Friday, May 29, 2009

My nappy story ^^ Part 2

.......continue my little story......

Since then mama only use CD in day time n MP at night time!! According to my parents buying history, the last time they bought diaper was in Sept (10 XL super jumbo pack) till now.

I change from size L - XL till now.....

Size S from new born till 2 months
Size M - 2 months till 6 months
Size L - 6 months till 9 months

When I started to walk when I am about 13 - 14 months, mama then let me wear this little MP Pants when we go out 'kai kai'....

MP Pants

Why this little potty photo here...cos got to talk about 'him' a little bit.

I was on potty train for little poo poo since I am 7 months old.
Mama will put me sitting on it every morning without fail.  I started to develop the good 'habit' then :-)

Last month, mama took out the 'white' colour part of the potty n fix on the adult toilet n let me try...Yup yup hooray,,,I finally can sit 'high high'!! :-)
Since then I will sitting on the 'high high' chair for my poo poo session!! :-) be continue........

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My nappy story ^^ Part 1

Its time to talk about my nappy story....
First start with the 1st piece of diaper....
This is the photo taken on the 2nd day (still in hospital, from new born start using the MamyPoko diaper!!)

Normally my popo just tide little 'knot' with the nappy without using any pin...

Sometimes, when my popo in good mood, she will make me look like 'Japanese' baby :-)

Mama n popo use cloth nappy for day time n night time using MamyPoko diapers for about two full weeks.  Then 3rd week onward, they will put on diaper for me during sleeping time so that I can sleep more comfortably n longer....

After full moon, fully on MamyPoko diapers......This has been last for few months.  Then my mama did get few sample diaper for me to try like : Pureen5, Sxxx, drypers, petpet...then only use Huggies Ultra for day time (but still occasionally)...:-)  cos she still prefer MP!! :-)

Later in when I aam about 5 months, mama still survey around for cloth diaper, so she 1st bought this Freshbot Cloth Diaper (CD).

Guess what, popo complained the material so so thick..then my mama keep in the cabinet for 2 -3 months!! :-)

Freshbot Cloth Diaper (CD)

Then till I'm about 9 months plus...when there are rumours about the diapers going to increase price..mama finally make up her mind and try to use the CD...

OOOOooo, after using it for few times, my cute mama start loving it cos feel that save many diaper in day time!!

Then she start to buy 3 pcs of KS Cloth Diapers (2 blue n 1 green)
2 months later, another 2 pcs KS special CD (I Love Dad n Mum)
Then another Happy Heinz......

KS special CD

Happy Heinz

KS Green CD

KS blue CD

Freshbot CD be continue........

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

17 months milestone update!

17 Months 19 May 2009

 Some update about me :

  •  I am very good in walking n Ah Kong said too fast till he can’t catch me!!  In fact papa n mama got to watch me very carefully cos I walk really fast!!
  •  Mama did not measure my height for quite sometimes..I think around 88cm…but I did weight myself : 14kg!!
  •  I can hold the spoon and feed myself the porridge and soup but got to do it slowly.  If I do it too fast, the stuff will drop out from the spoon!! J  But so far so good! Mama still feed me only give little stuff in a bowl for me to practice.  So if I am ‘well behave’ then she do not need to mop the floor (cos I do not mess with the food! :-p)
  •  Last two months, I have been practicing the puzzle with my left n right hand.  Sometimes, I purposely place the puzzle at the wrong place and said “NO NO” ( my mama always said that when I place wrongly!!) to my mama, then later only place at the correct position with a big smile to her J
  •  Hmmm…my milk milk quantity remain unchanged for many months…L  Morning : 3 – 4 oz, Night : 5 oz (if I am in good mood then 6oz)  Mama try to give some milk in the afternoon before afternoon nap 1 – 2 oz ONLY!!   My mama is headache on how to wean me off from ‘nen nen’! J

  • My nap time is in the mid of transition from 2 times a day to once a time.  Veyr much depend on what time I wake up in the morning.  If it is before 9am or 930am....normally I will have 2 times nap.  At night, normally sleep around 10pm or 1030pm.

 My NAUGHTY record :

