Monday, November 30, 2009

My Best Friends - Barney & Friends

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My friends - Barney, Baby Bop & BJ

I have been singing barney songs through watching only one vcd - Sing & Dance with Barney. Yup, ONLY one vcd. Starting from 5 - 10 mins (few months ago), now I can finish watching the whole show which is approximately 35 mins. It is a very old vcd from 'lau yi' but it is a nice show cos there are many songs. Initially I only like the singing part, the 'talking' session, I will do my colouring. :-)

I have learned many songs from this vcd :
and many more.......etc

Papa n mama try to look for barney cd, but in the market only can find dvd or the old vcd. Papa then downloaded the mp3 version (more songs!!) and burned into cd so that I can listen in the car!!

Hoorayyy,,,,,finally I got my Barney In the Car!!


little prince's mummy said...

My son loves barney, too!

Rachel said...

Kyle is a barney fan! Lots of toys (with Barney) that he will soon have to go crazy about :) My Kyle don't fancy Barney too much cos my hb thinks the character is annoying...and he has unfortunately moved on to ugly stuff like Ben10.

BoeyJoey said...

My kids love Barney too!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Barney really sings a lot of nursery rhymes in the VCD and kids get learn from it.

It is good that Kyle loves all the songs.

I wonder can I have the MP3 website? Coz I also wish to download some songs to cd.

LittleLamb said...

Maybe he wants to become a singer next time? Its very very great milestone achieved to be able to sing 4 songs... Philip cant even sing 1...not even a sentence of any song :(

SJ said...

i love you is definitely a gd song

A smile from SJ =)

cheeky angel said...

jie, we stil hv A LOT of cds at home (i tink)..
if u wan we'll try 2 find them..
dunno where they went hehe..
adlene here btw