Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY Day 4 - Ah Mah 60th Birthday!

This is my Ah Kong n Ah Mah.
Today CNY Day 4 - my Ah Mah birthday ->60th birthday!!!
(wow..I am only 1 year old, and she is 60th....)

Remember my birthday, she make the yellow 'O-ku'...
Not only that, she is VERY GOOD in cooking n making cake, cookies, kuih!! Her Kuih Talam n 'spare-rib king' (排骨王)is very famous among the relatives!! This year, both of them prepared about 700 pcs of (排骨王)for relatives, salute them!!

We have dinner at One Bangsar - Bangsar Seafood...very nice place. Food also yummy yummy..mummy did give me try some especially the shark fin soup..:-)

I am in good mood, I keep walking n round n round the table....till mummy got to massage my leg before I sleep!! :-p

We have photo session after dinner, then proceed home for cake!!  It must be secret recipe - Marble Cheese Cake, Ah Mah Favorite!!  Me too!!

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