Thursday, July 2, 2009


This photo is so PRO, surely not from my mama!! Just copy from somewhere!!

First ---> I am 90% recovered beside little phlegm...:-) hooray

But still, not yet back to my normal diet yet cos I only finish half bowl of porridge!! :-p

So my mama bought Atlantic Salmon from Jusco for me to try.
(tips from the guy who jaga the fish stall, do not keep the fish in plastic bag....better to keep in container instead)

Very Very not need to marinate or anything.....
--just make sure the fish is not so wet before frying---

1. Heat the non-stick frying pan (low heat)
2. Put little butter (butter have little salt, so will make the fish yummy yummy!!)
3. Then put in the fish
4. Turn the fish every 30 second to make sure its 100% cook...if you prefer 50%, no problem! (Mama will normally do 100% for me!)

That's it!!

I have it with porridge and I almost finish one whole bowl of it!! Yahooo!! Yummy Yummy!!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene, this is the type of salmon you told me last time?

It is good that Kyle has the appetite eating the salmon with porridge.

Mummy Gwen said...

Salmon is very nutricious. It's good that he could take the strong smell. :)

MeRy said...

Glad that Kyle like the salmon that mummy cooked for him.

Merryn said...

i like mine 50% coz salmon tends to be a lil bit tough when cooked to perfection! but i like what u did, frying it with butter, sure very fragrant! :)