Monday, April 12, 2010

New Milestone - No mama in day time Part I

NO Mama in day time!!
First time in my life
cos mama never leave me for more then 3 hours in day time
Mama is 7-24 hours with me!!

It is so so so important to write it here!! :-p

Last Wednesday
Mama got to attend one convention - ONE FULL DAY (9am-6pm)
She was headache - who can take care of me?
Ah Yi was so nice taking leave to take care of Lerr Lerr
So that Popo can take care of me
If not Popo will go crazy then!! :-) hahaha

The evening before the day
Mama told me many times :
"Tomorrow mama got to go out working with Auntie Doris,
Kyle got to stay home with Popo,
If popo bring you out to kai-kai, must hold popo's hand
You cannot walk by yourself!!"
I said out loud : "YES"

Mama : Do you understand?
Me : "Yes!"

The night before the day
Mama repeat the same thing!
Mama : OK?
Me : "Yes yes yes!"
Mama : Do you understand?
Me : "Yes!"

Before sleeping time
Mama repeat the same thing! Again!
Mama : OK?
Me : "Yes!"
Mama : Do you understand?
Me : -------------(I dont want to answer her already, cos she mentioned too many times!!!)

Mama so long winded, I think I know what she trying to say!!

So do u think I can survive?


Cynthia said...

good boy.. I am sure you survive... :D

mNhL said... usual, a mummy is always worried for the child.

Rachel said...

Separation anxiety...sometimes it happens more for the parent than the child :P I am like that as well sometimes.

Mummy Gwen said...

I think he will be ok. Sometimes we worry too much..hehe.