Monday, November 24, 2008

11 Months Old -19 Nov 2008

11 Months Old - 19 Nov 2008

Recently mummy busy with me cos I am too active crawling here n there till she very tired at night, do not have time to update my blog…… :-p picture ya...sorry not many 'smiley' picture this month cos not well.

So a quick update on my development :

  •  I am very good in crawling and like to climb staircase, I find a way to come down if I only climb two steps only...hehe (mummy heart always kena shock if she saw me slowly moving down from the staircase without her support!)
  • I am still learning how to stand without support, but no problem for me holding the furniture ‘moving around’.  I am good at slowly sit down if I am tired of standing up!!
  •  My 8th (lower lateral incisor) – came out two weeks ago (28 Oct).  Papa said I look like big big boy with all the 8 teeth....
  • As earlier blog update, I was sick and yet I still grow taller…hehe…. about 82cm lor…now 11.1kg,,,,


Try so many food this month as mummy said am big big boy should try more….

Cheese – my super lover

Fruit – kiwi, red apple, papaya

Tomatoes - my new finger food!

Kampung chicken (only for porridge, but still got to wait for another month to try on the meat, mummy a bit paranoid, so NO meat, only the taste!)

Egg - Kampung egg.  Hard boil egg and also mix with the meesua...I like both!!

Chinese cabbage

No more new fish as last month already tried salmon & cod fish……


My Favorite nursery rhymes : 

Hush - A - Bye, Baby

Hickory Dickory

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Few Months ago, I started to 'call' mama, papa, and my favorite nen-nen!!  

This few weeks start to 'call' : Kong (Ah Kong & Kong Kong), Mah (Ah Mah), PoPo, jie jie, Ko (Ah Ko-my aunt), Chang (Yi-Chang).............My Ah Yi jealous cos I only call chang but not Yi :-p!!

Some few words :

Mai - in hokkien: No

Keys - in mandarin and hokkien

mum mum - food

DONE - in english. Papa tought me, nice to pronounce, I will say after papa help me to wear pyjamas.   

kai kai - go out

bao - in mandarin/hokkien : bread

Apple - in english, but this one I still not very good, alwasy say 'ple ple' :-)

I always voice this vrooommmm as brooooommm cos I can't  get 'v' yet..

I try to practise to voice out like 'letgoletgoletgo' - mummy say I try to get 'r'....

*Oh yes, why in english/mandarin/hokkien....cos

mama/popo/kongkong/ah yi/yi chang/ speak Mandarin (my mummy family member speak mandarin)

papa speak English 

Ah kong/ah mah/ah ko speak hokkien (my papa family member speak hokkien)

sometimes my little wen wen jie jie speak funny english + hokkien to me, my little uncle bryan & uncle Ivan speak American english (mummy said they learn from disney cartoon) to me ...hahaha


Well, that's all for now, will post more smiley photo for the next posting!!


Kristie said...

looking forward to more smiley photos of kyle! :) good boy, u are growing fast!

little prince's mummy said...

Happy 11 months... Great development!~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So fast Kyle can speak so many words...
- Good that he loves can provide alot of calcium to him
- Maybe you can buy a safety gate, so you have less "heart attack"..hehe

Julie said...

He's so smart...can speak a lot already. Jonathan not really calling mama or papa yet.

Is he also showing signs of walking yet?

I also haven't give meat to Jonathan. Just the taste only cause scared he may not chew the food properly.

the little prince said...

Kristie + Kylie, thanks!!

Joanne, my boy very tough, if place the safety gate, he will play with it, I lagi heart attack then! :-p

Julie, he a bit 'kepoh' try to talk as much as he want!!
My fren said if can talk first will walk later wor, not sure whether true or not. He likes to push the little chair learn how to walk although he still not very firm stand without support!!

LittleLamb said...

at 11 months, can speak so many words..
philip dont speak a word at all and he is 13 months..

somemore u said for 9 teeth??? he is one growing growing very fast kid. i think philip is a slow coach.

LittleLamb said...

some more u r talllll :)
good for u...

i hope philip can grow tall..otherwise will be ai chai tok...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is it ar...? Like that...then you have to keep an eye on him lor..