Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Very Important Milestone!!



I finally stop tot tot (my mama nen-nen)!!!

Yes Yes!! You are not wrong!!

I was stick to my mama nen-nen for almost 2 1/2 years!! hehe!!

To be more correct, I will be 2.5 years old this coming 19 Jun, and I stop nen-nen from 30 May 2010!! ^-^

How I did it!! Very VEry VERy VERY PAINFUL PROCESS!!! >-< ^-^

- Three weeks ago, I have got this little ulcer on my lips, but I have not problem cos its not inside my mouth!
(Some side story : My little Uncle Bryan 'terkena' HFMD from school two weeks before I got back to Melaka, then I play with him for two weeks, nothing happened!)

- Two days after back to Klang, I am still healthy. Mummy feel that I might have some fever cos feel my body a bit warm....
(Another side story, my shu-shu (uncle) who is 29 years old also just recovered from HFMD about one week! Why adult also can have HFMD???!!)

- Mama started to feel something different cos my little palm n feet showing some red spots, and got one big ulcer on my tongue, she suspect I 'terkena' HFMD too!!

- Mama then brought me to see Dr. Su - true enough is HFMD but doctor said, I have no fever, and it is very mild only - NO medication! :-) Yeahhhhh

So there comes my painful journey!!

I started to feel pain for my ulcer, I can't take food, only liquid - which is my formula milk!
Then at night!!
I cannot tot tot!!!!!! OOOOOOO---@@@-@@@@-@@@@@
CRYYYYYYing time
Keep crying cos cannot suck on my human pacifier!!!!
How to sleep!!!!!
I cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy till I sleep!
Sleep for 1 - 2 hours
turn to mama, looking for my 'pacifier' as usual, and PAIN again!!
CRyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy till I sleep
All the tears came out!!!!!!
Sleep for another 2- 3 hours
turn to mama, looking for my pacifier and again PAIN!!
CRRYYYYInnnnnnggggggggg till I sleep!!

then morning already!

Same crying pattern when I having my nap in the afternoon
At night!!
For 4 days!!
My mama PENGSAN!!
My papa NO EYE see me cry!! hehe
Dont want to sleep with us!!

The fifth day, I kind of know I cant suck, so still make noise but no more crying!
But still wake up few times in the middle of the night!

6th & 7th.......Getting much much better!!

But this what I will do to my pacifier.....
I will asking mama for my 'pacifier', I will touch & feel it with my mouth, sayang my pacifier although I cant suck!
I even kiss them before I sleep!

p/s :
Mama did pump out the nen-nen and feed me with spoon on the first day. First time, I 'quite reluctantly' drink it!! Second time - I tell mama - ITS smelly!! Mama PENgsan!! hahahah!!

Now mama will put me in the cradle for afternoon nap, at least I will not look for my nen-nen for the time being and easier to fall asleep.

At night, I still sayang my 'pacifier' before sleep but mama always said I big-big already, do not need to totott...hehe but I still want it (at least I got to kiss them before I sleep!)
(mama wish to find a pet to replace my 'pacifier' but I just dont like to hold anything to sleep at night!! :-p___)

Mama said - THANKS TO THE ULCER which help her to wean me off!! :-)


Julie said...

Haha...first time I hear ulcer weans off breast. But so poor boy had to suffer the ulcer pain.

MeRy said...

Oh......unique way 2 wean off "pacifier".

Mummy Gwen said...

Poor boy had to suffer due to HFMD. Congrats to Kyle for successfully weaning off mama's nen-nen although it was a painful journey. Well done. Now, papa can have peaceful sleep at night hehe.

LittleLamb said...

use ice..its the trick...
once they take ice...the pain seems to be gone..

Merryn said...

When Ethan got HFMD oso he weaned off pacifier.. then when he is ok dy, he look for it again at nites! *roll eyes* :P

BoeyJoey said...

Hahaha... very interesting way of weaning! Good job, Kyle! Hope you have recovered fully now :-)

Kristie said...

wow finally ya... mummy must be so relieved :)

hope everything is well now!!!!

MommyAngel said...

Congrats on weaning your boy boy off!! It's good that he is moving into another stage now so mommy can have her breast back to herself :)

Mummy Moon said...

Good job, Though is a painful journey, but you did it!