Monday, November 30, 2009

My Best Friends - Barney & Friends

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My friends - Barney, Baby Bop & BJ

I have been singing barney songs through watching only one vcd - Sing & Dance with Barney. Yup, ONLY one vcd. Starting from 5 - 10 mins (few months ago), now I can finish watching the whole show which is approximately 35 mins. It is a very old vcd from 'lau yi' but it is a nice show cos there are many songs. Initially I only like the singing part, the 'talking' session, I will do my colouring. :-)

I have learned many songs from this vcd :
and many more.......etc

Papa n mama try to look for barney cd, but in the market only can find dvd or the old vcd. Papa then downloaded the mp3 version (more songs!!) and burned into cd so that I can listen in the car!!

Hoorayyy,,,,,finally I got my Barney In the Car!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


New Toy - PlayDoh
Mama bought this recently for me during the last trip back to PoPo house
Hmmm,,,,a bit funny about this toy
So soft,,,,not really sure how to play with it - I keep 'pinching' the doh or 'rolling' the doh
Mama started to make carrot, mister sun face, ice-cream, and my fav birthday cake with candle - I keep singing the birthday song! :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

OOooo..23 months..

Time flies
19 Nov 2009, I am 23 months old!!!

Again, my PA (my mama) didnt update my milestone as she promised!! :-(
Well, what to do, old lady always said she is tired after whole day take care of me!! :-pp

Mama has been complained that I getting more naughty.
Ah Kong Ah Mah, Kong Kong Popo also complained!!
Cos I like to throw stuff eg: newspaper, paper...all over the floor when my hand 'itchy'
When back to Melaka, I like to bully my two little uncle by hitting their head, or even fight with them for nothing!!!-->Mama n popo are very haedache about this!!-->> Mama said my hand very itchy, anyone have idea how to help me to stop doing so???....
Sorry, I would not do it again!!
p/s: This is the face I will show mama after each time I 'kena lecture' or being scolded by her or popo!!

Objection:: Can write something good to remember my 23 months?
  • I can sing many songs now: Barney song -> I love U, Mister Son, itcy witcy spider, if u're happy, starry night....
  • I can draw little circle (make one full circle) by myself
  • I can feed myself mum-mum using spoon but mama something still prefer to feed me cos my performance not consistent, sometime I will play with my spoon!! :-p
  • I can push the little shopping trolley by myself, I can control the direction by myself!! :-)
  • I will now call auntie/uncle whenever I meet relatives and wave bye bye without mama asking me
  • I will 'automatic' said 'Thank You' when someone give something to me or help me to do something!
  • I will now 'calling' papa using mama handphone - mama had set speed dial on her handphone, very easy to use cos papa n my photo will shown out!!!hehe
  • I know how to take picture from papa n mama handphone!!
  • I will 'instruct' mama/papa or whoever is the last person to go out from house (before kai kai) to switch off the fan and the lights!
  • I will ask mama to change kai kai clothes, I say : CHANGE' whenever go out kai ka cos kai kai pants got pocket!! :-p
Well..I have more to write...mama need sometime to be continue then...

Happy 23 months old!!
(HOoray...going to be 2 years old by next month!!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend at Pantai Puteri

I am so happy today!!
Again, papa n mama brought me to Pantai Puteri beach.

It was raining continuosly for the past few days...
Finally, today good shinny day .......
Yahooo .... I love beach!!

Last month, only papa, mama n me
Today, Ah mei Ah Yi (Mama cousin sister) come along!! YOoray!!

p/s : so far the record to the beach is once a month..hehe...mama can we make this more often!! :-p

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Nen-Nen Story

The following photo may look normal to many mummy, cos its just a normal nen nen time for baby/kids.

But to my parents, its really mean a lot...Mama said at least for now and she hope that I really really continue to nen-nen using bottle!! "-)

I am still and prefer mama nen-nen!!
(YEAP...I am now 22 months, going to be 23 months...mama still breastfeeding me!!!)

