Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy 30 Months!


I am 2 1/2 years old ~ 30 months old!!

Well, mama have not really update any development for long time!!

Some quick update before my secretary said : I am old lady, cannot remember so much thing!! :-)

  • Height : around 95cm, Weight : around 16kg (not sure) - will confirm during the next jap!! :-(
  • I can wear socks n shoes without papa n mama helps!! I have no problem for LEFT - RIGHT@ Now I am learning to identify RIGHT - LEFT hands and legs!!
  • Last two months, I started to take rice instead of soft rice (steam rice), and eat everything just like mama n papa!! (But mama still cut the vege into small pcs, just in case!)
  • I finally wean off mama nen-nen! But I still miss 'them'!! :-p
  • Pong Pong time : I prefer to stand pong pong instead of sitting inside my little 'bathtub'
  • Two months ago, kong kong taught me how to wear t-shirt!! I will look for the two sleeve 'hole' and put thru my hands then look for the main 'big hole' to let my head 'lap' (pass thru) thru!! * my kong kong said : lap 下 去! :-) My favourite t-shirt will be collar t-shirt and with pocket!! Recently, I always request to wear the same colour as papa!! Mama always pengsan whenever I have such request cos I only have few colours t-shirt similar to papa!! :-p
  • This one is my favourite - wearing pants!! Nowadays, I love to wear pants with ZIP+ BELT!! I can wear pants (must wear little underwear!!) by myself and zip up!! But the belt still need mama helps!! :-p I have the choice to choose long or short pants!!
  • New skill : 'rock climbing'!! Found something new in the SA Park!! I finally manage to do the climbing with papa guide!! Hooray!!!
  • I think mama did not post this out here before : I manage to 'handle' the computer mouse!! : I can click the mouse - move to the 'target object' and CLICK!!! The first game that I play online is from Teletubbies !!!
  • Mama still not officially introduce the alphabet to me but I can recognize : Peter, Jane and T.E.S.C.O!
  • I finally know the colour of RED, thomas BLUE, GREEN green grass (that's the way mama thought me!), Yellow, Black / Dark, Brown, Purple & Pink!!
  • I have fall in love with BULLDOZER!! Whenever I go out kai kai, I always look for 'him'!! If there is no one in the bulldozer, I will say : "bulldozer not moving, uncle hungry, go mum-mum!!" Papa n Ah Mah recently bought some bulldozer toys for me!! I super love it!!
That's all for now....will update more when mama upload some photo from her handphone (remember, I 'did' something bad to the camera, my poor little secretary cant take photo fr her favourite not many photo to show!! :-p)


LittleLamb said...

geng ar..where is this rock climbing place for kids in SA???? come we go again....

great achievements for little prince there!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Congrats! He is progressing really well. I'm impressed he can wear socks and shoes himself...good job. Gwen is still very pampered by us..haha.

BoeyJoey said...

Good progress there! Keep it up! Haha... HQ, at little prince's age, insisted on wearing underwear when wearing pants with zips!