Friday, May 21, 2010

Speed Dial

I know mama handphone secret!!!

Press 2 then green button
- can find papa!!

Press 1 - can look for Auntie Yu Peng (mama's office secretary)

Press 3 - can talk to Ah Kong

Press 4 - hehe, can talk to my Ah Yi & Lerr Lerr

Press 5 - Auntie Doris (mama's lady boss!)

Press 6 - can talk to my cute KongKong

Press 7 - can talk to superwoman PoPo

Press 8 - can listen to my little Ah Yi super nice ringing tone (cos got MayDay singing!!)

Press 9 - can talk to Ah Teck JiuJiu

So I can call anyone I like without Mama helps!!!


BoeyJoey said...

wah... so smart!

Kristie said...

haha clever boy, u have fantastic memory!

MeRy said...