Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Song!!

Recently, papa install a little machine in the car that can play mp3 song.
I have pick up some song lyrics.......

1. Wonder Girls - Nobody
Mama cannot stand whenever I sing this song cos the English version sound very funny to her!!

2. Jason Donovan version - Rhythm of The Falling Rain
Mama & Papa almost fell down from the seat when I sang out the first time - the lyrics :
" Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain"

3. Karyn White - Superwoman
I sing a bit the lyrics :
" Early in the morning I put breakfast on your table"
"........sugar n cream"
"I'am not superwoman"
"....the kind of girl....you can let down" --
-Mama said to papa : can we find some man song for Kyle?!! haha
"Boy,I am only human"

4. 徐佳莹 - 身骑白马
Lyric :
我爱谁 跨不过 从来也不觉得错
自以为 抓著痛 总会修成爱的果
偏执相信著 受诅咒的水晶球

而你却 靠近了 逼我们视线交错
原地不动 或向前走 突然在意这分钟

我身骑白马 走三关
我改换素衣 过中原
(I can sing in all the red colour lyric : the last part of the song - 4 rows is in Hokkian!!)


Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Little Prince and Mummy, glad to hear from you again. :) Thanks for dropping by ya.

Congrats to Mummy ya. Take care and rest well.

MeRy said...

Smart boy...

mNhL said...

kid learn fast. After hearing the songs for a few times, they will know the lyric. Their brain are like sponge. haha

prince n princess mum said...

You got a lot of songs there!

Merryn said...

I like Nobody.. nobody.. but YOU! That is so catchy even Ethan loves singing it! :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The last song is nice.
The singer is very talented and young too.