Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New update.......after soooooo Long

New update........after sooooo Longggg!! :-)

Today - 19 Jan 2011, I am officially 3 years 1 month old!!

Mama finally 'make up' her mind to do 'some' or 'little' update!~~ :-p

Wow....we did not update since moving to new house!!:-)

1. My mama got 'my baby' after moving to new house or before that (haha, she cannot remember!! ). She has not feeling well for the first trimester...dizzy dizzy n dizzy!! Doctor told me that cannot ask mama to carry me cos got baby in mama tummy. I so far 'quite' good boy and only ask mama to carry when she sit down. Mama did complained that I ask too much of 'hugs' since her preggy!! :-p

Latest update from doctor, 'my baby' is mei mei but I told mama its 'my baby' not mei mei!! And from time to time, I will ask mama when baby will be out from her tummy cos I want to carry her!! :-) Mama said 'my baby' will be 'coming out' end Apr/early May!!

2. I become a good helper since mama preggy.

I help in :
- sweeping floor
- Mopping floor
- wash the bathroom
- planting some flowers in the garden
- wash dishes after meal

3. After moving to new house, I have some promotion - promote to sleep in my new single bed!!

Papa n mama decided to let me sleep on my own bed but still attached to their master bed!! I quite reluctant to sleep on it and still want to sleep on mummy chest for the first two months. After weeks, mama tummy become 'round' n 'big', I then 'turn' into my new bed n look for my pillow!! :-) Papa even bought a new comforter set to 'coax' me put on blanket!! :-)

4. Happy 3 years old birthday!!

I had a simple birthday party at Ah Ma house the night before my birthday. Lots of balloon n food (prepared by Ah Ma)!! :-) Hopefully can get some photo to upload here later!! I even ask mama to call KFC maskot - 'chicky' come for my birthday party even though the party is at home!! :-)

Papa bought my favourite durian cheesecake from secret recipe for my birthday cake~~ yummy yummy!!

Kong Kong n Popo, Ah Mei Ahyi, Ah yi n Lerr make a special trip to KL from Melaka on my actual birthday!! We had very nice dinner at a very nice restaurant - House of Tang in Bangsar!!

5. Surprise Christmas present!

Papa decided to buy a new camera!! (Actually the purpose of buying the camera is to ready for taking baby photo, but I was not well on that day, so mama said papa buy the camera for as christmas present! :-p)

The salesperson 'really' thought papa bought for me, he explain to me all the details (I was sitting quietly listening to him!): the battery compartment,the memory card slot...etc!

Now I am the expert using the new camera. Mama sometimes have to ask me for the function button!@! hahah!!

6. Happy New Year 2011 - trial at Montessori

Mama decided to bring me for a trial at a Montessori - Little Blossom which they had paid the deposit for my enrolment in July!

Mama also bought a set of uniform so that I will not look so different from others :-p
Papa n Mama were with me for an hour, then mama leave the classroom 'quietly'....I started to cry n cry n cry. One auntie did tell me to call for mama if I dont cry!! But then I cry after I stop for a while cos mama still 'missing in action'!!! Teacher Evina try to comfort me when the class try to do some singing n having biscuit during breaktime!! BUT I still cry ---- for almost an hour!!

So no more school after that!! :-))))

I tell mama that I like the school but I want her to sit outside the classroom!! :-)

Little update till now.
Mama not feeling well again - coughing for a week!!

Hope to have more update then!


Merryn said...

Happy 3 years 1 month *not so little anymore* price! :D

u've certainly grown to be smarter and ehem.. handsomer! :P

get well to mama who has been coughing... cof cof...

MommyAngel said...

Congrats to you Yugene and Happy Belated Birthday to little Kyle

prince n princess mum said...

Get well soon a...

Wow! You have a great little helper there! Happy belated birthday to Yugene... Congrats on your preggy!

mNhL said...

congrats on your new baby.....

good to hear from you again after so long.