Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yi Po Hand Blender

This is the hand blender that Yi Po bought for mummy....quite big size ya....

Mummy said can blend ais too....that's why very sharp till can make fruit puree like Heinz brand!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8 Months!

Taaaa.....Daaaaa I am 8 months old!!
Mummy said I am a bit 'cool', papa & mummy always call me cool man if I dont smile....
why no smiley face....
ok..ok...Just wake up from my afternoon nap la....

Nowadays, mummy said I am quite a good discipline boy...why???

Morning wake up at about 8:30am....normally mummy will bring me for 'walk walk' in the garden then pong pong (My favorite time!!), sometimes go out have breakfast with Ah Kong & Ah Mah.....

After 2 1/2 or 3 hours, morning nap about 1 1/2 hours......till 12pm or 1pm....lunch time (yummy yummy)

Play a while before afternoon nap at around 3pm, normally 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours (just like the above photo, blur blur then mummy take picture :-p)

Dinner time (yummy yummy again!!), after meal, mummy bring me 'walk walk' again, take a rest before pong pong (so nice, pong pong again!)....then evening nap, this is the shortest nap, normally 1/2 hours or 45 minutes....

In the evening, papa & mummy will have their dinner with Ah Kong Ah Mah (if in Melaka will be my Kong Kong PoPo), papa/mummy normally put me in the high chair. But I am only given teether & rusk to play cos my dinner time over already.. :-p

Around 930pm, mummy start preparing me to sleep....after milk milk (formula milk - the only time in a day.....last week, mummy start to give another time which is before morning nap), change pyjamas, papa will tell a bear bear story before I have mummy milk milk....must nen nen before I sleep around 10pm.

You see, am I a good boy??

ok ok wake up already...let me share about my yummy yummy lunch & dinner....

My mummy only allow me to try a few types cos she is a little paranoid..hehe

Lunch time :
Sweet potatoes + carrot or + brocoli

Dinner time : (with porridge/congee)
Pumpkin + brocoli
Pumpkin + spinach
Pumpkin + brocoli + tomatoes (just started tomatoes this two days)
Sweet potatoes + brocoli or + carrot
Sweet potatoes + Spinach
Fish + carrot boring...that's what my papa said :-)...not bad la...mummy trying her best, so far I finish all the food she prepare, good boy yeah, hehe!!

Before meal time, mummy will give either fruit juice or fruit puree...again, a bit boring but is ok.
So far I only try green pear, li, apple & prune juice (Heinz), green apple.

Talk about food, must thanks to my Yi Poh(姨婆 - mummy‘s 阿姨) cos she had bought mummy a VERY GOOD HAND BLENDER to prepare my food. Should ask mummy to take picture & upload next time!! The blender 'sit' in aeroplane and flew back from Germany!!
(Long Story : Yi Poh's friend (Auntie Chong) flew to Germany for business trip - met up with Yi Poh then pass the blender to her. Back to Melaka, Auntie Chong then pass the blender to Ah Yi (my 阿姨 not mummy's 阿姨... so confuse....@@@) who work in the same company. Ah Yi then brought the blender to KL and then ask her hubby (my Yi Chang - 姨丈) to pass to mummy.....see the blender travel so far!!)

This 'magic' blender had help mummy to blend all vege & fruit to become very nice & soft puree!! Yummy yummy!!

Now my play time!! Mummy headache time!! Ah Mah & Wen Wen Jie Jie always give me many toys to play (all the toys belong to wen wen jie jie - got masak masak, bowling etc)....Ah Kong & Ah Mah dare not put me in the 'walker without wheel' cos I can 'push' the walker and walk around the house!! :-) They are scared to chase me cos I 'walk' so fast with the walker.

During my meal time or playing time, whenever I sit on my high chair, I like to drop stuffs on the floor!! My mummy very pening kepala cos she dont know how to stop me from doing that!! hehe....Whenever I drop thing, wen wen jie jie will help me to collect, so I drop again n again n again till mummy mad!! hahahaha!!!

Mummy said I start to make noise whenver wen wen jie jie take thing from my hand or 'grap' the toy from my hand...sometimes I even cry....Ah Mah complain that I cry like someone beat me up for such a small matter....that's why mummy pengsan!!@@!!

Most of the time, I grap stuffs & try to bite cos my teeth is very itchy, Now I have six teeth, easy to bite, the 7th & 8th teeth coming soon (can see from the picture the upper 4 teeth!)

Mummy said my favorite play time is to take two toys & make 'kok kok' sound....whenever people said 'kok kok kok' I will take stuffs and make sound!

I am good at clapping hand whenever mummy said 'pai pai so' - in mandarin....but mummy say got hand action but no sound...why ahhh....

I have learned to play hide & seek from mummy....papa so amazed that I know how to play!!

Newspaper, plastic bag or anything create sound like 'sow sow sow' will attract my attention...that's my time to play with it! Papa always scold me whenever I play newspaper cos my hand got black black.....:-p Dont worry, my mummy will wash for me!

My first most favorite play time is pong pong!! Mummy always give me different toy to fun!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mummy's Friend Part 2

Last Friday, mummy's friend - Auntie...Opppsss....mummy said can call her jie jie woooo.....Yen Voon...came to visit mummy/me.... so happy, leng loi holding little prince !! :-)

Oppsss...sorry, mummy said cannot call leng loi, me still small little to call 漂亮姐姐 or 美美姐姐。。。。。leng loi, 漂亮姐姐 and 漂亮姐姐 any different ka?...

Friday, August 8, 2008

北京欢迎你 08-08-2008

我是凯儿,Kyle 在这和大家一起迎接


Wakey wakey


Mummy always want to snap photo when I am still blur blur ......

let me stretch....hmmmmmmm.......

ok,,,,, ready, more photo.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Again on my car seat

Am I still fit into this car seat?......

But I like it so much....

Hmmm......please let me sit until I cant fit, it so nice & Comfortable.....

See...I still have to use my stocking to touch the I still fit into this .... is that right pa & ma.....

After few months...again Ah Kong, Ah Mah, Kong Kong & PoPo said am not fit into this car seat already....sound familiar...I heard this since newborn....

Papa & Mama said is ok...I love to sit in my car seat cos is so comfortable & I always sleep whenever travel from KL-Melaka....

New Potty

Taaa...Daaaa...papa finally bought me a new potty!! Yeahhhhh...

Mama let me try sitting on it....just nice.....but why am I still wearing pant sitting on this new toy, I thought suppose to be for poo poo.....