Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute Cute Picture!!

Cute?  Guess where is this? 
Taa..Daa...In my little bathroom!!
My mummy so cute, scare I am boring during pong pong time, stick the cute mickey mouse n pooh picture n other little cartoons sticker.....fun to have them during pong pong time!!
Mummy a bit kiasu..stick on the mirror too!!  My blur blur mummy sometimes is so cute, right?


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So creative Yugene. I am sure now Kyle will like pong pong very much!
So how long will the sticker stay on the wall?

MommyAngel said...

Wow ... that is extremely cute leh. See mommy love bb Kyle so much until pong pong also afraid bb kyle will get bored :) I love the sticker so much :)

the little prince said...

Kyle's mummy so cute hor!
Actually got the idea when I purchase the barbie sticker for my little niece, heard one auntie said that is time to change the sticker in the bathroom...so straight away get few to stick in the bathroom.

Kyle like it very much!

Joanne, the sticker quite good..not sure how long it can tahan but the sticker very cheaper, RM1 only.

Joanne & Caroline, email to me your address, I can mail the sticker to you then.

little prince's mummy said...

This is so cute!~ Nice deco~~ Makes pom pom time more fun~

Esmeralda said...

So creative lar Yugene. The stickers so cute lar... My aunt has that too in her toilet for her daughters. She even stick them on the toilet seat cover.. Kyle must be looking forward to every "pong-pong" time.

MommyAngel said...

Oh ... that is so so nice of you to even offer us your stickers leh. Thank you so much la, really pai seh la if want you to sent me those stickers :) Anyway, really thank you so much for offering :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene, I think as long as the sticker do make Kyle more happier when he is bathing, then i think it has done a good job..
Ai yo, me and Caroline also feeling pai seh of your offer in sending the sticker to us. But I think is ok lah, no need to mafan you. Thanks ya, so nice of you..

Wonderful Life said...

Hey, I also got that Pooh's stickers from pasar malam for Ryan too!

MeRy said...

So many cute stickers...I also loves WTPooh.

Something About Us said...

the stickers are very nice and cute!!

- Ling