Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Baby

Taa Daa.......
My Baby....I mean my Ah yi Baby - Ler Ler 乐乐!!

First time meeting her, I feel a bit odd, especially when mama holding her.
Second day, I can slowly touch her.
Third day, I can 'play' with her, calling her ler ler!! and she will turn her head and look at me when I call her!! :-)

p/s : mama will upload more photo later cos laptop a bit slow (cos too old already!!) :-)


Merryn said...

Your mommy's babysitting Ler Ler? cute..

MommyAngel said...

Oh ... she is so cute!! Little Kyle seems like also love the baby mei mei wor, when is mommy going to grant his wish :P :P

MeRy said...

Cute baby..

LittleLamb said...

Good training for Kyle..ahahhahaah

the little prince said...

Merryn, I cant find any more enerygy to babysit my little niece already! :-p

Yeah...she is so cute...I am still try to find out Kyle photo that looks so alike with his little cousin sister!!...Err....mei mei...later later!! :-)

Thanks Mery!

Rachel...yeahm you are right!!
He is quite ok with the little baby!