Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few words *-* Part 1

I have not been updating about my 'communication' skill for long long time. Reason being my personal assistant, my mama lost track about my development cos I TALK SO MUCH!! :-)

So I think what I can do is just write down anything that is 'NEW" and also updating as much as possible.

This morning, after wake up.....(I normally play a while with mama on the bed)....
I pretend to almost going to fall from bed...
ME : mama, RESCUE
Mama : Huh, what? (she cant believe what I say!!0

Two weeks ago, again, in the morning....
Mama took all the dirty clothes and put inside a basket n ready to go downstair...
ME : mama, LAUNDRY
Mama : Yes, mama going to do laundry
ME : HEAVY (cos mama carry a big basket, full load of clothes!)

Last week, :-) again, in the morning...
After wakey, I play with mama...(I am holding something which hang on the window)
ME : mama, CURTAIN
Mama : WHAT? (she cant believed it!)
ME : CURTAIN,窗帘!! the morning n before sleep at night...

Mama : Good morning, 早安
ME : 早安
Mama : 爱你
ME : Welcome

At night
ME : mama, nite nite, 爱你
Mama : thank you!
ME : Welcome

**I always forgot to say thank you or cant wait for mama to say thank you, then I said welcome!!**

p/s: stay tune for more update tomorrow!

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Cynthia said...

Auntie Cynthia always follow on your development.. your PA is also good in doing that... :) We will have more to see ya.. :)