Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Day 7

So fast ----> CNY Day 7

It's time to visit Auntie Teng Nee, mummy's 'tai ka jie'....

Fr Left: Wei Wei Jie Jie, the slim n beautiful Auntie Teng Nee, me n mummy,
the one sit next to mummy is Han Han ko ko

Wei Wei Jie Jie n Han Han Ko Ko are very good in playing music instrument : Piano, guitar n drum!!
I was given a chance to try out the this the right tone?

We dropped by Uncle Scanner house after that, but it was a short stop cos I was about to Zzzzzz.....


LittleLamb said...

that's so cute. from the picture, he seem like a pro playing...ahahahah

the little prince said...

He very 'action' when wei wei let him play the casanova piano...:-)

nicole said...

baby Kyle look like very expert in playing piano from this pic.
ar... the outfit so nice.... it fits to him, lucky!!!