  •   I love to climb up and down from the sofa if there is no toys for me to play in the living hall....and I always disturb (but I call it I help!!:-)) Ah Kong to switch on/off TV :-p and also help take out Astro card!! :-p
  •  For the past few months, I have been busy ‘helping’ my grandy Ah Kong & Ah Mah and Popo arranging the stuff in kitchen cabinet especially the lower level.  With my help, sometimes I a bit careless and BROKE their bowl! :-p
  •  Ah Mah bought a pair of fridge ‘band’ to block me from opening the fridge.  I start to open the fridge (both lower n upper level) few months back..till the adults cannot tahan but…..I have study how to open the band!!  SO, I can open the lower level (freezer part) but not the upper level!  Still need mama helps!! J
  •  I use to play with the switches since eight months old…but now I prefer to play the`car’s switches!!  Everyday…WITHOUT FAIL, I will sure look for Ah Kong car’s key or Papa car’s key or Popo car’s key….I would love to try to use the car key and insert to the door ‘knob’…after got into the car – ONLY THE DRIVER SEAT!, then I would now steadily insert the car key to the right place and trying to turn the switch ON!!
  •  I have try to play with drawer for the past few months (why trying..cos my little finger ‘bite’ by the drawer for few times n I am still trying till I got the right method!!)…..and take out all items from inside.  Now I found new games…take ah kong n ah mah cards (genting card, shopping card..etc) n slot in between the drawer just like the postman slot the mail into the mailbox!! Hehe!
  •    Whenever mama, ah mah or popo arranging the clothes, I would love to ‘help’ to take out one-by-one till they scream for help..asking someone to chase me out or CATCH me to other places!!..OOOoo..I just trying to help out!!

 What a long list for naughty record!! :-p…..

Actually mama n papa is headache on how to stop me from throwing stuff.  I love to throw thing if I do not play with it….I just could not stop it.  Mama try to teach me by passing the stuff to her (on her hand)..but after a while I forgot again!!...’sigh’…

 Although I have been throwing stuff..but mama said I am quite good at keep thing nicely if she ask me to.  Sometimes, mama forgot to close the door, forgot to switch off light, I quickly ask her to ‘close’!

 Mama, sorry…I try to be a good boy …..but I just cannot control my hand.  Anyone can help mama?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Foot Prints of 17months!!

To celebrate my 17 the beach ~ Pantai Puteri, Melaka!!

Footprints of 17 months old!!

Papa n my footprint
Mama, papa n me
The making of the footprints by little prince Kyle!!

Playing water with papa!!

So so happy!!  I can play water n 'running' at the beach side with papa!!
(The last visit, I still 'watching' the water n dare not step the water!!)

Hope to visit again soon!!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gift from Australia

Oppss..totally forgot about this.  I have received this gift for more than a only remember to post this out..pai seh :-p

From Great Auntie
My First piggy bank...

She so kind put my name on the piggy bank and the drinking bottle.  Mama said I can use it when I go to kindergarden!!

This BIG BIG kangaroo is taller than difficult to hold him la!! :-)
(This gift from Lau Gu)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update on Mother's Day

What a nice day for Mother's Day....

1. Go back to Melaka to have lunch with popo n kong kong at William Restaurant

2. Then after ding ding dong dong..we decided to follow ah yi & yi chang to look see look see home furniture cos they are moving into new house soon after ah yi deliver baby....
but before that...

3. We went to Proton Edar showroom, I got to test drive the new Exora steering wheel for papa favourtie session..just for fun cos kong kong n popo have not seen this new launching car yet...

4. Wowww....have lots of fun in the furniture shop....I 'walk' n climb up the sofa...just like Home...mama n papa..pengsan!! :-) But I am having so much fun!!

5. After that..we proceed to have Cendol near the Tower Clock at the tourist area!! Me first time to visit the tourist area of Melaka......(actually is my little Ah Yi want to test the SLR camera, I am the no-pay model for the day!!)....
...hmmm..the cendol quite nice especially it is COLD!!
We have little walk around the area......

6. We didnt go home yet...cos the day is so so hot..we decided to have another round of cold stuff..go to Klebang for ABC!!! COoooolllllll!!! :-)

then..I Zzzzzzz in the car when we on the way home!! :-)

p/s : Ah Yi, remember to pass to mama the nice nice picture ya.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Last year, I was just 4 months old....mama is busy busy busy with me and no celebration at all....

This year...I would like to present this flower to my MAMA, my AH MAH, my POPO n my PO TAI...and all mummy!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

My First Puzzle!!

Wow...time to introduce my new toys!!

I have been playing this Jigsaw Puzzle for about one month already.
Mama bought for me soon after she saw I play with my little uncle.  She thought I probably will love this!!

It is very interesting to take the little pieces and put as one picture!!



Some sample : TRAIN



I started with my mama n papa help, they will give the puzzle n show me where to put.
Later, I know exactly the place to put but not good at left/right.
Now, papa thought me a skill, keep turning the puzzle till the correct position-> Its WORK!! :-)

I am now quite good at it : I love to take out all the puzzle at one time, so it is quite messy BUT
I can tell exactly which picture that the puzzle belongs to!! :-)

p/s :Recently mama bought another Farm Animal set for me to try, will make another posting about this after I mastering it ya!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

16 months!

16 Months - 19 Apr 2009

Opps. mama forgot about my 16 months update!!

I could understand cos the weather for the past 2 - 3 weeks is 'killing' everybody - SUPER HOT HOT HOT!!

Well...Ta Daa...I am 16 months!! Yeahhhhhhh!