Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY Day 2

CNY Day 2 - Mummy balik kampong day to Melaka!
Popo normally will prepare steamboat to treat her parents (my kong tai n po tai) n her sibling...yummy yummy....
but she only prepare porridge for me...:-O
Anyway, today is the 1st time I tried CNY cookies, packet drinks interesting!!

oOPPPSSS..forgot to UPDATE that I am a great entertainer for my parents family cos I am good at doing 'GONG XI GONG XI'!!
As usual, at night mummy will bring me to her school gathering..
All the uncle-auntie from mummy's primary-secondary school friends
There are basically two 'batch' of kids : 
Group A : 5 - 7 years old
Group B : 1 -2 years old (my group!)
Tiring day after travelling n 'playing' at mummy's friends house!

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