Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back

I'm Back.....finally!

After more than 2 weeks....missing from here! :-)

1st week, modem have some problem..cannot online, mama very 'mang chang'!! :-(
little uncle decided to change the modem to the WIFI....but then when he just changed...

2nd week, papa last minute decided to bring me n mama to Penang...so no PC again!!
Its a nice holiday in Penang...will write another posting about this!

My sweet Ah Yi just delivered a sweet sweet little baby girl this morning!!

I am so happy cos I am 'ko ko' now!! Yeahhh!!

Mama try to get a photo from Yi Chang to upload here!! Will see whether can got it by tonight!! :-)


MommyAngel said...

So siok ah? Holiday in Penang!! Welcome back Yugene, I know how frustrated without internet coz I am now facing this problem too :( :(

MeRy said...

Penang again....shiok o...got lot nice foods there and can rilex too.

Mummy Ryan said...

Welcome back....i like Penang cz can makan lots of nice hawker foods..:)

the little prince said...

hi Caroline, a short trip..not really holiday...my hubby still working, we just attached for this trip!! :-) You are right, very mang chang when can see no 'touch' the PC!

Mery, yup, we love penang!!

KC, normally 1st day must have char koay teow and curry laksa!! :-)