Since new born, I am having mama nen_nen n mix with milk powder (now is one time in the morning n one time at night before sleeping)

I was using the bottle for milk powder till 5 months old..I started to reject the bottle when I was 6 months old....(mama was so headache..:-p)
Then mama n papa found a wonderful way to feed me by using spoon (cos I started on solid already)---->>Imagine I still cannot sit still, one person got to hold me-sit still n the other one will got to feed me...the one hold me got to play something with me at the same time!! :-p

Mama was teasing papa that I try to save some money on the bottle!! Hahaha...
The spoon feeding continue...when I started to sit on my little high chair, mama was little easy but still need to let me play something while feeding me!!
(Mama said is not easy to spoon feed milk milk cos always happen that the milk spill here n there..aiyooo, sorry, naughty me!!:-p)

Well, till I was 18 months old, mama nen-nen started to have 'less-supply'!! OOoo NOOO..
I have been complaining : Mama, nen-nen finish!!!
So got to wait till the supply come later...
Mama still spoon feeding me as usual....
2 weeks ago,
One early morning...I woke up around 6am (very unusual for me), I ask for nen-nen but mama nen-nen finished!!
Mama then ask : want nen-nen bottle?
I said : YES!!
Mama was so happy that I willingly to use the nen-nen bottle again!!!
After so many months (almost 18 months) I didnt use bottle!!

I use to play this little gym (I called it COMBAT)
But since I BIG BIG boy already, mama said its time to pass to Lerr Lerr (Ah Yi Baby)
So when I saw Lerr Lerr is playing it, I request mama to let me drink the nen-nen bottle n lying down to play at the same time..just like Lerr Lerr!! :-p
Well, I enjoy drinking milk like this - For Now :-p

p/s: Now I only drink 2 -3 oz in the morning, 3-5 oz at night, so want to bet how long I will continue to use nen-nen bottle? Hehe.........

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mama 'New Toy' - Decoration Self Adhesive Sticker

Guess what it is?

This is my little cot...mama paste something interesting..... many Winnie The Pooh
->>>>MAMA New Toy<<<<<<-
Mama recently crazy about this sticker, the decoration sticker.
She love it so much cos can change easily if I dont like,
the best part is, it would leave any mark on the wall!!

p/s: She just bought baby mickey, butterfly, little chick, fish...etc ..
p/s : do you think I will pengsan or not? :-p But I'm sure papa will pengsan 1st!! hahaha!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yummy Yummy!

Recently Papa n Mama love to bring me to Ikea
Cos I love to play at their toys section
And love their Swedish Restaurant food!!


Friday, November 6, 2009


Everytime, whenever Papa or Ah Kong drive me out to kai kai
They will let me play the car steering..hmmm, actually I INsist to play....
till Mama make noise or some how she will get something to 'attract' me to go to my car seat n 'lock' me up!!

Ok..time for Papa/Ah Kong to reverse car
I will say this (together with the hand movement, ask Ah Kong to reverse car slowly):

(in hokkien means come, come, come!!)

Everyone in the car LOL!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


When I was baby...Hmmmm I think I am big boy now!! :-p
My mama always said 好棒喔 (Great/Fantastic...) whenever I did something good/interesting eg : building block, singing, crawling, walking, talking, kick ball, reading....etc

Just now, after I sing a song I loudly said : 好棒喔 by myself!!
Everyone at home LOL!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I love to say this to mummy whenever she said : 凯,妈妈爱你!
(Mama always complain that I always said welcome before her.....I suppose to wait till she said Thank You, then only I said Welcome! :-p))

At night, before sleeping, mama normally will ask me to say this to papa :
Good night, Love You, Welcome
(Again, I will not wait till papa said thank you! :-))

Sometime, I will surprise my mama by kissing her face, both side!! :-)
I will kiss one side of the face, then said : 还有一边, then I will turn to the other side and kiss her!! :-)