Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8 Months!

Taaaa.....Daaaaa I am 8 months old!!
Mummy said I am a bit 'cool', papa & mummy always call me cool man if I dont smile....
why no smiley face....
ok..ok...Just wake up from my afternoon nap la....

Nowadays, mummy said I am quite a good discipline boy...why???

Morning wake up at about 8:30am....normally mummy will bring me for 'walk walk' in the garden then pong pong (My favorite time!!), sometimes go out have breakfast with Ah Kong & Ah Mah.....

After 2 1/2 or 3 hours, morning nap about 1 1/2 hours......till 12pm or 1pm....lunch time (yummy yummy)

Play a while before afternoon nap at around 3pm, normally 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours (just like the above photo, blur blur then mummy take picture :-p)

Dinner time (yummy yummy again!!), after meal, mummy bring me 'walk walk' again, take a rest before pong pong (so nice, pong pong again!)....then evening nap, this is the shortest nap, normally 1/2 hours or 45 minutes....

In the evening, papa & mummy will have their dinner with Ah Kong Ah Mah (if in Melaka will be my Kong Kong PoPo), papa/mummy normally put me in the high chair. But I am only given teether & rusk to play cos my dinner time over already.. :-p

Around 930pm, mummy start preparing me to sleep....after milk milk (formula milk - the only time in a day.....last week, mummy start to give another time which is before morning nap), change pyjamas, papa will tell a bear bear story before I have mummy milk milk....must nen nen before I sleep around 10pm.

You see, am I a good boy??

ok ok wake up already...let me share about my yummy yummy lunch & dinner....

My mummy only allow me to try a few types cos she is a little paranoid..hehe

Lunch time :
Sweet potatoes + carrot or + brocoli

Dinner time : (with porridge/congee)
Pumpkin + brocoli
Pumpkin + spinach
Pumpkin + brocoli + tomatoes (just started tomatoes this two days)
Sweet potatoes + brocoli or + carrot
Sweet potatoes + Spinach
Fish + carrot boring...that's what my papa said :-)...not bad la...mummy trying her best, so far I finish all the food she prepare, good boy yeah, hehe!!

Before meal time, mummy will give either fruit juice or fruit puree...again, a bit boring but is ok.
So far I only try green pear, li, apple & prune juice (Heinz), green apple.

Talk about food, must thanks to my Yi Poh(姨婆 - mummy‘s 阿姨) cos she had bought mummy a VERY GOOD HAND BLENDER to prepare my food. Should ask mummy to take picture & upload next time!! The blender 'sit' in aeroplane and flew back from Germany!!
(Long Story : Yi Poh's friend (Auntie Chong) flew to Germany for business trip - met up with Yi Poh then pass the blender to her. Back to Melaka, Auntie Chong then pass the blender to Ah Yi (my 阿姨 not mummy's 阿姨... so confuse....@@@) who work in the same company. Ah Yi then brought the blender to KL and then ask her hubby (my Yi Chang - 姨丈) to pass to mummy.....see the blender travel so far!!)

This 'magic' blender had help mummy to blend all vege & fruit to become very nice & soft puree!! Yummy yummy!!

Now my play time!! Mummy headache time!! Ah Mah & Wen Wen Jie Jie always give me many toys to play (all the toys belong to wen wen jie jie - got masak masak, bowling etc)....Ah Kong & Ah Mah dare not put me in the 'walker without wheel' cos I can 'push' the walker and walk around the house!! :-) They are scared to chase me cos I 'walk' so fast with the walker.

During my meal time or playing time, whenever I sit on my high chair, I like to drop stuffs on the floor!! My mummy very pening kepala cos she dont know how to stop me from doing that!! hehe....Whenever I drop thing, wen wen jie jie will help me to collect, so I drop again n again n again till mummy mad!! hahahaha!!!

Mummy said I start to make noise whenver wen wen jie jie take thing from my hand or 'grap' the toy from my hand...sometimes I even cry....Ah Mah complain that I cry like someone beat me up for such a small matter....that's why mummy pengsan!!@@!!

Most of the time, I grap stuffs & try to bite cos my teeth is very itchy, Now I have six teeth, easy to bite, the 7th & 8th teeth coming soon (can see from the picture the upper 4 teeth!)

Mummy said my favorite play time is to take two toys & make 'kok kok' sound....whenever people said 'kok kok kok' I will take stuffs and make sound!

I am good at clapping hand whenever mummy said 'pai pai so' - in mandarin....but mummy say got hand action but no sound...why ahhh....

I have learned to play hide & seek from mummy....papa so amazed that I know how to play!!

Newspaper, plastic bag or anything create sound like 'sow sow sow' will attract my attention...that's my time to play with it! Papa always scold me whenever I play newspaper cos my hand got black black.....:-p Dont worry, my mummy will wash for me!

My first most favorite play time is pong pong!! Mummy always give me different toy to fun!!


little prince's mummy said...

happy 8 months :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I like Kyle daily schedule. He takes nap regularly and eat healthily. Such a healthy boy.

MommyAngel said...

Your Blander really travel so far to reach you, wow ...... can't wait to see it :)

Julie said...

Happy 8 months, little prince.

You are such a healthy and solid baby. All to you mommy for all the good food she prepared.

the little prince said...

Thank you all mommies.....

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 8 months old little prince!

Oh ya, I feel I'm a bad mommy ler... never cook and let my Ryan tries out many types of food!! Sigh...