Tuesday, May 26, 2009

17 months milestone update!

17 Months 19 May 2009

 Some update about me :

  •  I am very good in walking n Ah Kong said too fast till he can’t catch me!!  In fact papa n mama got to watch me very carefully cos I walk really fast!!
  •  Mama did not measure my height for quite sometimes..I think around 88cm…but I did weight myself : 14kg!!
  •  I can hold the spoon and feed myself the porridge and soup but got to do it slowly.  If I do it too fast, the stuff will drop out from the spoon!! J  But so far so good! Mama still feed me only give little stuff in a bowl for me to practice.  So if I am ‘well behave’ then she do not need to mop the floor (cos I do not mess with the food! :-p)
  •  Last two months, I have been practicing the puzzle with my left n right hand.  Sometimes, I purposely place the puzzle at the wrong place and said “NO NO” ( my mama always said that when I place wrongly!!) to my mama, then later only place at the correct position with a big smile to her J
  •  Hmmm…my milk milk quantity remain unchanged for many months…L  Morning : 3 – 4 oz, Night : 5 oz (if I am in good mood then 6oz)  Mama try to give some milk in the afternoon before afternoon nap 1 – 2 oz ONLY!!   My mama is headache on how to wean me off from ‘nen nen’! J

  • My nap time is in the mid of transition from 2 times a day to once a time.  Veyr much depend on what time I wake up in the morning.  If it is before 9am or 930am....normally I will have 2 times nap.  At night, normally sleep around 10pm or 1030pm.

 My NAUGHTY record :

  •   I love to climb up and down from the sofa if there is no toys for me to play in the living hall....and I always disturb (but I call it I help!!:-)) Ah Kong to switch on/off TV :-p and also help take out Astro card!! :-p
  •  For the past few months, I have been busy ‘helping’ my grandy Ah Kong & Ah Mah and Popo arranging the stuff in kitchen cabinet especially the lower level.  With my help, sometimes I a bit careless and BROKE their bowl! :-p
  •  Ah Mah bought a pair of fridge ‘band’ to block me from opening the fridge.  I start to open the fridge (both lower n upper level) few months back..till the adults cannot tahan but…..I have study how to open the band!!  SO, I can open the lower level (freezer part) but not the upper level!  Still need mama helps!! J
  •  I use to play with the switches since eight months old…but now I prefer to play the`car’s switches!!  Everyday…WITHOUT FAIL, I will sure look for Ah Kong car’s key or Papa car’s key or Popo car’s key….I would love to try to use the car key and insert to the door ‘knob’…after got into the car – ONLY THE DRIVER SEAT!, then I would now steadily insert the car key to the right place and trying to turn the switch ON!!
  •  I have try to play with drawer for the past few months (why trying..cos my little finger ‘bite’ by the drawer for few times n I am still trying till I got the right method!!)…..and take out all items from inside.  Now I found new games…take ah kong n ah mah cards (genting card, shopping card..etc) n slot in between the drawer just like the postman slot the mail into the mailbox!! Hehe!
  •    Whenever mama, ah mah or popo arranging the clothes, I would love to ‘help’ to take out one-by-one till they scream for help..asking someone to chase me out or CATCH me to other places!!..OOOoo..I just trying to help out!!

 What a long list for naughty record!! :-p…..

Actually mama n papa is headache on how to stop me from throwing stuff.  I love to throw thing if I do not play with it….I just could not stop it.  Mama try to teach me by passing the stuff to her (on her hand)..but after a while I forgot again!!...’sigh’…

 Although I have been throwing stuff..but mama said I am quite good at keep thing nicely if she ask me to.  Sometimes, mama forgot to close the door, forgot to switch off light, I quickly ask her to ‘close’!

 Mama, sorry…I try to be a good boy …..but I just cannot control my hand.  Anyone can help mama?



What shall i say .. its just a phase and will pass? Cos I also had my fair share of throwing and even biting phases .. no no more. Now is crying and carry me phase! headache.

MeRy said...

Happy 17 mths old.

MommyAngel said...

Happy 17th Month!! Wow .... 14 kg already ah? Good job mommy!!!

For throwing things, I think just need to explain and explain to him and he will understand one day. Or when he throw the things, you make an unhappy face so that he will know?

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha...he is heavier than my girl. Aiyo...my girl underweight..haha. Mummy need to watch over him like a hawk huh. BTW, he is developing really well. :)

Mummy Ryan said...

happy 17th mnths old....

wah 14 kg already...my boy onli 13 kg nia...so he is heavier than my boy:)

LittleLamb said...

88 cm...that TALL..
philip is only 79 or 80 cm only (based on my own measurement).. sigh.. big difference hor.. weight wise same like urs.. so does it mean i got a fatty bom bom??

the little prince said...

Family First, thanks for drop by! Huh...I wish I will not get the carry me phase cos I will pengsan then :-)

Thanks Mery.

Caroline, thanks! Explain to him every times, he will just look at you. If you show unhappy face, throw even harder!! 'sigh'

Mummy Gwen...yeah you are right, really like a hawk, if not my little cow very tough la!! :-)

KC, thanks. Yalor, my boy heavy then KC la...

Rachel, Philip not fatty la..he is just nice. My in law said my oy bone 'big' that's why heavy lor :-)