Thursday, November 19, 2009

OOooo..23 months..

Time flies
19 Nov 2009, I am 23 months old!!!

Again, my PA (my mama) didnt update my milestone as she promised!! :-(
Well, what to do, old lady always said she is tired after whole day take care of me!! :-pp

Mama has been complained that I getting more naughty.
Ah Kong Ah Mah, Kong Kong Popo also complained!!
Cos I like to throw stuff eg: newspaper, paper...all over the floor when my hand 'itchy'
When back to Melaka, I like to bully my two little uncle by hitting their head, or even fight with them for nothing!!!-->Mama n popo are very haedache about this!!-->> Mama said my hand very itchy, anyone have idea how to help me to stop doing so???....
Sorry, I would not do it again!!
p/s: This is the face I will show mama after each time I 'kena lecture' or being scolded by her or popo!!

Objection:: Can write something good to remember my 23 months?
  • I can sing many songs now: Barney song -> I love U, Mister Son, itcy witcy spider, if u're happy, starry night....
  • I can draw little circle (make one full circle) by myself
  • I can feed myself mum-mum using spoon but mama something still prefer to feed me cos my performance not consistent, sometime I will play with my spoon!! :-p
  • I can push the little shopping trolley by myself, I can control the direction by myself!! :-)
  • I will now call auntie/uncle whenever I meet relatives and wave bye bye without mama asking me
  • I will 'automatic' said 'Thank You' when someone give something to me or help me to do something!
  • I will now 'calling' papa using mama handphone - mama had set speed dial on her handphone, very easy to use cos papa n my photo will shown out!!!hehe
  • I know how to take picture from papa n mama handphone!!
  • I will 'instruct' mama/papa or whoever is the last person to go out from house (before kai kai) to switch off the fan and the lights!
  • I will ask mama to change kai kai clothes, I say : CHANGE' whenever go out kai ka cos kai kai pants got pocket!! :-p
Well..I have more to write...mama need sometime to be continue then...

Happy 23 months old!!
(HOoray...going to be 2 years old by next month!!)


LittleLamb said...

NOrmally i will hit philip if he throw things. He is good la. can sing many songs. philip still dont like to me....ehehe

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...he knows so many things. Very polite too. Good boy. :D I think this age memang like to throw things hehe.

mNhL said...

It is just a phase. and boys being boys...I also headache with YX. I always said he has itchy skin (meaning waiting for us to beat him only). sigh!

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 23 months old!!
Haha... I smack my boy's hand when he throw things but then it's useless as he'll do it again and again when he feels like it! Sigh...

Rachel said...

I suppose alot of little boys have itchy hands, my Kyle too. When I say, don't touch...he will make sure his hands are all over it. I learnt not to say it even and distract him with other things.

Throwing things might be a way of getting your attention. Sometimes for a child, even negative attention is better than no attention from mommy at that moment.

BoeyJoey said...

Wow, how exciting... birthday next month :-)

A lot of kids have itchy hands... just their way of exploring and learning things :-)

MeRy said...

Happy 23 mths old!!!