n his girlfriend Ah Ru Jie Jie
  • My little cousin : Wen wen Jie jie n Pei Nee mei mei
  • My Ah Ko n Gu Cheong

Ah Kong n Ah Mah!!
They are so so so happy during the whole session!!
Thank you Ah Mah for preparing my birthday party!!

Love Ah Kong n Ah Mah!!

What a interesting celebration!!!
Can't wait till my actual birthday ya....
Mummy, any more funny games?..hehe....

Some photo to share:


MommyAngel said...

Yugene, that's such a special way of celebrating Kyle's traditional birthday leh ..... especially the "O-gu" part. Very interesting and surely will be so memorable to everyone :)

Happy Birthday to bb Kyle!!! Your mommy and daddy and ah going ah mah really loves you so much. Very touched when seeing all the pictures and all the preparations done by all of your family members. Love your family picture as well and BTW yugene, you look great in those picture :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Such a nice celebration.
- So many foods that prepared by Ah Mah. His grandparents really sayang him.
- This is the first time I see the "o Ku" and knowing what is it for..very interesting!
- Kyle is very happy during that night, at least he was keep smiling. Not like Sarah, when her birthday song being sung, she was BLURRED!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Oh ya, Happy Birthday to Kyle. Hope that he will stay happy, healthy and handsome always..hehe.

Kristie said...

lovely photos!

happy birthday to bb kyle!!!

so cute, i've never known of all these chinese traditions for birthday celebrations. thanks for sharing!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hihi, I got an award for you

Wonderful Life said...

Happy birthday to Kyle!!

Learned something new about the stepping on the big "o-ku".

I myself even hokkien ppl didn't know about this tradition leh :P

Natalia said...

Happy Birthday to BB Kyle! He is cute!

I heard about this chinese traditional birthday but never see it. I hope I can attend such birthday one day.

Kyle is really lucky. His grandparents really love him.

the little prince said...

First of all, thanks to all mummies for BB Kyle's birthday wishes!!!

Caroline, so far I only know my MIL doing it, other relative not really doing it cos they dont know how to make the O-Ku. BTW,me auntie look already la....:-)
Kyle is the first grandson, that's why both side grandparents very very sayang Oooo!

Joanne, my MIL very good in cooking. She also good in making cakes. I learn cake baking from her too! Yeah, the O-ku very interesting hor, my sister purposely came down to see it!! DOn't know why he keep smiling when everybody singing the song...may be feel funny about it!
Thanks for the award, will do it later!!

Kristie, I take long time to arrange the pictures cos am not very IT!!
you are cantonese? may be got special traditional way?
So far not many ppl doing this like what my in-law do.

Doreen, ya in-law still doing it traditionally!! Most of hokkian family normally do the item pick up session.

Natalia, glad that you like the tradition session. May be can ask around any of your hokkian friend family doing it or not....
Or can come to my house, next year my SIL's daughter one year old birthday, my in law will do it again!! :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said... you are very good in baking too? Must show all your cakes here lah..yummy!
- I wonder did you receive anything from me lately?

LittleLamb said...

Hey, I learned something today. I didnt know that stepping on Ang-Ku means will stay be Big bangalow..heheheheh

I am so glad that Kyle truly enjoyed himself since u said he was smiling n happy the entire time..

Happy Happy Birthday to Kyle. May you be as loving and great to yr parents. Wish you best of health n wealth :)

Esmeralda said...

Happy birthday to baby Kyle!

Such an interesting traditional bday celebration wic I never encounter before.. btw, r u Hokkien Yugene?