Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ethan birthday party cum MP Klang Gang gathering

Last Saturday, papa & mama brought me to a new friend birthday party.
And it is also mama MP Klang Gang many friends till I confuse!! :-)
(BB Jeremy, BB Khai Chen, Shuenice Jie Jie, Ling Sien Jie Jie, Jessica Jie Jie, BB Chloe & Birthday boy Ethan)
There is one 'big big black black' cartoon (McD mascot) special invited by Auntie Chin Huei for little Ethan birthday party, when I took picture with him, his 'head' suddenly 'drop' and a 'dark dark' guy came out...I started to cry.....:-(((
The cake also specially made for the party - Mr. Bean ( I do not know who he is but quite funny look guy)
There are few gifts received from lovely MP mummy....
Auntie Irene

Auntie Yvonne

Auntie Winnie

This one from McD goodies bag!


MommyAngel said...

Hahahaha .... the head of the mascot actually drops ah?? Hahhaa ..... I am sure my Angel will be more frighten if she saw taht, even with the mascot head still intake I think she will still be crying out loud. But that was such a nice birthday party there :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yalor...why out of sudden the "mascot's head" came off?

I also scared with the mascot...

Natalia said...

Is this the first time Ethan attend to birthday party? Poor kid...he must be shocked when he saw that dark dark guy....ya hor, how come the mascot's head came off??